Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cool Watering Hole

LOEWY, in Mega Kuningan, Central Jakarta, has been around since last April 2008. It’s name is inspired by Raymond Loewy (1893-1986), one of the most influential industrial designers of the 20th Century.

The owners therefore aimed to create a casual bistro, an everyday place with an exciting menu that is well-designed but casual, with the addition of an energetic bar.

Located in Jakarta’s up-and-coming business area, Loewy could stand shoulder to shoulder with any decent French bistro in New York, with it’s 1940s interior and modern nuance. Thomet chairs, brick walls painted in white, a copper ceiling – all create an understated, as well as timeless, impression. Go and see for yourself, and you will find that sitting around its sofas is as fun as imbibing in the bar or chilling out on its comfortable terrace.

Now that Loewy is well and truly on the map be prepared to queue for a table at busy times. The wait will be worth it, though. Chef Benoit Claey from Belgium produces classic, home-style cooking with a contemporary twist.

This can be sampled not only in the bistro’s favourites such as salad Nicoise, roast chicken rotisserie, and steak frites, but also in European-style curry, simple yet healthy pasta servings and Morocco-inspired tabouleh salad.

For perfect desserts, they serve Ile Flotante aka Floating Island, a series of tarts with fresh fruit, or legendary Mille Feuille (layer cake).

Want to linger longer? Hop over to the bar where classic drinks and a good choice of whiskies are available.

This is where new urbanites, expatriates and young trendsetters gather. Whether after office hours or a pre-party gathering, this is the place to be seen.

Oakwood Premier Cozmo
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan E 4.2 No.1
Jakarta Selatan 12950
tel/fax: (021) 2554 2378

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