Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Kupu Kupu Barong Unveils Two Ways to Stay ‘Im-Mortelle’ As by L’Occitane’s Fountain of Youth Turns Back The Clock

Kupu Kupu Barong Villas and Tree Spa by L’Occitane, the legendary resort that put Ubud on the luxury travel map over two decades ago, is offering retreat programmes to introduce the miraculous flower power of Immortelle.

Kupu Kupu Barong Villas and Tree Spa by L’Occitane is giving guests the opportunity to rage gracefully against ageing by becoming ‘Immortelle’, just like the rare Corsican flowers which never fade after being picked, and pro-vide the active ingredient in the French beauty house’s signature and much-sought-after Divine range.

The age-defying elixir of essential oils is cultivated in Corsica, perfected in Provence, and now offered in the beating heart of Bali, with options for a four-day retreat to get the optimum start on your transformation or an indulgent full immersion 28-day retreat to turn back the clock as you turn a new page on happiness, wellness and a more glowing, youthful appear-ance.

Immortelle, or Helichrysum italicum, is a small golden bloom with an ambergris fragrance, prized above the rest of the 2,500 wildflowers found in the Corsican Maquis (the dense, pristine shrubland that blankets more than half of the French ‘Scented Isle’, producing an aroma that wafts far out to sea.)  Immortelle’s essential oil fights ageing on five fronts: boost-ing collagen production, improving microcirculation, firming skin, regenerating the protective layer, and providing a power-ful antioxidant effect which counteracts the damage done by free radicals to cell membranes.

Kupu Kupu Barong General Manager Alex Castaldi said the L’Occitane connection was a great benefit for guests interested in the cutting edge of anti-ageing and the quest for everlasting youth. “Where better to experience the magical effects of an ‘Immortelle’ flower than in a resort named for the exotic butterflies of the spectacular Ayung Valley, in a resort perched upon the valley’s most spectacular outlook?” he asked.

“It’s a magical place, with the views that launched a thousand postcards; misty valleys, bright green paddies, and below us the Ayung River, Bali’s longest and Ubud’s lifeline, flowing down from its source on the slopes of sacred Mt Agung.”

Guests who opt for the four-day introductory ‘Immortelle’ escape will be given the remaining 24 days of product to take home, with full instructions for correct continuation of the treatment. For both the long and short versions, there will options to enhance the transformation with other L’Occitane spa treatments and products, and opportunities to see as much or little of surrounding Ubud, Bali’s spiritual and cultural high ground, as guests desire.

Eat, pray … and love the almost instant changes you will witness as you shed your skin and transform into a more radiant version of you. Connect with deeper experiences of the art, culture and vibrant life of Ubud, calling on the local knowledge and passion for hospitality that is the hallmark of our private butlers. Or simply cocoon in your villa as Immortelle Divine works its age-defying magic deep within your skin.

"Immortelle’ initiates may inspire their transformation with a trip to Bali’s butterfly park, or a butterfly walk around our extensive grounds,” Mr Castaldi said. “They can take breakfast in our Bird Nest, suspended in mid-air and serenaded by birdsong, and dine at our Twilight Table upon a reflection pool that floats in the air. Select lunch from our special Immortelle Divine Superfood Selections menu and enjoy dining with a distinctly French flair at La View, our flagship split level restau-rant that has been named as one of world’s top 50 restaurants with spectacular views.”

The ‘Immortelle’ flower has been renowned since antiquity for its powers in healing everything from bruises to cuts and burns, acne, eczema and even stomach aches if consumed as a herbal tea. Homer writes in The Odyssey of Nausicaa, daughter of the Phoenician king, who uses the golden flower to heal stricken Ulysses.

However, it took a visit to Corsica by the founder of L’Occitane, Olivier Baussan, who became entranced by its beauty and rejuvenating powers and made it the focus of the company’s research arm, which found high concentrations of a molecule called neryl acetate, the active ingredient which makes the oil so potent. In 2004, an organic planting program was launched in partnership with local growers. Today, some 50 hectares are farmed sustainably and organically, with three billion flowers harvested per year.

Immortelle Divine 4 Night Escape & Transformation from USD 1,900 net. Offer is available from July 1st 2016, and valid for one year. Includes:
  • 4 Nights in a Riverfront Pool Villa
  • Sumptuous daily breakfast for two
  • 90 minutes’ Immortelle Secret to Everlasting Youth (for two guests) plus take home box with remaining bottles to com-plete the transformation
  • 1 Bird Nest dinner for two
  • Return airport transfers
  • In-room Immortelle flower decorations
For reservations and inquiries about the full 28 Day Retreat:

Divine Renewal Programme with organic Immortelle acts in 4 steps, specifically developed to work in tune with the skin renewal cycle. 4 formulas in 4 weeks to enhance overworked skin’s natural ability to regenerate.

Week 1 – Gentle exfoliation: The complexion looks more even-toned, the skin seems smoother and luminous
Week 2 – Hydration & Nutrition: The skin seems nourished and moisturized, its texture appears transformed
Week 3 – Balance: The skin feels stronger, ready for the youthful-skin benefits of the final step
Week 4 – Renewal: The skin looks smoother, more radiant and plumper, as if rebalanced

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