Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Bali Kite Festival 2016

Leading boutique resort Sudamala Suites & Villas, Sanur has revealed a ‘Summer Sensation’ experience to encourage travellers to visit the Island of the Gods to experience the legendary annual kite festival.

Strong sea breezes blowing in from the east create the perfect conditions in September and breezy Sanur is kite central, with competitors coming from all over Bali, and overseas, to compete in kite competitions. 

Now in its 37th year, the Bali Kite Festival brings kite lovers from all over the world together with its kaleidoscopic displays of flying wonders. Kites are not just a childish pastime in Bali; they are serious business. Villages from all over Bali spend months constructing their flying machines –- some so big they require dozens of men to carry them -- and transporting them to the coast to celebrate abundant harvests and crops.

With over 1,000 kites on display, the skies over Sanur beach are a riot of colour with kites of all shapes and sizes flying up to 100 meters above sea level. Bali’s ubiquitous kites also have religious and cultural significance, as kite builders seek the blessings of the gods for abundant harvests through their displays of kite devotion. 

International sponsors and competitors with 3D designs and modern technology are here as well as the local traditional designs. This year, a gargantuan, record-setting 707-kilogram kite took to the skies in a display that must be seen to be believed. To witness a launch, or landing, of one of these magnificent beasts of the air is an experience you will never forget as the sheer size and noise is unbelievable -- the supporting ropes hammer and hum in the wind, and the atmosphere is wild with excitement. Food stalls and carts are also in abundance creating a carnival vibe where locals and tourists mingle with ease. 

Sudamala Sanur, within walking distance to Mertasari beach where all the excitement takes place, is offering a special ‘Summer Sensation’ package in conjunction with the kite season. This afforable package makes it super easy for you and your family to get down to the action for some unforgettable memories and, of course, selfies. 

The Summer Sensation package, available both in Sanur, Bali and Senggigi, Lombok, includes: minimum two-nights accommodation in one of Sudamala’s exquisitely appointed suites, a la carte breakfasts, Tropical Cooling Ritual spa treatment, sunset cocktails, mini bar, scheduled yoga and Traditional Beach Kite Experience and Picnic and starts from USD147++ per suite per night for two persons in Sanur and from USD 170++ in Senggigi. The offer is only available on Sudamala’s website until 30 September 2016.

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