Friday, April 15, 2016

Meliá Hotels International Wooing Chinese Traveler

Last year, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, 83 million Mainland Chinese spent $102 billion abroad – overtaking Americans and Germans – making them the world’s biggest tourism spenders. A closer look uncovers the reason: there were 107 million outbound Chinese travelers in 2015, an increase of almost 20 percent on the previous year.

The growth in number of Chinese travelers, both from China as well as Chinese people from other countries including Indonesia, has been making headlines. Hotels and hospitality businesses around the world have rolled out new products and services to adapt to and address this market shift.

Foreign and Unfamiliar
Surrounded by foreign sights and sounds, especially when traveling out of the country for the first time, many may yearn for a taste of home. To make Chinese travelers feel comfortable, it is important to create for them a home away from home; part of creating this experience is to understand the cultural nuances and expectations of Chinese travelers.

For example, Chinese consider dining in large groups auspicious. Many restaurants overseas arrange separate dining tables. For those traveling in large groups, dining in such settings – in the Chinese sense, in isolation – is an unfamiliar, almost alien, cultural norm. And for most, the sight of Chinese food, after many a western meal is a welcome respite – and a fond reminder of home.

Peng You by Meliá Programme
Throughout our 60-year history, Meliá Hotels International has been at the forefront of the hotel industry both in products and services. And because we are family-grown hotel group, we know the importance of having a place to call home.

To provide these travelers with familiar comforts, attention must be paid in both the overall experience and details.

Gabriel Escarrer, Vice Chairman and CEO Meliá Hotels International explained, “Extending this experience to our hotels, we recently launched Peng You by Meliá globally. Peng You by Meliá is a consistent benchmark of amenity and service standards to meet the unique needs and expectations of Chinese travelers when they travel overseas.”

He added “All seven brands in Meliá Hotels International portfolio can choose to enroll in the program. Asia Pacific, as well as those Meliá Madrid Princesa and Meliá Barcelona Sarria, have rolled out the initiative. Gradually we will introduce this to 80 hotels around the world by this summer, in line with our expansion.”

Currently all our hotels in Peng You is the Chinese word for friend; Peng You by Meliá is a genuine undertaking to create a welcoming experience for our Chinese guests, from the check-in process, in-room amenities, culinary offerings and services, to preferred payment modes.

Guests are greeted at the front desk by Chinese-speaking staff. Our guest accommodations are outfitted with amenities, such as tea stations and slippers. For breakfast, guests have the choice of traditional Chinese items, such as congee, fried noodles, dim sum, and dough fritters. “In 2016, Meliá Hotels International celebrates its 60th Anniversary and we are proud to be doing so in a position that is stronger than ever before. And we certainly look forward to welcoming Chinese guests – to their home away from home,” said Garbriel Escarrer.

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