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Jordi’s Manifesto - The Authentic Degustation Menu from Lobo

Jakarta, 7 January 2013 – The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan welcomes Jordi Bernus as a part of the Ladies and Gentlemen as the new Chef de Cuisine for Lobo. The Catalan-born Chef ventured into gastronomic adventure that took him to some of the world’s most prestigious restaurant from Three Michelin Star restaurants such as elBulli, Enoteca Pinchiorri and One Michelin Star restaurants Drolma, Via Veneto to El Raco d’en Freixa. Jordi’s rich experience is exclusive to his innovative cooking skills, which surely are refined assets in reinventing Lobo and enlivening the senses of each guest with every bite.

Lobo proudly presents an authentic degustation set menu starting January 2013 crafted by our very own gastronomically innovative Chef. Lobo will provide a 6-course degustation menu at IDR 850,000++ which introduces inventively tasteful dishes from a surprising appetizer referred to as Amuse bouche to eclectic dishes such as the Duet of oyster and foie gras tartar with cardamom foam, Japanese escargots with essence and dashi broth, Tandoori chicken wings with aerial ricotta and more. The set menu is then finalized with Chef Jordi’s creamy invention of the Passion fruit with crema catalana and tempura chocolate, which will tantalize that sweet tooth.

Guests can also enjoy the 8-course degustation set menu at IDR 1,050,000++ per person, which includes some of Chef Jordi’s signature dishes from Amuse bouche to his Pan fried foie gras with forest greens, Duet of atlantic oyster (lemon foam/rockerfeller), Escalope of veal with tomato tartar, Polenta gnocchi which he crafted as a tribute to elBulli. Slow cooked egg with truffle-porcini foam, also the Red snapper in lemongrass broth and four tantalizing Venison dishes served in tartar, loin, royal to cappuccino style that promises to surprise your taste bite and more. Chef Jordi’s Whites dessert is known to be a truly refreshing closing to the set menu that gives the taste of coconut ice cream, fresh yogurt and white chocolate for your indulgence.

As the new Chef de Cuisine, Chef Jordi promises to divine our taste buds with his creations. Jordi’s love of diversity and exploration are reflected within his dishes, which has been known to be ingeniously succulent with a burst of new and refreshing flavors with the use of only premium ingredients and the freshness of culinary classics at Lobo.

For more information and reservation, please call + 62 21 2551 8881.

The Finest of Lobo @ The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan

Jakarta, 25 October 2012 – The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan welcomes Jordi Bernus as a part of the Ladies and Gentlemen as the new Chef de Cuisine for Lobo. Experienced in working at a number of Michelin Star restaurants such as elBulli, Drolma, Enoteca Pinchiorri and Via Veneto, Jordi’s innovative cooking skills will surely be a refined asset in reinventing Lobo and a reflection of taste in luxury at the hotel.

“We are very excited to have Chef Jordi to lead our team in Lobo and introducing a whole new flavorful cuisine for our guests,” said Executive Chef, Rudolph Blattler. “As an Internationally experienced chef, we do hope with his presence in Indonesia especially Jakarta will enable him to learn some of Indonesia’s exotic culinary surprises and understands the local clienteles,” he continued.

This Catalan-born chef began his culinary journey at the Hotel NH Podium Corella, which then led him exclusive experiences at various one Michelin star restaurants from Via Veneto in Rome, Italy to Barcelona’s Drolma and Raco d’en Freixa. Nevertheless, Jordi achieved his way to two award-winning three Michelin star restaurants and worked at Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Italy and the famous elBulli in Roses, Spain. During his time at El Bulli, Jordi worked closely with the renowned Chef Ferran Adria and assisted him with his latest book, The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adria. As a Chef with Michelin-star flare, Jordi’s gastronomically innovative talent reflects heavily on his cooking, which has been known as ingeniously succulent with a burst of new and refreshing flavors.

Lobo, a contemporary restaurant at the lobby level of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan is renowed for its exquisite selection of signature Italian dishes to steakhouse creations, which includes premium ingredients and the freshness of culinary classics. As the new Chef de Cuisine, Chef Jordi promises to divine our taste buds with his creations from the signature Forrest Salad to his Seabass with lemongrass, bell pepper, air coriander and miso dishes. These dishes will be amongst some of the new additions to Lobo’s menu for 2013 that will surely be popular and only available in one place in Indonesia.

Chef Jordi is the quintessential man for the audacious culinary hunters, who seek an explorative dining experience that will surely tantalize every part of the individual’s craving senses. But more than being a competently ground-breaking chef, Jordi is an adventurous culinary enthusiast. Just like his inventive vision that he illustrates in his dishes, he likes to explore the culture that surrounds him too which he believes plays an essential part in his cooking method and flavors.

A man who loves to cook, also loves to spend his time wisely. Jordi enjoys his spare time by travelling to exotic locations to go diving and swimming. As a Barcelona supporter, he naturally loves watching football. Alternatively, he enjoys the occasional movies in the cinema and listening to a wide genre of music when he is not in the kitchen. Nevertheless, Jordi is known as a true gastronomically innovative chef who is always going to surprise with more than mouthwatering dishes could describe in one tasteful bite.

Setting a new standard of luxury in the Indonesian capital city, The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan is situated in an open area affording beautiful views. Sleek sophistication outside provides a way to warm elegance inside, where each guest room and suite offer an oasis of pampering and prestige. Accommodations are one of Jakarta's most spacious. The baths feature floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city. Luxury amenities such as fine linens, designer bath essentials and a 55-inch LED screen television enhance each stay. For dining options, guests can choose from: Asia, featuring Jakarta’s largest Island Buffet Restaurant, Lobo, Jakarta’s contemporary restaurant, where finest USDA prime beef steak are prepared in a spectacular display of modern interior design for bar, lounge and dining destination and TEMPUS, a hot spot hosting two different zones of Avanti for cozy lounge with compelling dance floor and JADE for elegant and spacious karaoke.

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Jakarta: Six Degrees

Indonesia’s capital is transforming itself into a more creative megapolis. Six locals tell us who’s making a difference.  (Aulia R. Sungkar)

Burhan Abe
Occupation: Editor-in-Chief
Business: MALE Digital Interactive Magazine

“Jakarta is a growing metrosexual city”

Burhan Abe helms a new digital magazine, MALE. From the name, people can be assured that the magazine is designed for male readership. “Yes, it’s true, but I know quite number of women who enjoy reading it, as we also design the magazine for partygoers looking to find the city’s happening hangouts,” he says.

The magazine’s sensual appeal has led to mixed reviews from the public, but Abe doesn’t see this as an obstacle. Jakarta has turned into a metrosexual city, and the people are becoming more tolerant and open-minded, says the guy who enjoys chilling out at a coffee shop with his gadgets around.

Dave Graciano
Occupation: F&B consultant
Business: Wolthers-Graciano (F&B consultant – hotel management)

“Wine is becoming lifestyle in this city”

Guests are greeted by a European atmosphere infused with Asian hospitality as they enter Vintage Wine & Grill on the outskirts of Jakarta. It’s a great concept created by Dave Graciano, an F&B consultant who is also known as a wine expert.

Graciano designs various concepts of wine and dine establishments in Jakarta. According to him, the city is always thirsty for new creative concepts.

“The globalisation era of West meets East is also where creativity and technology are integrated into an innovative world. The presence of the digital magazine is one example, and I really enjoy reading this paperless publication,” he said.

Dianah Ng
Occupation: General manager, marketing & sales
Business: Pazia

“People are building a destination for their IT lifestyle”

Dianah Ng has played an important role in running dozens of Pazia Shop IT retail chain outlets, operating under Indonesia’s giant IT company Pazia Pillar Mercycom. There are dozens of Pazia Shops across the country, each selling various gadgets from several top brands. It’s the only IT store in Indonesia featuring a cafĂ© to hang out inside, and the one in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, is indeed one huge venue.

“It’s an IT lifestyle destination as we want to provide customers with a comprehensive IT shopping experience,” says Ng, who is always on the go, and sampling various international authentic dishes is what she often enjoys in her leisure time.

Oriana Tirabassi
Occupation: Chef
Business: Rosso Italian, Restaurant at Shangri-La

“Once I got accustomed to the traffic, I started to fall in love with the city”

Italian Chef Oriana Tirabassi has won the hearts of countless guests at Rosso with her magical recipes of Italian home-made dishes cooked in her own style. Among her signature eats are chocolate pizza, thin crust margherita pizza and angel hair pasta. In 1994, Tirabassi became the first woman working in this maledominated profession to win Pizza World Championship in Las Vegas.

In 2011, she came to Jakarta and joined Rosso. “I found Jakarta very interesting with what the city has to offer, from exotic hawker food to exciting traditional markets and high-end lifestyle centres. As for shopping, Plaza Indonesia is my favourite.”

Amanda Lie
Occupation: Owner
Business: Kaleidoscope Event + Productions

“The traffic is very problematic, but the creativity makes the city grow”

Amanda Lie’s business thrives on hype and an edgy lifestyle, as her philosophy is not to go with the crowd but create something new or rare. Aside from running Kaleidoscope, she created FlipBuku and Sugar Lab.

FlipBuku is like back-to-thefuture, simple frame-by-frame photography bundled into a book. “When flipped, it becomes a movie. It’s where old and new generations are integrated to create a fresh sight,” she says. “Sugar Lab is my passion for baking home-made, healthy cookies.” Amanda is amazed by the emergence of new “wine and dine” establishments in Jakarta.

Fergie Tan
Occupation: Creative director
Business: Brown Fox Studio

“Plaza Senayan marries creativity and lifestyle”

The younger generation in Jakarta is looking forward to seeing Indonesia’s capital become a more modern and forward-thinking city. This is where Fergie Tan fits in. He and his partner, Yusuf Asikin, run Brown Fox Studio, a creative design agency whose portfolio included developing the unique concept at what Jakarta’s cosmopolites call one of the city’s funkiest coffee hangouts — Monolog at Plaza Senayan.

“We picked the name Monolog, which means a conversation with oneself, to convey the idea of ‘this is what we think is nice’. It’s not just coffee or food, but also the design that take guests to an unparalleled exciting space,” says Tan adding, “Living in Jakarta is about being part of a creative community that can make changes for a better future.”

(JetStar, January 2012)