Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism in principle refers to tourism activities that will have an impact that can last for several generations on the tourism industry in a particular place. The following are several tips that you may put into practice in the context of sustainable tourism.

  • Carry out all tourism activities that will have a minimum adverse impact on the environment, such as natural hiking, rafting in the river or other maritime activities as well as visiting a botanical garden or a museum.
  • Purchase green travel products, namely products made of recycled materials
  • Purchase handicraft products or whatever that the local community produces.
  • Always take with you a bottle into which you can put your drinking water so that you don’t have to buy any other bottled drinks as these bottles will only increase the quantity of environmental waste.
  • Always carry with you a shopping bag made of cloth.Do not buy products made of seashells and the like as these are made by means of damaging the natural balance in the sea.

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