Monday, November 12, 2007

Delicious Menu Turkish Style

Turkish are very creative people in terms of creating good food. People who live in the country located in Bosphorus strait offer culinary journey with excellent taste, starting from healthy menu for vegetarian until those for meat lovers. We can find these types of food in one restaurant in Jakarta called Anatolia. Here, all food are cooked with garlic which is believed to have aphrodisiac influence.

In the restaurant located in Kemang, we can find that the menus are so various, dominated with grilled food as the main courses. Head Chef Sezai Zorlu recommends two house special menus, Dil Baligi, which is shrimps wrapped with marinated Dover sole fillet, selected chopped vegetable wood oven baked served with hand cut mint and pasley leaves in olive oil, and Meftune, which is a lamb chop with ingredients whole shallots onion, garlic, tomato paste, spices served with rice. “They are not just scrumptious, but the effect probably the same with viagra,” said the originally-born Turkish who have been in the food business for a very long time while laughing.

Comes with semi fine dinning style and with seat capacity of 80 people, Anatolia might be the only restaurant presenting traditional and authentic Turkish cuisine. It is very rare considering many Turkish restaurants offer Middle East and Mediteranian types of food.

As the dessert, we can order Baklave with peanuts, especially pistachio, as the basic ingredients. Honey also used as sweetener apart from traditional Turkish syrup made from sugar, clove and rose-scented water, while Turkish Coffee can also be considered as an alternative. Don’t forget to order sheesha if you are in the mood to have this traditional Middle Eastern cigarette that come in different flavor, such as strawberry, mint, green tea and grape. Psstt… for special occasions, we could see belly dance performances in this place.

Anatolia Restaurant
Jl. Kemang Raya No 110/A
South Jakarta
Ph. (021) 719 4658
Fax (021) 719 4617

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