Sunday, October 04, 2015

Grivy Live Action @ Batik Fashion Week, FimelaFest 2015 announced today that it will be sponsoring FimelaFest 2015 which is organized by and KapanLagi Network. Besides sponsoring will be performing live charity auctions on stage where 100% of the proceeds will go to charity.

With over IDR 250 million worth in sponsorship prizes, the live auctions will be very exciting to participate in. The auctions will take place for 3 consecutive days at the Piazza at Gandaria City Mall. The vouchers are sponsored from top travel and leisure partners from across the archipelago. Grivy will auction flight tickets with Air France to Paris, flight tickets to Bali and Singapore, dining vouchers at fine dining restaurants, exclusive spa’s and beauty treatments, hotel rooms from 4 and 5 star hotels,  and many more travel and leisure related deal vouchers. The best part of the live auction is that 100% of the proceeds will go to charity; to get street kids of the street of Jakarta and as a result make the world a better place. Who does not want to be involved on this mission?

”Running a commercial business and at the same time supporting charity is a wonderful combination” said Jan Oudeman, founder and CEO at Grivy. “Indonesia’s economy is growing rapidly, opening up great opportunities for new businesses and entrepreneurs. However with economic growth not everyone is benefitting equally. Through live charity auctions we would like to make a difference, supporting those that are most vulnerable; streets kids. We are very proud to announce that together with our partners we can give those kids a perspective in life and a better future by raising money through those fun charity auctions. In the end everyone needs a good deal.”

About Fimela: has strong capabilities in producing beauty, dining, travel, fashion and modern fashionable lifestyle content targeting young women in Indonesia. This event has become a signature activation called FimelaFest and will be held for 3 consecutive days: Friday – Sunday, 2 – 4 October 2015 in one of the prestigious malls in Jakarta, Gandaria City Mall. This year will be the 4th year of FimelaFest where Fimela is tying up with the Indonesian Batik Association. The theme for this year is “Batik Fashion Week FimelaFest 2015”. The most famous fashion designers from around the archipelago as well as top media journalists will be visiting this event. Within this event there will be various contests: Dream Girls, FimelaModel Hunt, Mom & Kids, and more. Grivy will be participating in supporting the prizes for all those contests.

About Grivy is a marketplace specializing in localized consumer services and is Southeast Asia’s first travel and leisure activity auction site that turns deal hunting into a bidding competition, much like EBay, but then for local consumer services. It offers a selection of local restaurants, spa’s, salon, hotels, KTV and other specialty businesses with discount. On its website and mobile apps people can discover a wide range of travel and leisure services from their favorite merchants nearby. Participating in online auctions is free, fun and exciting. People love getting a good deal and the excitement of competing with other users as well as winning the deal. Grivy currently covers deals and merchants from Jakarta, Bali and Bandung and is in the process of adding more cities to its marketplace.

How it online auctions work? Users can discover deals and join auctions with a single click. After seeing the current bid and which other users have participated in the auction, the end-user can place its own bid. Although most of the excitement happens in the last minutes and seconds, users can get a notification if they are overbid by another user. The auction mechanism is simple. Joining auctions and placing bids is free of charge. No advance credits need to be purchased so those that do not win do not lose. User can increase their bids as long as the auction runs. A split second before the auctions finishes the system will take the last submitted bid. When a user happens to be the highest bidder then this person will win the deal.

How live charity auctions work? Grivy will be auctioning sponsored vouchers on stage. The MC will announce the voucher details, the value as well as which merchant is sponsoring the voucher. The audience can raise inflatable hammer that will be distributed before the auctions start. The vouchers will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Grivy is combining fun and charity through this event.

How online deals work? Users can discover deals with a fixed discount and checkout with a single click. Most of Grivy’s merchants accept instant and paperless redemption. The company offers localized consumer services with discounts, such as beauty treatments, dining packages, hotel rooms, getaway deals and outdoor travel and leisure activities. All deals have a minimum discount of 40% up to 90% off. Although the company is still in its early stages, people living in Jakarta, Bali and Bandung can expect many more deals in coming months. Have a look at the Grivy website or download the Grivy app to experience the excitement of becoming a winner.


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