Tuesday, September 23, 2014

World Spa Exclusive: Four Seasons Resort Bali @ Jimbaran Bay

Premieres PURE TDA Facials A.W. Lake's revolutionary "Science of Beauty" skin care technology

Developed by spa specialist A.W. LAKE (Singapore) in partnership with MedDrop (Germany) and ArivinePharma (Switzerland), the PURE TDA Facial system is set to revolutionize the spa industry.  TDA stands for transdermal application: a therapy system that transports PURE’s concentrated supercharged bio-active ingredients, at supersonic speed and frequency, directly to the dermis via a computer-guided applicator.

The PURE TDA Facial begins with a cleansing program followed by the PURE CELL dermabrasion, where finely ground sapphire crystals smooth and prepare the skin. This enhances the uptake of one of the highly targeted serums – delivered to the skin via a unique TDA applicator – penetrating deep into the dermis.  The therapy concludes with a skin nourishing and hydrating PURE COVER mask.

Radically readjusting the skin, the PURE TDA system’s active ingredients are blended with TDA Carrier Substance, a patented fluid that facilitates deep skin penetration to improve oxygen and blood circulation, and cellular metabolism, without pain or the use of needles.  By reaching the cell core, something previously only possible with invasive treatments, the skin can begin to regenerate from deep within.  The supercharged serum activates cellular detoxification, and stimulates collagen production and cell division, the skin’s building blocks to repair damaged structures and achieve natural taut skin.

“We are truly excited to be at the forefront of this cutting edge dermatological spa care,” comments Regional Director of Spa Luisa Anderson. “We’ve been developing a new, elevated Spa offering here at Jimbaran Bay – centred around the concept of healing the physical body to facilitate inner change, simultaneously paying homage to nature’s bounty.  The potent and high-performance PURE TDA Facials pair nature’s healing ingredients with skilled science to affect outer beauty and inner change, physically renewing the skin and emotionally boosting self-confidence.”

The Spa @ Four Seasons Resort Bali @ Jimbaran Bay offers a bespoke, individually tailored approach to the PURE TDA Facial.  A personal consultation with a trained therapist will help determine the PURE TDA serum best suited to each guest’s needs:
  • Hyal N5 to protect normal/youthful skin and gently stimulate collagen
  • Hyal 10 to intensively hydrate all skin types and smooth fine lines 
  • Mitocell to stimulate cell renewal and hydrate more mature skins
  • Proderm to treat skin inflammation, irritation and acne

Each 60-minute PURE TDA Facial treatment will minimize the appearance of wrinkles, irritation and acne in just one session; sustainably and visibly tightening and regenerating facial skin cells while hydrating and nourishing at the deepest possible level. A maximum of three treatments per week are recommended with repeated treatments leading to longer-lasting results.

In addition, The Spa offers a 15-minute PURE TDA Targeted Boost treatment to further address the eye area, d├ęcolletage, forehead, or laughter lines; a 30/45 minute PURE TDA Top Up follow-up facial; 5-7 day Mitocell and Proderm packages; and discounted 6-Week package for long-stay guests and local residents.

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