Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oenophile Indulgence

WINE drinking is catching on big-time in Jakarta. Burhanuddin Abe samples some newish venues where the food on offer is equally important.

In Jakarta, wine-dining venues have been sprouting like mushrooms. The bars have latched on to the increased popularity of wine-drinking in the capital, where the activity is as much about lifestyle as consumption.

The bars are a world away from the somewhat decadent, dingy or dispreputable drinking dives of yore: uber-chic and stylish is very much the order of the day. With inviting and comfortable soft furnishings, they have become the ideal venue for a quick snack or full meal, while their live music pulls in customers looking for a trendy hangout.

The Peak has sampled four venues that are becoming an established part of this scene.

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