Friday, October 29, 2010

Business potential in hotel industry

NEW hotels in Indonesia are mushrooming, especially in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Bali and other big cities. Hotels, from five-star to non-star and boutique hotels, can easily be found along the main streets of these cities.

Transportation Ministry decree No. 241/H/70 defines a hotel as a commercial entity that provides services in the form of accommodation, food and other facilities, meeting the requirements of comfort. The form, the arrangement, the interior, the decor, the equipment and the facilities of the

hotel building, and the accommodation, sanitation, hygiene, aesthetics as well as security and safety generally provide comfort. The rooms provide privacy on top of comfort.

The categorization of hotels based on star ratings is officiated in certificates issued by the Director General of Tourism once every three years. They are classified in five groups, marked with stars. The highest has five stars while lowest has one. Non-star hotels are referred to as melati (jasmine) hotels.

It can’t be denied that hotel accommodation is inseparable from tourism. Hotels are the main tourism superstructures, meaning that their survival depends on the number of incoming tourists. If we view tourism as a building, the hotel sector is the pillar.

According to Stephen Tan, CEO Singapore Exhibition Services, food and hospitality industries in Asia can enjoy sustainable growth each year. He made the statement in relation to the Food and Hotel Asia 2010 in Singapore recently. “There is wide business opportunity since developing countries in Asia enhance their international business activities. On the other hand, the development of budget airlines contributes to the increase in travel and accommodation demands,” he said.

Clearly, the hotel industry has grown very well, with many giant companies entering this luring business. Big names in the hotel industry have entered Asia, including Indonesia. Among them are Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Four Seasons, Kempinski, InterContinental, Hilton International, Ritz-Carlton, Mandarin Oriental and Ramada Inn. Local brands also aggressively work to build their own empire, from Mulia and Sultan to the Sahid Group, and many others. Both local and chain hotels offer facilities and benefits of their own.

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta, for example, offers 272 rooms, including 56 luxury rooms and six suites, which are not just spacious but also luxurious. All rooms have oriental and Indonesian touches. Each room is equipped with a computer and iPod connectivity, a minibar, a DVD player and surround sound stereo system. The rooms also have a marble bathroom with a rain shower and a separate bathtub.

The hotel is an old player in Indonesia. It has been in operation since 1978, but following a 20-month renovation, Mandarin Oriental Jakarta has emerged just like a new, grand, luxury, lavish and modern hotel, in line with its category as a five-star diamond hotel. “We hope the new facilities and interior offered by Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta will become an attraction for hotel guests. We will become the main choice for business meetings or at which to enjoy special culinary. What’s more, this hotel can become an icon that makes all of us, especially Jakartans, proud,” Mandarin Oriental Jakarta general manager Andrew Abram said.

Grandkemang Hotel Jakarta is another example. Even though it is not located in the central business district, it is situated in an elite area in South Jakarta, i.e. Kemang. Its modern hi-tech (retro) design offers friendliness to guests with full individual service.

Initially, the hotel built on April 24, 1974 was called Ginza Inn. Along with the development of Kemang, a residential area with many hospitality businesses such as cafes, restaurants and bars, this hotel developed rapidly and eventually changed its name to Grandkemang. It used to have 100 rooms, but after several renovations, Grandkemang now has 203 comfortable rooms for both travelers and long staying guests. All rooms are decorated in stylish simplicity with modern Indonesian artwork and furnished with fine fabrics.

“Color your world” is the concept of the brand, showing the dedication of the management team to provide personalized service while offering warm hospitality and comfort to guests. “We provide a memorable experience as unique as every guest is. A stay at Grandkemang is an affirmation of self expression, where individuality is embraced and appreciated,” says the hotel’s website.

An established area is certainly not complete without a hotel. That’s why Sentra Kelapa Gading, located in the heart of business activities in Kelapa Gading, a shopping and entertainment destination in North Jakarta, opened Harris Hotel in May.

The four-star hotel is the manifestation of cooperation between PT Summarecon Agung and Tauzia Hotel Management as the manager of the Harris Hotel network in Indonesia. It applies a concept of simplicity, uniqueness and friendliness in all of its hotels, which are also located in South Jakarta, Bali, Batam, Surakarta, Yogyakarta and other big cities.

Obviously the hotel business in Indonesia is becoming more attractive for businesspeople, especially those engaged in property or hospitality. The chairman of the Jakarta International Hotels Association, Poul E. Bitsch, believes that the hotel business will develop even more in the future, along with an increasing number of wealthy people who travel. “More and more people are traveling to other parts of the world. Therefore there is always a need for hotels,” he said. (Burhanuddin Abe)

The Jakarta Post, October 29, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Layout of office matters in productivity

THE productivity of employees depends not only on relations among colleagues but also on the atmosphere and layout of the office. If the atmosphere and layout provide comfort, productivity automatically increases.

Previously it was sufficient to have office space and the related equipment but today, with the wide-ranging kinds of work, office design has to match the work, function and the personality of its occupants, while most important is the comfort factor.

That is why the interior design business, especially outfits that deal with offices, is enjoying rapid growth in Indonesia. This is also related to the fact that numerous office buildings are continuously being built in major cities, especially in Jakarta. Hence the office building sector obviously dominates property sales, which is a good sign for the interior design industry.

Today’s sophisticated technology has also brought many changes to the design of workstations, for example computers with slim monitors are now preferred. This type of monitor saves space because it can be attached to a workstation partition. To save energy, some companies have replaced conventional desktops with laptops. Such an initiative obviously creates a roomier and cleaner work space.

Many office owners interpret the function and comfort factors into a minimalist design that is more functional and transparent. “The emphasis is on more efficient use of space, which has an impact on furniture design and accessories,” said Helen Anggreny of Business Development Office Culture, which is an integral part of PT Cellini Design Center.

Office Culture’s first outlet opened at the Jakarta Design Centre in March this year followed by a branch at Ratu Plaza on Oct. 18. “The intention was to expand our market, especially in the CBD in Jakarta,” she said.

This company does not merely sell office equipment but customizes it further to meet each client’s requirements based on the office space and the design wanted. Many clients want today’s style for their office interior but with a personal touch. It is the job of interior designers, such as Office Culture, to meet the demand.

The interior design of an office is usually influenced by the shape and concept of its organization. A newly established company, for instance, has a simple organization as it consists of one director and a number of staff members. At this stage it is sufficient to have a simple and functional workstation, such as tables without partitions in a circular position, for easy interaction and information exchange.

Meanwhile, a company that has been established for some time usually has an organization that has developed further. The number of managers is higher and there is a larger hierarchy. Such an organization often requires more complex workstations. In this case, employees are accorded more privacy in their offices according to their rank or designations. The general or low level employees can probably be placed in rooms that have partitions in the form of cubicles while the head of the company gets a private, enclosed room.

However, nowadays more offices view transparency as convenient for information exchange and facilitating interaction. That is why many offices have got rid of partitions that separate tables. This concept of workspace has been applied in developed countries.

It is not surprising, therefore, that in developed countries most office equipment is portable. Workstations are not only minimalist but come in knockdown form. One company in Germany has produced a lighting system in the form of a lamp that is hung on a pole. This design fits an office that keeps growing. So when the office has to be moved, adding or reducing the number of employees, it is easy to take it apart and reinstall all the office equipment. Such a portable lighting design is advantageous as one does not have to tamper with the ceiling.

The trend of material chosen is no longer wood, because the modern design concept uses environmentally friendly material. Wood not only reminds us of tree felling in forests but it can also be costly. Today, using fine materials is avoided to reduce costs. Besides, using fabricated materials easily gives a modern appearance to the furniture and interior design.

Of course, wherever you work you certainly need a comfortable interior design to make you more productive. This means such an interior design has an atmosphere that boosts work performance. The kind of atmosphere indeed very much depends on the type of work, your tastes and requirements. The office of a bank is quite different from that of a publishing office, and a consultant’s office will not look similar to a production house office and so on. It has to be taken into consideration that the scope of management activities covers not only office-related activities but also other aspects such as the employees, the cost of running the office, procedures, office-related methods and so forth, all of which are accommodated in the space and design concept of the office.

What is important to remember is that the office design must be healthy, comfortable, neat and attractive so that employees feel at home to do their various tasks over an eight-hour or more workday. (Burhanuddin Abe)

The Jakarta Post, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Link Unit is still the main star until today

LIFE insurance is a promise from an insurance company to a customer related to his or her death that ensures a certain amount of compensation to their heir or heirs upon the customer’s demise.

The choice of what insurance product to purchase depends on the individual’s needs. Sometimes a customer chooses a product without a saving element or other types of insurance products, such as those that provide compensation for accidents, hospital care and so forth.

However, for quite some time insurance has been more than just protection but a combination of investment so it has become an attractive option. This type of insurance is quite different from conventional insurance. The insurance premium of this type of investment, which is often called unit-linked insurance, is used to purchase related fund units. So higher insurance premiums clearly mean more fund units.

A financial report of an insurance company published in the media is a good method to measure a company’s performance. Or we can learn about a company’s performance from the evaluations made by the media.

Obviously the specific characteristic of unit-linked insurance is its transparency, such as in the administration cost, cost of insurance, cost of investment and the movement of the investment value. All of these have to be crystal clear. Next to the movement of the investment value, which is available in most newspapers or magazines on the economy, the rest is usually included in the insurance policy.

There are numerous choices of unit-linked products available today, whether in rupiah or a foreign denomination. The various products are related to the stock exchange, fixed income instruments as well as shares. Of course, a customer can increase his or her investment in the top-up form. So in addition to the regular insurance premium a customer can invest further by paying more.

Indeed, it is not easy to pick and choose the right investment product in the midst of the numerous products available on the market. Compared with the entire range of insurance products, unit-linked products have become the leading star. Insurance-cum-investment products introduced in 1998 and marketed by no fewer than 16 insurance companies experienced an immense increase after just two years of their launch: 150 percent.

After more than one decade, unit-linked products have remained a dependable source of income for insurance companies here, especially from single or regular premiums. People have become more attracted to this type of product because the interest rates of deposits have remained flat for quite some time and these products appear more profitable along with the improved performance of the capital market. Indeed, there is a close relation between the fluctuation of stocks and the growth in unit-linked products because blue chip shares are definitely preferred for this type of investment.

Choo Sin Fook, deputy president director/chief agency officer of PT Great Eastern Life Indonesia, said that unit-linked products are still highly attractive due to their better return on investment compared to conventional products even though there is a certain amount of risk. “Unit-linked products are far more superior because they cover life insurance while other investment products like mutual funds are pure investment, and conventional life insurance products only provide compensation when a claim is filed,” he said.

He added that another advantage is the better return on investment and investment placements can be switched based on the market value. The executive director of the Indonesian Association of Insurance Companies (AAJI), Stephen B Juwono, estimates that unit-linked products will grow 50 percent this year, amounting to Rp 32 trillion compared with Rp 21.5 trillion in 2009. “The growth is due to a number of improved economic indicators in the country,” he said.

Data recorded by AAJI indicate a 35.6 percent contribution of total insurance premium income for 2009 totaling Rp 60.24 trillion. This was an increase of 27.26 percent compared with the same period in 2008 amounting to Rp 47.33 trillion.

What is interesting is that most Indonesians are not insurance minded compared to the people of other countries. The current low market penetration signifies huge business and growth potential.

According to the president director of PT CIMB Sunlife, Vivien Kusumowardhani, as quoted by Bisnis Indonesia, Indonesia is one of the most promising countries in Asia for all kinds of insurance products due to the low market penetration. The country spends only about 3 percent of its gross domestic income on insurance while Malaysia spends more than 4.5 percent and Singapore spends even more at 7.5 percent. “The research conducted by Sun Life Financial in 2009 shows that 67 percent of the population now view insurance products as being more important,” he said. (Burhanuddin Abe

The Jakarta Post, Oktober 26, 2010 

Monday, October 25, 2010


Chef-chef masa kini tidak kalah dengan selebriti, kehadirannya selalu ditunggu-tunggu. Pun ketika Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta memperkenalkan Chef Gianfranco Beltrame, para kuliner sangat antusias menyambutnya.

Yup, chef asal Italia itu mempersembahkan kreasi hidangan terbarunya di Casa D’Oro. Rasanya sudah pasti menggoda, apalagi ditambah dengan cara penyajiannya nan elegan. Menu yang segar dan bersemangat ini diciptakan untuk memberikan kejutan bagi para penikmat hidangan dan wine Italia. Dalam satu kata, favoloso!

Kreasi kreatif dari Chef Gianfranco memiliki cita rasa Italia yang kuat. Ia menyajikan pilihan menu a la carte terdiri dari Le Insalate e Gli Antipasti (Salad and Hors d’Oeuvre), Le Zupepe e I Risotti (The Soups and The Risotti) dan pasta buatan sendiri, La Pasta Fatta in Casa, Fish Main Course, I Secondi di Pesce, Meat Main Course, I Secondi di Carne, serta pilihan Dolci (Dessert) yang menggoda. Hmmm…

Makanan yang lezat tentu akan lebih seru jika dinikmati dalam suasana yang nyaman. Casa D’Oro di hotel yang berlokasi di jantung kota, terasa pas sebagai tempat bersantai para penikmat wine dan hidangan lezat. Interiornya yang bernuansa minimalis dan sangat stylish, menjadikan venue ini sangat cozy.

Kata elegan dan sederhana mewakili perpaduan dari berbagai pilihan hidangan Italia berkelas dunia yang luar biasa dan pastinya menggoda panca indera rasa para tamu. Inilah saatnya menikmati sajian Italia terbaik restoran ini, seperti Fegato Grasso D’Oca, Pere Caramellate al Marsala e Infuso di Cannella (Pan Fried Goose Liver, Caramelized Pear dan Cinnamon Flavors) dan yang menggoda Zupperttina di Pesce con Pomodoro Fresco, Promfumo di Basilico e Crostoni Agliati (Mediterranean Seafood Soup dengan Fresh Tomatoes, Basil dan G

arlic Croutons), hidangan utama Bocconcini di Merluzzo in Guazzetto con Funghetti Pioppini, Olive e Salvia (Cod fish “casserole” dengan Wild Mushrooms, Black Olives dan Sage) yang merupakan sajian hangat favorit, hidangan utama berupa daging yang merupakan sajian paling populer yang pernah ada Ossobuco all Milanese in Gremolata con Riso al Salto (Traditional Milanese Braised Veal Shank dan Yellow Rice Cake). Jangan lupa mencoba Tiramisu Casa D’Oro.

Kurang afdol tentu membicarakan makanan Italia tanpa menyebut pizza. Asal kata "pizza" memang masih dalam perdebatan, ada yang menyebut pertama kali muncul tahun 997 dalam bahasa Latin, dan di Napoli pada abad ke-16 sebuah galette disebut sebagai pizza. Makanan ini berasal dari adonan tepung terigu, ditaburi dengan tomat, keju mozzarella, basil dan daging tentu saja, yang kemudian dipanggang. Pada mulanya adalah makanan rakyat – bahkan sampai sekarang, tapi kemudian naik kelas karena dijual di resto-resto mewah, termasuk di Casa D’Oro.

Menu baru yang ringan dan sederhana dari Casa D’Oro ini adalah Pizza al Casa D’Oro. Dengan bahan-bahan terbaik yang segar. Chef Gianfranco menciptakan pizza yang sungguh menggugah selera dan dapat memuaskan panca indera rasa. Pilihan menu pizzanya terdiri dari Pizza ai Frutti di mare (Tomato dan Buffalo Mozzarela dengan Assorted Sea foods and Basil), Pizza Prosciutto di parma Rucola e Olio al Tartufo (Tomato dan Buffalo Mozzarela dengan Parma Ham, Parmesan Shavings and Rocket Salad), Pizza Quattro Formaggi (Tomato dan Four Italian Cheeses), Pizza Novegese (Tomato Smoke Salmon Cream dan Chives), dan Pizza all’ Aragosta (Tomato, Mozzarella, Lobster).

Mungkin ini hanya pizza, tapi kelezatannya akan selalu terasa. Maknyus, kata orang kita. Tapi kalau kita meminjam ungkapan dari Negara Pisatersebut: favoloso!

Casa D’Oro dibuka 7 hari seminggu untuk makan siang dan makan malam. Restoran yang menarik dan elegan ini terletak di Ganesha Wing Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta dengan akses mudah dari Bali Room Foyer atau pintu masuk terpisah melalui Lobby Ganesha Wing.

Yang menarik, Casa D’Oro mempersembahkan wine terbaik di Jakarta, ada lebih dari 180 pilihan wine dari seluruh dunia di Casa D’Oro, dengan tempat penyimpanan yang keren. Dan dengan kreasi menu hebat dari chef baru dari Italia, Chef Gianfranco, Casa D’Oro menjadi tempat bersantai paling tepat untuk bersantap dan menikmati wine. (Burhanuddin Abe)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Combining the strength of product and marketing

MOST of the world’s young generation is undoubtedly familiar with G-Shock. These watches made by Casio Japan have become a trendsetter that not only tell the time but ultimately combine extreme sport, street culture, fashion, music and art.

Fifty-eight-year-old Kikuo Ibe is the creator of G-Shock digital watches. “In 1983, I created the thick G-Shock and the most important thing was that it was shock resistant. It did not cross my mind then that the product would be a part of today’s youth fashion,” he said.

Many years ago his parents gave him his first watch upon his graduation from high school. One day he dropped and broke it. Ever since then he wanted to create a rugged and shock resistant watch that had sophisticated technology and a casing that made it safe as well as stylish.

Ibe was so obsessed with the idea that he decided to drop a watch to street level from his third-floor apartment. “I did this numerous times until I was exhausted,” he recalled with a laugh. The result of the experiment is the sturdy Gravity Shock wristwatch, or G-Shock, with latest models launched frequently.

At the forefront of modern design and due to the proven results from Casio’s research and development (R&D) department, which is headed by chief engineer Kikuo Ibe, today G-Shock watches have transformed from the previously sport watches into fashion accessories that are must have items for those with a dynamic and adventurous lifestyle.

Ibe is amazed at the extent of the impact of his watches. “This is truly a collaboration of our colleagues in the media and distributors worldwide that has made G-Shock what it is today. I often say to myself, ‘Oh, shock!’,” he said while slapping his forehead.

He also did not imagine that the popularity of G-Shock would spread from Japan to the entire world. To celebrate the success of this legendary watch, Ibe’s company, which is a Fortune 100 company, is holding an event called Shock The World Tour that to date has visited 28 cities in 18 countries, including Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Mexico City, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok, Madrid, Milano and Tokyo since kicking off in London on June 11, 2009.

In each of these lively cities the festive Shock The World Tour has presented the latest collection of G-Shock, noted musicians and DJs producing tunes that made everyone rush onto the dance floor. Shock The World Tour 2010 by Casio G-Shock also came to Jakarta on Oct. 6, 2010 at Golden Crown and was attended by Kikuo Ibe, who introduced a variant for female teenagers, Baby G & Sheen Ambassador, represented by the popular singer Sherina.

According to Ibe, Indonesia is an important market for the product due to its thriving economy. “The trend here is also favorable. That’s why I felt it was necessary for me to come here and communicate about the superior features of G-Shock even though the product has been available in Indonesia since 1988,” explained Ibe, who has visited Indonesia twice.

Ibe and the R&D team that are fully supported by the company never feel complacent about their creations. So they frequently and regularly come up with the latest types that contain the latest technology, such as watches that can measure the temperature and so forth while some of them run on solar power.

However, in a modest tone, Ibe said that product development is not the only factor behind the product’s success, because it has to be combined with strategic marketing. “The worldwide popularity of G-Shock is not only due to its uniqueness but also to its marketing strength,” explained Ibe, who has a team of 20 staff working under him in the R&D department.

Ibe realizes that he is getting older. He started working for Casio in 1976, so it has been 34 years and this year he turned 58 while G-Shock was created 27 years ago. “The creative spirit is very much alive in our R&D department. I cannot guess the future development and where it will all head to in the coming years. In today’s Internet era, with lots of smart and sophisticated gadgets, it is very likely that it will be the right direction to take,” said Ibe, who does not own a mobile phone.

Besides not having a mobile phone even though every day he is absorbed in the digital world, Ibe, who loves sports and jogging, does not like to play computerized games. “While I am very much interested in technology, I don’t want to be tied up with gadgets,” he said.

What he hates most is locking himself up alone in a room. “I have given all my thoughts and spent all my time in the office, so I don’t like to be too attached to technology. After finishing my work at the office I simply appreciate it when I can give my mind a well earned rest,” said Ibe, who loves traveling to foreign countries, which he does at least six times a year.

After the creation of G-Shock, which has transformed the world’s watches, Ibe feels that there have been no significant changes within himself. “The plus point is that I get the opportunity to meet lots of people from all parts of the world and the way I am treated by them is really impressive,” said the father of a 25-year-old son.

He has an obsession that is yet to be realized: making G-Shock for all age levels, since the first generation that started to wear G-Shock many years ago is now becoming older. “Sometimes I imagine it would be ideal if I could make watches for every age group and meet their requirements. So when one gets older one can easily choose the style that suits him or her,” said Ibe who has just two watches — the first G-Shock he produced, a DW500 vintage watch, and a simpler model that he wears on a daily basis. (Burhanuddin Abe)

The Jakarta Post, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Makin Eksis dengan Nokia N8

NOKIA, sang pemimpin pasar di industri perponselan, agaknya ingin memperkuat posisinya dengan melakukan berbagai inovasi. Salah satu tonggak pentingnya adalah meluncurkan Nokia N8. Handphone berlayar sentuh terbaru yang stylish ini sangat kaya akan fitur canggih yang sangat mendukung kegiatan kita sehari-hari. Itu sebabnya gadget asal Finlandia ini tidak sekadar “connecting people”, tapi lebih dari itu: connect, create, entertain.

Beruntung saya mendapatkan kesempatan menjajal ponsel cerdas sekaligus “gaul” ini, sebelum diluncurkan ke pasaran awal November 2010. Bagaimana tidak cerdas, sebuah telepon genggam ini dilengkapidengan kamera, yang kualitasnya setara dengan kamera digital canggih?

Ya, tim riset dan pengembangan Nokia berhasil menciptakan ponsel berkamera 12 megapiksel serta lensa Carl Zeiss, flash Xenon, dan sensor besar yang bisa disejajarkan dengan yang ada di kamera digital. Tidak hanya itu, Nokia N8 juga menawarkan kemampuan untuk membuat video berkualitas high gefinition 

(HD) dengan program penyunting terintegrasi yang intutitif, kemudian dengan mudah memilih berbagai cara untuk langsung membaginya; mengirim file-file ukuran besar ke external hard-drive melalui USB-on-the-go, atau meng-upload foto ke jejaring sosial langsung dari layar utama.

Tidak salah kalau memang kalau N8 diidentikkan dengan movie. Dalam media launching di The Ballroom, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, 19 Oktober lalu, suasana dibuat seperti dalam bioskop, bahkan busana para undangan pun boleh meniru karakter film favorit masing-masing – meski sebagian besar wartawan enggan mematuhi dress code seperti itu.

Yang menarik, selain presentasi dari orang-orang Nokia, hari itu dipertontonkan film cerita pendek, dengan pemeran utama Fachry Albar dan Marsha Timothy. Fim tersebut adalah sutradara Joko Anwar pun dengan memanfaatkan kamera N8, yang kualitasnya ternyata tidak kalah dengan kamera pro pada umumnya.

Nokia N8 bukan sekadar ponsel memang, tapi sekaligu videocam terbaik di kelasnya. Sebagai kamera, N8 juga tidak kalah dibandingkan dengan ponsel-ponsel pintar yang lain. Lensanya yang berkualitas HD sudah menunjukkan kemampuannya, ditambah lampu kilatnya, Xenon, yang memiliki cahaya ultra-bright, kuat menyinari objek hingga sejauh 3,5 m outdoor, atau hingga 5 m indoor. 

Nokia N8 juga memiliki shutter speed sangat cepat, antara 1/3.333 dan 1/200.000 detik. Kita dapat mengabadikan benda yang bergerak sangat cepat dalam foto dengan shutter speed sangat cepat sperti ini. Yang menarik, setting manual dalam kamera Nokia N8, seperti white balance, exposure, ISO, dan lain-lain, dapat diatur sesuai kebutuhan. 

Jika terlalu rumit mengaturnya, sebaiknya memakai stelan otomatis saja, yang hasilnya pasti “aman”. Dan yang lebih penting, biar makin eksis, bisa kita share ke media sosial, seperti Facebook dan Twitter, juga situs lain. 

Smartphone Hiburan
Sesusai dengan tagline-nya, Nokia N8 secara intuitif menghubungkan pengguna ke kerabat, tempat dan layanan yang paling penting bagi mereka. Melalui Nokia N8, pengguna dapat menciptakan konten yang menarik, terhubung ke jejaring sosial yang digemari, dan menikmati acara Web TV on demand serta men-download aplikasi dan konten melalui layanan aplikasi Ovi Store.

“Nokia N8 adalah tonggak yang penting bagi Nokia, sebagai perangkat pertama yang membawa sistem operasi Symbian ke tahap berikutnya. Dengan sistem operasi terbaru Symbian^3, Nokia menghadirkan pengalaman yang lebih cepat, halus dan mudah, menjadikan smartphone Nokia semakin intuitif. Hal yang lebih menyenangkan adalah Nokia tetap menghadirkan keakraban tampilan dan fitur-fitur terbaik Symbian, memberikan kemudahan dan kenyamanan bagi jutaan pengguna setia perangkat Nokia,” kata Bob McDougall, Country Manager Nokia Indonesia.

Penggerak Nokia N8 adalah Symbian^3, edisi terbaru dari peranti lunak smartphone yang paling banyak digunakan di dunia, dengan beberapa tambahan utama, termasuk dukungan untuk gerakan seperti full-touch screen, flick scrolling, dan pinch zoom. 

Nokia N8 juga menawarkan lebih dari satu home screen yang dapat disesuaikan dengan keinginan penggunanya, dan dipersonalisasikan dengan berbagai aplikasi dan widget. Arsitektur grafis 2D dan 3D yang baru di platform ini sepenuhnya memanfaatkan akselerasi peranti keras Nokia N8 untuk antarmuka yang lebih cepat dan lebih responsif. Symbian^3 juga menaikkan standar kinerja dengan pengelolaan memori yang lebih besar, memungkinkan lebih banyak aplikasi untuk berjalan bersamaan, bagi pengalaman multitasking yang lebih cepat.

Andrea Facchini, Head of Marketing Nokia Indonesia, menambahkan bahwa pengguna Nokia bisa saling terhubung antarmereka. Mulai dari berkomunikasi dengan suara, SMS (pesan singkat), video call, chatting, email, jejaring sosial, online sharing; serta tetap dapat menikmati fitur-fitur teknologi dan hiburan yang menghubungkan pengguna dengan dunianya, semuanya dikemas menjadi satu, seukuran saku. 

Kemampuan luar biasa Nokia N8, baik sebagai alat komunikasi maupun pusat hiburan, menunjukkan bagaimana cara Nokia dalam menghubungkan penggunanya terus berkembang, tetapi tujuannya tetap sama: membantu pengguna di manapun memaksimalkan setiap momen dan kesempatan berarti dalam hidup mereka. 

Tidak berlebihan kalau ponsel cerdas ini disebut sebagai “smartphone hiburan”. Selain sebagai kamera dan videocam, seperti yang disebut di atas, Nokia N8 juga berperan ganda sebagai pusat hiburan portabel, pengguna dapat menikmati video berkualitas HD dengan teknologi surround sound Dolby Digital Plus, dengan cara menghubungkan Nokia N8 ke sistem home theater. 

Nokia N8 juga menawarkan layanan Web TV yang menawarkan acara, berita, dan hiburan dari berbagai saluran seperti CNN, E! Entertainment, Paramount dan National Geographic. Konten Web TV lokal dari Okezone juga tersedia dari Ovi Store. Seluruh fasilitas hiburan ini dikemas dalam tubuh aluminium yang kuat dalam berbagai warna yang menarik dengan layar kaca 3,5” AMOLED.

Navigasi Gratis, Musik Sesukamu 
Seperti smartphone Nokia lainnya, Nokia N8 dilengkapi dengan navigasi gratis dari Ovi Maps untuk panduan berjalan dan berkendara di lebih dari 70 negara di seluruh dunia, tanpa biaya tambahan. Versi beta terbaru dari Ovi Maps juga telah tersedia untuk didownload langsung dari Nokia Beta Labs untuk Nokia N8. Layanan yang telah di tingkatkan ini dapat menampilkan ketersediaan kendaraan umum di 85 kota di seluruh dunia, keadaan lalu lintas real-time, penanda kamera pengamanan, ketersediaan area parkir dan SPBU, serta pengingat batas kecepatan.

Nokia N8 memperkuat jajaran fitur hiburannya yang luar biasa dengan menampilkan layanan Musik Ovi Sesukamu, layanan download musik legal tanpa batas dari Nokia yang dulu dikenal sebagai Comes With Music. Melalui layanan ini konsumen dapat men-download lebih dari empat juta lagu dari katalog Musik Ovi.

It’s not technology, it’s what you do with it!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lamb Steak from Tasmania

BANYAK sekali ragam steak. Ada steak yang berasal dari daging sapi, ini yang paling populer, ada juga daging babi – tidak populer di negara-negara yang penduduknya mayoritas Muslim, seperti Indonesia.

Jika bosan dengan steak sapi, ada baiknya Anda mencoba iga domba dengan sedikit lapisan lemak ini mungkin bisa jadi alternatif pilihan. Dagingnya tidak kalah empuknya daging sapi, dan terasa lezat jika diracik dengan bumbu dan saus yang tepat.

Memang tidak semua restoran steak menawarkan hidangan ini. Selain harganya yang sedikit mahal, pembuatan lamb steak tidaklah mudah karena membutuhkan kiat tertentu dalam mengolahnya, agar empuk dan bebas BB (bau badan) domba yang khas.

Pertama kali saya merasakan steak domba yang enak justru di restoran steak kaki lima yang terkenal di bilangan Jakarta Selatan dengan harga yang merakyat. Tapi yang tak terlupakan adalah ketika mengikuti acara Food Festival di Melbourne, Austral

ia, beberapa tahun yang lalu. Salah satu agendanya adalah makan siang bareng di tepi Sungai Birrarung Marr. Meja dan kursi ditaruh berderet memanjang, sehingga makan siang dengan 1.000 peserta itu boleh disebut sebagai World’s Longest Lunch!

Makanan yang disajikan seperti layaknya di restoran mewah. Nah, salah satunya adalah lamb steak. Ukurannya besar dimasak ala Mediteranean, selain menebarkan aroma harum yang tidak terlalu tajam, tekstur dagingnya juga sangat lembut dengan sensasi lemak tipis di sela tulang iganya. Sebagai pelengkap iga domba ini bisa disajikan bersama zuchini, tomat, atau baby potato. Sangat pas ketika berpadu dengan red wine asal Australia jenis Shiraz.

Pengalaman rasa yang tak terlupakan itu sulit untuk diulang, sampai kemudian Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta dan Classic Fine Food Indonesia mengundang saya untuk mencicipi iga domba dalam rangka promosi The Aurora Tasmanian Organic Lamb di The Steak House, Senin, 11 Oktober lalu.

Aurora Lamb adalah daging premium asal Tasmania, Australia. Daging domba ini berasal dari peternakan di sebuah wilayah di Tasmania dekat Cressy, di mana dalam pemeliharaannya domba-domba tersebut diberi makanan berprotein tinggi selama minimal 60 hari.

Setelah masa penyapihan, domba-domba itu siap dipotong untuk menghasilkan kualitas yang konsisten dan kelembutan untu setiap potongnya. Tidak ada hormon ditambahkan, tidak ada growth promotants, tidak ada antibiotik atau tambahan artifisial apa yang diberikan kepada hewan-hewan tersebut, sehingga daging tersebut layak dikategorikan sebagai organik. Asal tahu saja, Tasmania melarang modifikasi genetik hewan dan tanaman, sehingga domba yang berasal dari wilayah tersebut merupakan paling murni di dunia, menghasilkan kualitas dan kelembutan daging yang luar biasa.

Sumber dagingnya saja sudah terbayang kualitasnya, apalagi kalau ditambah dengan keterampilan Vindex Tengker, sang executive chef, yang menyiapkan lamb steak asal Tasmania tersebut. Selama promosi (hingga akhir Oktober 2010) ini, para tamu akan dapat menikmati menu: Lamb Carpacio, truffle and haricot vert salad; Roasted Lamb Saddle Loin, Zucchini and Goat Cheese tart; Tamarind Glazed Lamb Rump, Couscous and Oven Dried Tomatoes; Pine nut stuffed Lamb Leg, dill potato gratin; Pistachio Crusted Lamb Rack, Lemon Aioli and Potato- Mushrooms Pave. Hmmm…

Berlokasi di lantai dua, Steak House adalah tempat yang ideal untuk pertemuan bisnis dan gathering yang nyaman berkapasitas hingga 84 tempat duduk. Untuk makan malam romantis juga memungkinkan, apalagi dengan menu Aurora Tasmanian Organic Lamb, dengan pilihan wine yang pas – pilihan master sommelier hotel ini. Bon appetit! (Burhanuddin Abe)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sophisticated technology is not always costly

ONE day during a game of golf, Alvin Tumiwa suddenly felt that he could hardly breathe. Alvin, who works in the capital market, subsequently underwent a treadmill test and lung checkup in Jakarta and nothing was found to be out of order.

Suspecting that something may really be wrong with his health he decided to fly to Singapore for a thorough checkup. “After a series of tests, including a CT scan of the heart, I was extremely shocked to learn that 65 percent of my main artery is clogged,” he said. This is a serious problem that could result in the 48 year old having a heart attack.

Alvin is not the only Indonesian to rely on health checkups in Singapore, because the city-state has advanced technology in its hospitals. There is a large number of hospitals in Singapore that specialize in heart disease, and this year Alvin is one of the approximately 4,000 patients that have been treated with Singapore’s highly sophisticated technology.

According to Dr Lim, Director of Singapore Heart, Stroke and Cancer Center, medical science has advanced significantly, especially in medical scanning. The Multislice Computed Tomography (MSCT), for example, is highly recommended as a substitute for the invasive angiography. “The MSCT technology has been quickly accepted as an alternative for conventional angiography due to its capability,” explained Dr Lim, who in 1995 performed the first carotid artery stenting in Asia.

One of this new technology’s superior features is that it is able to scan the heart in a few seconds and produce a clear image of the problematic area.

According to Dr Lim, the MSCT produces a three-dimension scan as well as accurate information regarding the location of any blockage, its condition and measurement Based on such data, a heart surgeon can preplan up to a stage that has never been heard of before. “Thanks to MSCT, nowadays in the operation room we know what to look for, what to do and when to do it,” he said.

However, MSCT is more than a tool for surgery planning. One of its greatest advantages is that it is noninvasive. Dr Lim elaborated further that the level of complication for patients having an MSCT is almost zero, which is much lower than the conventional angiogram. “With a conventional angiogram, the doctor inserts a tube into the artery to discover the problem. In 15 percent of cases this procedure causes a passive or silent stroke,” Dr Lim explained. Apart from that the latest CT scanner emits a low level of radiation similar to an angiogram.

Besides being a safer surgery procedure, the S$2 million MSCT plays another important role as it is preventive rather than curative. “Most people that suffer heart attacks do not show any early symptoms for quite some time. So previously when someone had a heart attack, the doctor would attempt to repair the damage while today using MSCT we can take corrective measures before the heart attack occurs,” he said.

And it is not only heart disease that is treated using the latest medical technology as other diseases such as those related to beauty enhancement get similar treatment. The Vein Clinic, for instance, has for quite some time applied the latest technology to treat veins, from diagnosis to removing spider veins using laser and non-surgical treatment for critical varicose veins. The Vein Clinic is known for its service in vein solutions with the revolutionary Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), a procedure that does not involve surgery.

Spider veins and varicose veins are the abnormal swelling of blood vessels. Besides being unattractive, varicose veins can be extremely dangerous because they may be related to one or more of the following developments: inflammation of vein, blood clots and skin ulcers.

At the Vein Clinic, micro-sclerotherapy with vein-lite is available, which is a sophisticated trans-illumination technology to visualize veins. The Vein Clinic uses vein-lite to locate spider veins in order to remove them accurately.

Next to micro-sclerotherapy, the clinic also has duplex ultrasound scanning to accurately detect leg valve disorders; phebectomy mini-ambulatori, which is a method to remove varicose veins in the legs and to remove varicose veins without stitches but using intense pulsed light for safer surgery in the removal of spider veins; vein wave, which is an exclusive method to remove a vein effectively with needles and relatively without pain.

Another medical center in Singapore that attracts international patients is the Singapore Medical Specialists Centre (SMSC). The SMSC provides medical care to busy individuals, in which full health screening with results and diagnostic reports can all be done at the center and completed in a few hours.

In short, hospitals in Singapore are competing with each other to enhance their medical technology and their services. The reason is the 581.5-square-kilometer city-state with its population of less than 4.5 million is doing its very best to attract patients from all over the world, especially Asia.

Malaysia is doing very much the same thing as many of its hospitals are equipped with various sophisticated technology. Some areas like Malacca and Penang are offering medical tours to attract foreign tourists. It is not surprising, therefore, that today Malaysia is considered one of the most attractive destinations for medical tours along with several other Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, India and China.

Indeed, these countries are attractive destinations for medical tours because for patients from Europe, the United States and the Middle East the cost is relatively low and there is easy and convenient access to medical services. The low cost does not mean that the aforementioned countries do not have the latest medical technology. Thailand, for example, is well known for its capability in various complicated surgeries, beauty care as well as alternative medical programs like spas and Eastern traditional medication.

According to Kenneth Mays, marketing director of Bumrungrad International Hospital, the high standard of Thailand’s medical care and service has drawn the attention of numerous foreign tourists. “We offer an ideal combination of medical care and service both at government as well as private hospitals. In view of the cost, Americans certainly prefer to come here because the cost is 60 to 80 percent lower than in the United States.” (Burhan Abe)

The Jakarta Post, October 14, 2010

L’Or de Jean Martell

SEMPURNA. Itulah kata Jacques Menier, Heritage Director Martell Co, saat memberikan pendapatnya mengenai minuman cognac L’Or de Jean Martell. “Minuman ini adalah yang terbaik dan sempurna di antara minuman jenis cognac,” ujarnya pada hari launching L’Or de Jean Martell di Kempinski Hotel Jakarta, 7 Oktober 2010.

L’Or de Jean Martell adalah intisari dari Martell House sejak diciptakan tahun 1715. Campuran dari beberapa ratus eaux de vie, beberapa di antaranya sudah diolah lebih dari satu abad. L’Or de Jean Martell adalah puncak dari gaya Martell.

Beruntung saya bisa terlibat dalam peluncuran minuman premium asal Prancis tersebut. Bayangkan, di balik L'Or de Jean Martell terdapat sebuah cerita luar biasa: esensi utama dari keahlian selama 300 tahun di bidang cognac. Sejak awal, prinsip akan penyempurnaan mendorong Jean Martell sang pendiri firmanya untuk mengawasi dan mengontrol setiap tahap dalam proses pembuatan minuman tersebut.

Hasil dari kerja keras ini terwujud dengan cepat dan Martell memperoleh popularitasnya di antara pecinta cognac: Major-domo Napoleon, para bangsawan Austria, para Tsar Rusia dan Raja-raja Inggris. Ketenaran Martell membuat para pengagumnya semakin bertambah: "Eaux-de-vie kami adalah yang terbaik di seluruh kerajaan ini" (Jean Martell, 1721) -dan permintaan terus bertambah dari negara-negara lain. Melalui pengalaman selama tiga ratus, Martell terus menerus berusaha mengasah keahlian dan pengetahuan.

Kini keluarga Martell dengan bangga memperkenalkan L'Or de Jean Martell, hasil terbaik dari sang keluarga: penyulingan ganda dari eaux-de-vie termurni, kombinasi mempesona dari empat hasil perkebunan terbaik yaitu Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, The Fins Bois, dan The Borderies, serta pematangan yang lama di dalam barel kayu oak terbaik.

Jangan tanya harganya, pasti membuat banyak orang terkejut, USD 3.500 per botol. 

Isinya tidak lebih dari 700 ml – yang hanya cukup untuk 20 gelas.Ya, L’Or de Jean Martell merupakan produk dari seni yang unik, seni Martell tertinggi dan dikembangkan melalui kerja keras sang generasi penerus para cellar master. Botol L’Or de Jean Martell merupakan sebuah permata yang dibuat dan dihias dengan tangan adalah karya terbaik seorang master pembuat kristal di Cristal de Sevres. “Bentuk yang abadi merangkum keunggulan yang dipegang oleh House of Martell,” jelas Edhi Sumadi, Commercial Director Pernod Ricard Indonesia.

L’Or de Jean Martell memang puncak kesempurnaan, memiliki rasa, aroma yang spesial maka direkomedasikan untuk menikmatinya secara murni. Tentu sangat berkesan saat menikmatinya dalam momen-momen yang spesial juga.

Hadir secara khusus pada acara launching tersebut, antara lain perwakilan dari Martell Co Perancis kota di mana L’Or de Jean Martell berasal seperti Jacques Menier Heritage Director Martell Co, Giraud Thierry Brand Ambassador Martell Co, Kevin Lee Managing Director Pernod Ricard Philipines Inc, Laurent Zammit Martell Co, Marc Rosales, Country Manager Pernod Ricard Phillipines dan Edhi Sumadi, Commercial Director Pernod Ricard Indonesia. Tamu kehormatan malam itu Duta Besar Perancis untuk Indonesia, Mr Philippe Zeller.

Sambil makan malam dan menikmati L’Or de Jean Martell, para eksekutif yang hadir malam itu juga menikmati penampilan lagu-lagu yang dibawakan artis-artis seperti Maylaffayza dengan biolanya. Juga Vina Panduwinata, Rossa yang diiringi oleh Dian HP Orkestra. Indah Kalalo dan para model menampilkan koleksi gaun malam yang anggun dan glamour. Sementara itu Erwin Parengkuan dan Aline Adita malam itu sebagai pembawa acara. Cheers! (Burhan Abe)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Airline business and Titanic syndrome

STIFF competition among airlines is indeed unavoidable these days. Leading airlines, which used to enjoy brisk business, now have to reorganize and revamp their business in order to survive, especially in view of the regional open sky policy coming into effect in 2015. The sad fact is that a number of airlines have gone bankrupt in recent years. In 2008, 32 ceased operations while in 2009 no fewer than 26 went bust.

Regionally, Singapore Airlines (SIA) suffered an operating loss of S$428 million in the first half of 2009, compared to its S$95 million profit in 2008. MAS is reported to have lost about RM 117.5 million in the January-September 2009 period while Thai Airways reported losses of approximately 1.57 billion baht in the first nine months of 2009. Vietnam Air is estimated to have earned US$14 million pre-tax profit in 2008 which dropped 42 percent to $8.1 million in 2009. Qantas lost about A$93 million in the first six months of 2009 but is expected to make a profit of A$50 million to $150 million for 2009/2010.

Another gloomy note is that some airline companies have had to merge in order to survive; for example Delta with North

west, United with Continental, American with US Airways, Frontier with Midwest, Lufthansa with BMI, British Airways with Iberia, Vueling with Clickair, Avianca with TACA, Spirit Airlines with Air Jamaica, China Eastern with Shanghai Airlines and possibly Ryan Air with Aerlingus or Delta with JAL.

So what has gone wrong? We can ask the same question about the sinking of the Titanic. What really happened that caused the gigantic ship to sink? Did it run into an iceberg? Or was it carrying too many passengers? Or was the captain incompetent? Or was the ship’s construction faulty? Or was the crew substandard?

It could have been a combination of all these things. As a matter of fact, the entire world has undergone drastic changes spurred by new economic and global influences. People are changing and so are cultures. Likewise, airlines are experiencing huge changes.

Realizing this, Garuda Indonesia, for instance, keeps introducing changes. Even more so because previously Garuda Indonesia enjoyed a monopoly on the business here in Indonesia, but since early 2000 changes have occurred. On the domestic level, Garuda has to face competition from private airlines, such as Lion and Wing, while globally AirAsia is one of its aggressive competitors.

Therefore, to spoil passengers Garuda has launched “Garuda Indonesia Experience”, which is a service concept based on well-known Indonesians friendliness to boost its service level to a four-star rating. “This is our new service concept that combines friendliness that is uniquely Indonesian with safety and comfort aspects like clean toilets and larger passenger seats,” said the general manager of the Garuda Indonesia Medan branch, Muchwendi Harahap, as quoted by

Apart from that, said Muchwendi, specifically Indonesian cuisine is efficiently presented by the company’s professional human resources. “In short, we are a full service airline,” said Muchwendi, adding that Garuda plans to enhance its service to a five-star standard by 2012.

Indeed, full service airlines have to work harder than low-cost carriers, because service has to be a top priority, not price. That is exactly what Qatar Airways is doing. Headquartered at Doha International Airport, Qatar Airways currently flies to 75 international destinations and is one of five airlines in the world that has been awarded five-star airline status by Skytrax. Qatar Airways is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization.

Qatar Airways was established on Nov. 22, 1993 and commenced operations on Jan. 20, 1994. Initially it was owned by the royal family of Qatar, but in April 1997 a new management headed by Akbar Al Baker took over the running of the airline.

SIA is known worldwide as an airline that consistently maintains its reputation. “We always come up with service for our passengers that is not only good but the best,” explained Yap Kim Wah, senior vice president product and services SIA.

Almost every month this icon of Singapore receives awards. With numerous innovations as well as the commitment of its management, the airline, which was set up in 1972, soon turned into a world-class carrier that serves almost 100 destinations on five continents. As part of Star Alliance, SIA has an even wider reach, with the alliance offering more than 19,700 flights every day to 1,077 destinations in 175 countries.

Undeniably, the mushrooming low-cost carriers, which offer cheap tickets, have had a negative effect on the business of full service airlines. Therefore, in preparation of this, some time ago SIA launched its second brands, SilkAir and Tiger, while SIA itself sticks to its number one service. “Constantly redefine the travel experience and continue the pace of innovation, that is a hallmark of SIA,” said Yap, who joined SIA in 1975.

According to Yap, in the 1970s SIA became the first airline to provide free headsets, free drinks and a selection of food in its economy class. Not long afterward, SIA was also recorded as the trendsetter for various services, namely: it was the first airline to fly London-Singapore non-stop (1984), it was the first to have in-flight telephones (1991), it was the first to launch in-flight trial of e-mail (2001), first to launch audio and video on demand in all classes (2001), world’s longest non-stop flights (2004) and was the launch customer for the A380 (2007).

Service is top priority for full service airlines. Also important are the innovations in service, for example television and games for long-haul flights (eight to 10 hours) so that passengers, especially children, do not get bored. Commitment to continuous quality improvement is a must in today’s competitive era, otherwise an airline’s performance plummets and it’s reputation suffers, which leads to a decrease in the number of its passengers. (Burhanuddin Abe).

The Jakarta Post, October 12, 2010

Thursday, October 07, 2010


KONSEP klub di Jakarta yang masih menampilkan live band bisa dihitung dengan jari. Mistere adalah satunya, yang sejak dibuka, selalu konsisten menampilkan live band, meski mengakomodasi juga kebutuhan hiburan masa kini, yakni menampilkan musik DJ. oktober ini klun yang berlokasi di The Ritz-Carlton, Mega Kuningan Jakarta ini mengganti home band-nya dengan yang baru, Lockdown.

Beruntung, lagi-lagi saya dan teman-teman media bisa menyaksikan preview-nya. Lockdown beranggotakan para musisi andal yang sering tampil di berbagai venue di berbagai negara. Musiknya yang berkiblat ke black music yang energik itulah agaknya yang ditunggu-tunggu para clubbers Jakarta.

Black music, atau disebut juga R&B (rhythm & blues) adalah musik populer yang menggabungkan jazz, gospel, dan blues, yang pertama kali diperkenalkan oleh pemusik Afrika-Amerika. Sebenarnya istilah ini dipakai pertama kali pada 1947 untuk pemasaran dalam musik di AS oleh Jerry Wexler yang bekerja untuk Billboard. Kemudian diikuti oleh perusahaan-perusahaan lain, sebutlah RCA Victor, Atlantic Record, dan lain-lain. Ciri genre musik ini adalah permainan musik blues dengan irama agak cepat, dengan instrumen musik yang lebih dominan selain gitar adalah tenor saxophone. Tapi kemudian berkembang dengan memadukan berbagai instrumen musik lain, termasuk musik digital.

Namun, Lockdown tidak melulu mengusung R&B, band dengan keahlian tinggi yang dikemas dengan pertunjukan yang ciamik, memiliki keunggulan untuk dapat menyesuaikan diri musik mereka dengan keadaan penonton dan pendengar. Anggota Lockdown telah berpengalaman tampil di beberapa tempat ternama, seperti Grand Hyatt Singapore, Ziga Zaga Night Club di Taipei dan juga MGM Grand Casino Macau.

Ya, dengan keragaman anggotanya, yang berasal dari berbagai negara, membawa band ini bisa membawakan berbagai jenis musik. Lockdown beranggotakan para musisi handal dari seluruh dunia seperti Inggris, Colombia, Canada, Philipina, dan lain-lain. Latar belakang yang beragam serta kemampuan personal masing-masing anggota inilah yang membuat musik Lockdown memiliki warna tersendiri.

Pada garis depan terdapat Stanley Alex Ganapolsky (band leader dan keyboards), Carlos Julian Ortis Morales (vokalis dan perkusi), Hernan Fabricio Castillo Chaparro (pemain bass), Brian Keith Burton/Smokey (gitaris), Ferdinand Bautista Ramos (pemain drum), Charmaine Anhag Wada (vokasi) dan Leanne Frances Mittoo (vokalis) yang membawa grup ini pada penampilan yang dinamis dan menakjubkan.

"Kami memiliki background musik yang berbeda. Masing-masing memiliki sentuhan personal dengan penguasaan beragam jenis musik, mulai dari rock, pop, jazz, latin, dan masih banyak lagi," jelas Stainley, sang pentolan. Ia berjanji di setiap penampilannya akan selalu menyelupkan beberapa lagu pop Indonesia, bahkan dangdut yang memang khas Indonesia.

Setiap anggota dari Lockdown adalah musisi dengan kemampuan ganda yang dapat menciptakan lagu berdasarkan pengalaman yang mereka rasakan dan juga kecintaan mereka kepada musik. Charmaine Anhag Wada dan Leanne Frances Mittoo benyanyi sambil mempertunjukkan koreografi yang unik. Perpaduan keduanya membuat penampilan panggung mereka sangat memukau.

Setidaknya itulah yang mereka tampilkan pada preview bersama, dan tentunya setiap penampilannya dalam ’Generation’ di Mistere Live setiap Selasa hingga Sabtu mulai pukul 10 malam. Are you ready? (Burhan Abe)