Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rules of Spa

SURPRISINGLY, many people don't know what exactly to expect when they go to a spa. Here are a few tips, dos and don'ts before you go to a spa.

Booking – Some spas recommend you to call at least a day earlier to book for an appointment. However, others allow you to make it straight away upon your arrival.

Attire – If you choose to use the other facilities in the spa, such as the gym or sauna, it would be wise to bring a change of clothes or a swimsuit.

No Eating – It is best if you try not to eat for at least an hour before any type of spa treatment.

Medical Conditions - If you have any type of medical condition, be sure to mention it when you book for an appointment. There may be treatments that are not suitable for your condition or that can help you.

Punctuality - Preferably, arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to your treatment. In some spas, it is expected for you to stay in the treatment room for about 5-10 minutes to loosen up.

Therapists – Don't hesitate to ask for either a male or female therapist. In most spas, both genders are available, but for some it's not. However, in Indonesia, they prefer to perform the treatment on the same gender.

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