Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shellish Haven

OYSTER are growing in popularity in Jakarta. That is why Oyster, with its restaurant-cum-wine bar concept, has been emboldened to turn to oysters as the basis of its menu: At least 60 per cent of the food items here are oyster-based.

The venue is located in an upmarket shopping mall because the management thought that it could reach a wider audience compared with a hotel, for example. However, that does not mean the place is anything like a conventional mall eaterie; it’s safe to say that Oyster is quite classy.

Visitors will be intruiged by the enchanting menu design. Ocean paraphernalia are scattered about its corners, although the venue has a more classic European nuance than a beach, dominated by browns, the use of wooden d├ęcor, modern furniture and a bar with subtle lighting that produces a cozy atmosphere.

Here, the oysters are not only fresh but are served with salsa, lemon, or spicy dabu-dabu (hot) sauce; they are also baked (oyster gratin), or mixed into paste or fried rice.

The shellfish are imported from Canada, New Zealand and Australia, which means that prices are not to be sniffed at. The restaurant was established under the supervision of well-known culinary expert William Wongso, and aims for diners from the upper echelons.

For the shellfish-averse, Oyster offers first-class steaks. The bar has a comprehensive collection of wines from around the world, including France, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Portugal, Canada and the US.

Opened in late summer, Oyster seems destined to become a good choice for Jakarta yuppies wishing to have a good time out at a classy venue.

Unit No CPS11, Plaza Senayan
Jl Asia Afrika No. 8, Jakarta 10270
tel/fax: (021) 572 5338

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