Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sate Buntel with Tengkleng Soup

People said that your trip to Solo would never complete without going to restaurants that serve timlo and tengkleng, the authentic cuisines of Solo. Tengkleng, especially, has become a favourite menu in Solo. At Andawina Restaurant, the exotic tengkleng is later combined with sate buntel and, voila…the restaurant has just created a new menu called sate buntel with tengkleng soup.

Sate buntel and tengkleng soup is a very scrumptious type of cuisine, yet many people avoid the menu for health reason. The strategy is how we can control the portion of the food and, perhaps, we need to combine the food with other vegetables menu.

Opens for 24 hours, Andawina Restaurant also serves other menu ranging from international, Chinese and Indonesian, such as all-time favourite fried rice, timlo Solo, Monster Burger, or a 20cm-diameter burger which will be on the house if the guests can finish eating it in less than 30 minutes, Cappucino de Homard au Cognas (Flame), Pizza Mafioso, and its signature dessert, Novotel Chocolate Melted. The restaurant offers family dining concept with Solo-Javanese cultural architectural design with capacity of 120 persons.

Andawina Restaurant
Novotel Hotel Solo
Jl Slamet Riyadi 272
Solo 57 131
Phone: 62 271 724 555
Fax: 62 271 724 666
Site: www.accorhotels.com/asia

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