Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Koiki Eatery: Kaiseki by Chef Takaishi Akira

Koiki Eatery is a chic Japanese Restaurant located in Senopati Suites; on f most exquisite boutique apartment in Jakarta. Koiki means stylish, but can also be interpreted as enjoy. This name was especially chosen to create an environment where people can enjoy both their meal and each other’s company.

Inside Koiki, built using natural elements such as wood and stone, they have seating capacity of 50. The guests may sit in the standard dining area with its wooden chairs and tables, at the sofa lounge in the smoking area or at the sushi bar for direct encounter with the Japanese Master Sushi Chef Takaishi Akira who came from Nishinomiya a district close to Kobe and Osaka, Japan. Chef Akira is famous for his talented skills and Kaiseki techniques. His special menu is the omakase course and bespoke sushi-sashimi along with sake or sochu selected by the chef, himself. He also embraced the Indonesian palate by adopting Koiki’s all time favorite Makimono or Sushi Roll such as Koiki Rolls (Chopped salmon, chopped chili, tempura flakes, spring onion and flying fish roe) and Buffalo Rolls (Chopped shitake, asparagus and tobiko wrapped with sushi rice, thin sliced aburi beef Angus meat and fried garlic).

Apart from sushi and sashimi, Koiki Eatery broadened its menu selection by serving High Quality Japanese Meat from Kagoshima cooked as Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki, Yakiniku and Hoba Yaki. They also serve authentic Japanese soba, ramen, udon noodles. They recommend soba since the main ingredient of soba is buckwheat – a primitive grain rich in protein (20 amino acids including Arginine, Lysine and Choline), fiber, minerals (iron, phosphorus and copper), Vitamin E, and Vitamins B1 and B2. The regular consumption of protein-rich soba by the Japanese people has been associated with many benefits such as the maintenance of healthy hair, skin, regular blood pressure and liver function; guarding against depression and fatigue; longevity, and reduction of body fat. Koiki Soba is the perfect combination of Koiki’s sushi and sashimi, both with light, refreshing taste the compliments the other.

For younger customers, Koiki has special menus that include Hanae sushi (special custom-made sushi in cute shapes), children’s bento, ekonomiyaki, takoyaki and some special desserts like Matcha/Green Tea fondue, Chocolate Melt Cake and Japanese Dessert Sampler.

Koiki Eatery embraces the Japanese tradition on creating remarkable food presentation. They believe that how the food looks is no less important than how it tastes, and their variety of intricate way of cutting, arranging and serving guarantee that the eye will be as satisfied as the stomach. Koiki Eatery’s motto is ‘Serving from the heart’. They at Koiki Eatery are not so much in the food business as in the service sector, and they are committed to achieving excellence in this area as well as their customer’s complete satisfaction.

Koiki Eatery
Senopati Suites
Senopati Raya No 41 Jakarta
T: +62 21 292 48351

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