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Eyeglasses: From functional to fashionable

Alfred Dunhill is said to have stated that not only were glasses functional but they were also a fashion statement.

Besides aiding eyesight, glasses are not inseparable from an individual's style. The specific character of an artist, for example John Lennon or Elton John, creates a specific image because of the glasses worn. In Indonesia, singer Deddy Dores, for example, is crazy about glasses, as was the late Farid Harja, also a singer. In the latest generation of singers, Ian Kasela, vocal for the Radja band, for example, is identified by the glasses he wears.

That's why various types of glasses have increasingly become a lifestyle or part of the dynamic fashion industry. Every occasion requires a particular type of glasses. For sports, for example, there is the Oakley brand. Designed for surfers, these sunglasses are trendy sports accessories.

Rudy Project produces hi-tech sunglasses for sport professionals. This glasses are ultra-light, strong and flexible and are made of materials like kynetium, a combination of aluminum, magnesium, silicum and titanium, which is reportedly also used in the spacecraft, aircraft and ship industry.

Rudy Project was established in Italy by Rudy Barbazza in 1985 and its products have been chosen by a number of Olympic athletes of various sports branches, such as cycling, athletics, triathlon, mountain cycling, golf, sailing, surfing and many others. For the true golfer, Rudy Project offers sunglasses of a special model that offers a solution to every golfer on the golf course. Meanwhile, for those who are near-sighted, there are a number of models that can aid eyesight to the maximum on a golf course and at the same time protect the eyes from the danger posed by ultra-violet rays, golf balls, sand and grit.

Obviously, nearly every model, regardless of brand, comes with lenses and colors that can be changed to various styles and to suit any occasion. Indeed, it is undeniable that glasses, aside from being an aid to eyesight, are also a fashion item. Even as an accessory, glasses play a role that is no less important than clothes. The creativity to come up with more daring styles is also found in the case of glasses. Like other accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces, ties, bags, shoes and wristwatches, glasses can create a new style or image.

So, if you have to wear prescription glasses, it does not necessarily mean the end of the world. With certain creativity, your glasses may serve as a means of self-expression.

It is true that choosing the right glasses will give you comfort and could improve your appearance. However, glasses that look good on someone else may not look as good on you. That's why you need to check out glasses well before deciding to wear them.

The market offers various types of frames. The most popular are those made of plastic as they are relatively light to wear. Unfortunately, they are not flexible and are not easy to adjust to the contour of your face. The safest, perhaps, are frames made of an alloy of aluminum and titanium, which is stronger and durable.

Meanwhile, there are two types of lenses for glasses: lenses made of glass and those made of plastic. Again, the most popular are plastic lenses because they are light and do weigh down on the bridge of the nose. Unfortunately, plastic lenses can be easily scratched and scratched lenses can eventually do more damage to the eye. As for glass lenses, they are heavier but scratch-resistant.

In fact, there are other choices for lenses. An anti-reflective layer for protection is available so that the effects of incoming light can be minimized. If you are near-sighted and have to wear thick glasses, there is the option of having the lenses made thinner so that they are lighter and look smarter. Another choice is to use flexible progressive lenses, the tint of which darkens when exposed to sunlight. These are suitable for those who spend most of their time outdoors.What about the shape of glasses?

Like a dress, the shape of the glasses is a reflection of personality. The shape of the frames, the glass and the choice of color highly reflect your real personality. Glass frames in a bright, attention-grabbing color, for example, reflects a strong personality and confidence.

There are various models and variations of frames and lenses that give the widest opportunity for the wearer to appear more stylish. You are free to choose any of various shapes of frames: broad, square, oval, etc. Colors also vary, ranging from neutral colors like black, brown and blue to bright colors like red and green.

A woman who needs to wear prescription glasses should not worry too much about her appearance. There are several tricks a woman can use to allow her to appear charming in her glasses, without having to resort to contact lenses. The right glasses and makeup can make the eyes look more beautiful and expressive. But don't forget to pay attention to the shape of your face. Any shape of frames suit an oval face, for example. Flat frames better suit an angular face, whereas square frames make a round face look longer. "There is no hard-and-fast rule about which shape of glasses suit a particular shape of a face. In general, if your face is angular, get oval glasses and vice versa," Rudhy B of Optik Seis advised. (Burhanuddin Abe)

March 11, 2007
The Jakarta Post

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