Monday, May 31, 2010

Interior design of the future

DON’T ever make a mistake with interior decorating, because just like fashion, interior design follows trends of its own. Companies dealing in interior design meet customers' needs for quality interior products, such as furniture and the like, in line with the current trend.

Modern and antique furniture can coexist as they can be combined if you are smart enough to modify and arrange them in one room. Likewise, ethnic furniture seldom appears to become dated and even Western designers often use an ethnic accent or design in their products.

According to Leonard Theosubrata, designer and owner of Accupuncto, the furniture trend for 2010 will have more of an Asian accent. "Asian products will be more popular. Just look at Chinese products, for example, their market is growing rapidly and they have their own segment," he said.

Indeed, interior design is not based on any one style or concept, but many designers believe that for 2010 it will be simple, modern and minimalist due to the simple and practical lifestyle of consumers. However, there are some interior designs that appear lively and colorful.

"This is consistent with the improving economy after the recent crisis and improvements in infrastructure and the many project developments in the country," said Jon Adirona, chairman of the Indonesian Interior Designers Association, as quoted by Business News.

In the near future, colors will also be bolder and livelier, for example dashing pink. Orange is also an alternative color, which indicates a shift from calm tones or colors as nowadays people are no longer wary of opting for daring or even clashing colors.

Before selecting furniture one naturally has to decide on the interior design. The good news is that interior manufacturers and designers can fulfill the requirement. Malinda Furniture Gallery, for instance, has quality furniture made in the United States, including flexsteel, berkline, magnussen, schnadig and much more.

Malinda also supplies lighting systems and lamps that not only light up or brighten one's home but also gives the right atmosphere, from small everyday moments to momentous occasions. Light helps us see, it allows us to notice the details, draws attention to what really matters. It shines on a focal point. It's the spark that comes first, and subsequently illuminates everything - and everyone - it touches.

Lamps and lighting systems have an important function in interior design. Using Hinkley Lighting, which has been available since 1922, Malinda Furniture Gallery creates a new atmosphere for your interior. "We know that you have goals when it comes to your home's d*cor, and we care about helping you achieve the final outcome you are looking for, in every aspect, including installation," said Rosemary Wardhani, Marketing Manager of Malinda Furniture Gallery.

Quality is also another priority. Melanda's Lifestyle Furniture not only provides boutique and lifestyle products but also customized items according to a customer's budget.

Melanda's high quality furniture is distributed worldwide through exclusive showrooms, outlets and distributors, including in Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Britain, China, the Middle East, Europe, Singapore and of course here in Indonesia. In Indonesia, Melanda's currently has eight showrooms in Jakarta: Taman Anggrek Mall, Ratu Plaza, Artha Gading Mall, Grand Indonesia, Senayan City, Pacific Place, Grand Indonesia and Emporium Mall as well as in other major cities, such as Surabaya, Medan and Bandung.

As furniture is based on one's personal taste, be sure to select furniture that fulfills your needs and personality. An interior designer has the duty to create the atmosphere and provide functional furniture, so it is more than aesthetics. (Burhanuddin Abe)

The Jakarta Post, May 27, 2010

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