Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rych Menu Jakarta, Nan Xiang Restaurant

Just Opened, the newest restaurant member of The Rych Concepts, Rych Menu by renowned Nan Xiang Restaurant. It offers royal dining experience with authentic Chinese cuisine and culture.

To deliver delicious Chinese delicacies, they consistently use the freshest and the highest quality grade ingredients with traditional Chinese cooking techniques and recipe.

Rych Menu offers special live cooking experience to ensure our dishes are served a la minute and fresh. Combining unique live cooking experience, enchanting interior and finest service, Rych Menu will recreate the ultimate royal dining experience to your table.

Food Recommendation

Rych Menu  serving:
A. Nan Xiang Menu Specialties. Nan Xiang originated in 2005 in Jakarta as part of the franchise from Shanghai. Nan Xiang is a Shanghai’s premier eatery for the local specialties with traditional Shanghai Cuisine characterized by highly-flavored seasonings & sauces made from Ginger, Sugar, Vinegar, ShaoXing Rice Wine & Soy.

Among famous food & snacks, Xiao Long Bao has always ranked first. Its thin-skinned rich stuffing, delicately wrapped & individually weighed for consistency and exquisitely prepared by Shanghai chefs has made each meal unforgettable.

Nan Xiang extended itself beyond just snacks and dim sum. It provides greater variety of fine dining menu which includes its superior seafood (Braised Superior Shark’s Fin Soup, Fried Prawn with Salted Egg, Live Seafood of Baked/Steamed Fish) and Seasonal Seafood (Hairy Crab, Alaska Crab, etc)

Tiger Prawn
B. Rych Live Cooking specialty menu ala minute & fresh consist of:

  1. The Rych Small Bites, 5 best snacks of Rych Menu served in unique ingredients and the combination between sour, spicy, sweet, salty Chef’s special recipe that once tried will never enough.
  2. The Rych Live Steamed Fish. Boneless live fish fillet is steamed in the Rych special broth with many choices of flavors such as spicy, sour & herbal that blends perfectly with the sweetness taste of the fresh steamed fish. Served hot from the pot, this cooking method will eliminate the fishy odor.
  3. The Rych Live Grilled Prawn/Clam/Scallop/Lobster, a western cooking method with traditional Chinese sauce & spices result the unique fusion menu.
  4. The Rych Hotplate& Stone Bowl, Fresh quality seafood & meat that’s perfectly cooked  & served on the hotplate/stone bowl.
  5. The Rych Noodles. It’s Rych healthy noodles, made from natural ingredients such as pocai vegetables, pumpkin & sweet purple potato served in 3 choices of sauce.

Live Cooking Seafood
Rych Menu is equipped with 2 additional amenities private room up to 15 pax complete with plasma TV & Karaoke. Another formal dining section is available that caters up to 20 pax in a room partition and also casual dining up to 100 pax. Total Capacity = 150 pax.  Wifi service is available.  

Rych Menu  
Menara Merdeka Building, Unit GF-05
Jl. Budi Kemuliaan I No. 2, Jakarta 10110
Telp: 021.2957.3883
Fax: 021.2957.3882