Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Moment of Togetherness

Ramadhan is a moment of togetherness, especially for Parador Hotels & Resorts Group (Parador). Parador is based out of Gading Serpong, Tangerang, and we manage four hotels in this area alone, namely Atria Gading Serpong, Atria Residences Gading Serpong, Ara Gading Serpong and FameHotel Gading Serpong. For Ramadhan, Parador held a breakfasting event on 22 July 2014 named Breakfasting Together, with the theme of ‘Semarak Ramadhan’.

Breakfasting Together is jointly organized by the four hotels and will be held at the Paramount Grand Ballroom, Atria Gading Serpong. We have invited 100 orphans from 3 different foundations; Yayasan Sahabat Yatim (Cipondoh), Yayasan Maktabul Aitam (Gading Serpong) and Yayasan Binaan Masjid Nurul Huda, as well as the media.

The event begins with the performance of YPA Nusa Marawis Cipondoh followed by a reading recitation from the holy Quran, followed by a religious speech from Ustadz Martonih, HN, SPDI. After that, we may all pray together.

Each hotel representative gives a symbolic donation of cash money and gifts to 5 children from the 3 foundations. The adzan sounds loudly as a marker of breakfasting time, where we will enjoy a delightful dish of Ta’jil, followed by Maghrib praying together. The event is unique because some employees and committee members serve food to the orphans directly. It was a lovely event and was closed by the management teams of each hotel having dinner with the Parador management.

Chief Operating Officer of Parador, Ricky Theodores gave his speech: “Ramadan is a month of blessing for the entire Muslim community and we make it a moment of togetherness. We invite orphans and the media as a form of togetherness and a sense of gratitude that we (Parador, Atria, Ara and FameHotel) can share with all. This event has been held from year to year, and this year is the first time we combined Atria, Ara and FameHotel as hosts. I hope that this event will be held regularly and can be enjoyed by many community members."

About Parador Hotels & Resorts
Established in September 2012, Parador Hotels & Resorts has quickly become a well-recognized name in the hospitality industry. By the end of 2013, Parador had already opened six hotels in Serpong (Tangerang), Magelang (Central Java) and Malang (East Java) – and is managing them all.

Parador has dedicated itself to be the most inspiring hospitality management team, with the ultimate goal of managing hundreds of leading hotels, resorts and residences by 2024. From selected service to luxury, Parador has five brands in its portfolio, including Vega, Atria, Ara, Fame and Starlet. Even though each brand serves a different type of guest, all Parador brands and properties offer the best combination of humble Asian hospitality and professionalism.