Monday, October 06, 2014

Tempting Food on October at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta!


German Food Corner
1 – 8 October 2014

We are calling on all lovers of good German food to ready themselves for the secret addictions of real German food! Try the Dumblings, the Sauerkraut, the Erbseneintopf, the Käsespätzle, the Kalbshaxn.  And for the desserts: Pumpernickel Ice Cream, Plum Dumblings, Appel Strudel and more!
Rp.298,000++ per adult,  Rp.178,000++ per child
For dinner only


Touch of the Philippines
14 – 20 October 2014

Bogor café is proudly presenting yet another trio of expert guest Chefs-this time from the Dusit Thani Hotel in Manila! Be tempted by the quality and authenticity of the highly diverse, deep and complex cuisine best described in Philippine languages “Linamnam“ meaning ”deliciousness“. The recipes will reflect the true flavor of the Philippines and with dishessuchas Sinigang, Adobo, Brazode, Mercedes, Pansit, Kare-kare, Kaldereta, Kinilaw. You are bound to return for more!
Rp.338,000++ per adult, Rp.188,000++ per child.


Siew Long Bao Surprises
A basket full of Siew Long Bao is nothing new but when they are prepared with a variety of filling such as Goose Liver, Wagyu Beef. Crab Roe & Crab Meat, Shark Fin, Scallops. And Aballone then they turn into unforgettable luxurious delicacies! Treat your best friends and family for something special!
Rp 68.000++ for a variety of 6 pieces. 
Available for lunch and dinner


Alaskan King Crab – Chef Marco’s Way!
Imported Giant Crab Legs from Alaska are turned into delicacies under the skillful hands of Chef Marco! Socometo Bruschetta and savor Baked Crab Claws with Italian Hollandaise, tempting Crab Meat Pizza with Medan Pineapples or seared Salmon Fillet with a Crab Crust. Each Dish is individually priced.


Monthly Seafood Market

Every 1st week of each month - on a Friday, we are pleased to announce a fresh seafood “market” for lunch and dinner. Choose the freshest catch from our display and have it prepared by Chef Marco the way you like it accompanied with an array of sauces and garnishes to choose from! Market price by the gram.


Kakashima Wagyu
Sausage Delicacies

Yes, the Japanese know how to make Sausages! Especially Wagyu Beef Sausages in irresistible Curry Sauce, on a hot plate or on Tokyo Sauer kraut with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes. Traditional Kakashima Wagyu Sausage for you to enjoy in comfort of our comfortable Miyama! Various prices apply


Nasi Goreng Kambing   

Enjoy street food in our beautiful Pendopo Lounge garden setting. More deliciousness for the true lover of good Indonesian food: Fried Rice with Lamb!


German Cake Corner
We are not counting the calories on this one! Old fashioned but timeless with a marvelous texture prepared with high quality ingredients!

White Forest Cake
A flavorful White Sponge filled with Whipped Cream and Fresh. Passion Fruit topped with Cassava Chips
Rp.265, 000 net

Beef Kebab Sandwich
Skewered, marinated and grilled Beef Tenderloin with Peppers and Onions.
 Rp.45, 000 net

Blended Iced Coffee Sensations
Iced coffee is a cold drink that is created by combining coffee with some type of cooling agent such as milk, ice cream or crushed ice. Let’s try Iced Coffee Borobudur way and taste the different!
Rp.68, 000 ++

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