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Singapore Cocktail Festival 2017

Shaking Up the City with Asia’s Largest Celebration of Cocktails

Naren Young - Guest Bartender (Photo: the-third-eye.com)

From 16 to 21 March 2017, Singapore Cocktail Festival presents Asia’s largest celebration of cocktails, with 40 participating bars, a 5,000 sqm2 cocktail village and an immersive six-day calendar which revolves around the pillars of “Taste”, “Play” and “Learn”.

Raising the bar for cocktail drinking here, Singapore Cocktail Festival provides a platform for knowledge and talent exchange and creates opportunities for engagement between consumers and the trade. “Singapore Cocktail Festival is a dedicated showcase where home-based talents and bars can present their passion and craft to the world. The goal is to position Singapore as a leading cocktail city in Asia, in the likes of New York and London,” says Ivy Woo, Festival Director and Co-founder. Ivy is also the Founder of Singapore Cocktail Week, which launched its second edition in March 2016.

Operation Dagger - Dirty Martini (Photo: the-third-eye.com)

The #SGCF2017 Festival Village
For the first time ever, Singapore Cocktail Festival presents a festival village which opens from 16 to 19 March 2017. Located on Beach Road, the village features over 10 fully immersive cocktail rooms, where over 50 different cocktails can be sampled at just $12 nett each. Entry to the village is complimentary.

“The village is a must-visit for curious tipplers and cocktail aficionados. The program is designed across pillars of ‘Taste’, ‘Play’ and ‘Learn’ and the purpose is to build a strong tribe with engaging experiences that will convert anyone into a cocktail lover,” shares Wai Mayleng, Festival Director and Co-founder of Singapore Cocktail Festival.

Besides creative cocktails, the village will also include a food street that features restaurant pop-ups, a tasting room of handcrafted and small-batch spirits and a live music stage showcasing Singapore’s leading music talents. Lastly, visitors have the opportunity to decide which cocktail they will crown as “Singapore’s Next Top Cocktail”. The search for a new cocktail that represents the little red dot begins 15 January 2017, where bartenders will submit their recipes and go through two rounds of shortlisting by industry experts. The final four bartenders will then present their cocktails for voting by the public at the village.

Operation Dagger - Luke Whearty (Photo: the-third-eye.com)

“Taste”, “Play” and “Learn” in an Immersive World of Cocktails
From 16 to 21 March 2017, attendees of Singapore Cocktail Festival can also expect a series of cocktail events across various participating bars. From “Taste”, look out for special cocktail menus or cocktail and food pairing experiences. “Play” will showcase thematic cocktail parties and bar tours, while “Learn” features hands-on master classes led by established bartenders. Additionally, guest bartender shifts will showcase headliners such as Alex Kratena, the founder of drinks collective P(OUR) and former bartender at Artesian in London, Naren Young from Bacchanal in New York and other bartending talents from Australia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.

The Library - Lukas Kaufmann & Adan Eddy Burs (Photo: the-third-eye.com)

Singapore Cocktail Festival runs from 16 to 21 March 2017 and is jointly organised by The Events Artery and Food News Public Relations. The first edition of Singapore Cocktail Festival expects a total of 20,000 attendees over six days.

The Library - Mother Earth (Photo: the-third-eye.com)

About Singapore Cocktail Festival
Singapore Cocktail Festival (SGCF) is organised in collaboration between Food News Public Relations and award- winning events agency, The Events Artery. The festival aims to position Singapore as a leading cocktail city in Asia, by offering a platform for knowledge and talent exchange while creating opportunities for engagement between consumers and the trade. The event showcases a calendar of immersive cocktail experiences across participating cocktail bars and a multi sensorial cocktail village.

For more info, go to singaporecocktailfestival.com

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