Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anti-aging treatments in Jakarta

BEAUTIFUL, flawless skin and an attractive, sculpted figure is every woman’s dream and the drive to achieve that cover girl look is so high that it is not surprising numerous beauty clinics have cropped up in Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia.

Such beauty clinics are becoming more specialized and exclusive, with some specializing in slimming, skin care, hair care, dental care and even ozone therapy. The target is obviously the platinum segment who have the means to indulge in such treatments.

Slimming programs used to be targeted at women, with beauty being equated with being trim and slim. Clinics that offer body fat reduction programs have also emerged, such as Impressions Body Care Center and Metta Natural Slimming, for example.

But today, especially after the birth of the metrosexual generation, or macho men that love to dress up and look their best, beauty clinics are no longer the monopoly of women. Don’t be surprised when you come across an ad specially targeted toward the executive male that goes like this: “A fat tummy is not only an ugly sight, but obesity causes various health problems.”

Treatments on offer are not limited to weight loss programs as some clinics offer a total treatment that includes detoxification. Some include lymphatic drainage, ultrasound and so on all of which are effective in helping solve men’s health problems. Then there are the facial treatments that make the skin clean, smooth and bright, not to mention the facelift to remove wrinkles, eye bags and excessive fat or skin under the chin. “Ordinary facial treatment is not sufficient for me, so every three months I get laser treatment to remove black dots from my face,” said one TV star that is often described by the media as a metrosexual male.

Meanwhile a business woman with an office in South Jakarta admitted that she has botox injections every six months so that her face appears fresh and glowing. “Well, although I am not that old but I think prevention is better,” said the 37-year-old mother of three.

She also said that she regularly has acupuncture treatment to stay slim “I care about my body a lot. It’s not only for my health, but also the aesthetic aspect,” she emphasized.

Indeed those who are concerned about their health and appearance — and they are many — are the main target of such exclusive and specialized clinics in Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia. Therefore the total service is now called anti-aging treatment.

Anti-aging as a branch of medicine was first introduced in 1993 by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) chaired by Dr. Robert Goldman, MD, PhD. And since then numerous doctors and scientists have been attracted to this new medical science.

Anti-aging medicine is based on the latest medical technology for early detection, prevention and cure and the restoration of various malfunctions, handicaps and diseases related to aging for a long healthy life. Although the terminology anti-aging is controversial, scientific data indicates that the aging process can be slowed down, postponed or even reversed so that one can have a longer and healthier life.

While aging cannot really be stopped, the right anti-aging therapy can slow down the visible results of aging so that you can still appear beautiful at any age. “Not only that as we can also help you with decreased vitality and spirit for life which normally accompany aging,” promises Dr. Deby Vinsky on her beauty and anti-aging clinic website.

As a doctor specializing in beauty care Dr. Deby has handled hundreds of such cases. Her clinic offers an anti-aging program using the latest technology and techniques while at the same time minimizing surgical procedures using the following: Infuse Anti-Aging therapy, HRT therapy such as Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Stem Cell all of which have benefited her numerous patients.

What is obvious today is that the consumer demand for anti-aging treatment keeps increasing. One beauty clinic owner who has five branches in Jakarta said the major demand is for skin treatment, such as rejuvenating using chemical peeling, botox injections as well as plastic surgery.

When talking about skin care clinics, Erha Clinic comes to mind as probably the most aggressive.  Initially a small clinic in Kemanggisan area in West Jakarta when it first opened on Sept. 28, 1999, Erha provides professional dermatology services while its products are formulated by its team of dermatologists.

Currently Erha Clinic is available in major cities in Indonesia while the two Central National Erha Clinics are reference clinics for the other branches, namely Erha Clinic Kelapa Gading, the largest skin care clinic in Asia and Erha Clinic Kemanggisan. Not only does it enjoy an excellent reputation in its home country, Erha Clinic is the largest and most complete dermatology clinic in Asia that provides world class service.

With the middle to upper segment as its target the clinic is fully equipped with cable TV, free Internet access, food corner, children’s area and priority service for those that require faster service and privacy.  (Burhanuddin Abe)

The Jakarta Post, February 28, 2011

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