Saturday, January 04, 2014


Every cup is specially tailored for you. Please talk to our barista about your preference, our baristas would be glad to personalize a cup for you. Be it extra shot of espresso, homemade syrup, skim milk, or go experimental and wild with your own creations? Go ahead! We are doing a cup just like how you like it.

Ran out of ideas on what to order? No problem, specialty drinks are lined up. Pick from choices of Babycinno to a simple classic Americano. The choice is yours.

Make you happy
Stop wondering what we serve to make you feel delightful. Of course there is something special for everyone. Hot or iced, blended or not, wonderful menus are lined up for your palate.  And what’s a good fun without a plate of savories or sweet cakes? Be sure to couple up your drinks with options of snacks and deserts for a perfect delight.

Don’t miss out on the full dining menu selections, ranging from Mini Bites, Soup and Salad to Sandwiches/Burgers, Local Delight and Desserts too.

What's brewing?
Carefully processed and organically grown, our coffee beans are processed to a constant and perfect blending. Kaffein offers range of Arabica beans that are grown from several rainforests in the highland area of Sulawesi, Aceh, Sumatra, Java, Flores and Papua, and 100% Arabica beans.

Seek & you will find
You will find us in every possible corner of shopping malls, offices, residential areas, hospitals, transit points, (airport, gas station, rest area), universities and more coming up!  Kaffein comes in different forms of carts, counters, mini or full-sized cafĂ© where each different location serves different kind of ambience.

The Ambience
Some feel that coffee best enjoyed in the kitchen in the wee of the morning, others like it on their work desk, in the car and the rest just love to sip it at home. Surprise surprise! We have the exact setting, just like how you like it. We have choices of casual seats, lush sofas, and cool comfortable outdoor lounge. Discover the different ambience in the all of Kaffein’s outlets.

Sharing is indeed caring. We care, thus we share.

Do you know?  By drinking a cup of Kaffein (logo), do realize that you have made an incredible impact in a child’s life? Together with Panorama Foundation, you have taken part in the improvement of a child’s quality of education and health.