Friday, June 28, 2013

10 Statistics Magazine Publishers Should Keep in Mind

CREATING a successful future for digital magazines means you need to be able to pay attention to three unique trends at the same time: technology, age, and attention. Open just about any website these days and you will find more research, recommendations, and data on these three areas than you might know what to do with. It is a sea of statistics.

One positive note is that there is some stability for our world. The content magazine publishers create is, and will continue to be, the one constant we can count on. After all, it is the high-quality content that creates the core of the magazine brand. But once you decide to take that content into the digital world, everything changes.

Cut through the sea of data and get focused on the top 10 statistics that you need to consider when building your publishing strategies in the digital arena. But keep up, because these statistics change about every nine months as consumer behavior and technology choices change. So keep refreshing these stats and your outreach strategy to ensure you are reaching the right audience on the right device at the right time.

The top 10 statistics for driving publishing success are:
  1. 91 percent of affluent online males use a PC every day, compared to 77 percent for smartphones, and 50 percent for tablets. (Source: "Luxury Marketing: The Digital Anatomy of the Affluent Male")
  2. About one-sixth (16 percent) of the 235 million adults in the United States report that they have seen or read business/financial/economic/investment news in the past 30 days. Among all adults, television and magazines are "tied" as the platforms that reach the most adults for this category of news. Tied in the bottom position are the digital platforms for watching this type of news - computers, tablets, and smartphones. Those who read this category are somewhat more oriented toward consuming it on their computers. (Source: Shullman Research Center)
  3. 78 percent of U.S. adults in households with annual incomes of $75,000 and over own smartphones. (Source: Pew Internet)
  4. The iPad holds 88 percent of tablet web traffic, followed by Amazon's Kindle Fire at 3.6 percent. (Source: Chitika)
  5. 50 percent of tablet owners prefer to read news, magazines, and books on screen, rather than on paper. (Source: Gartner)
  6. Americans use an average of three screen combinations per day. (Source: Google)
  7. Mobile Internet users spend an average of 117 minutes per day online on their devices, and 140 minutes on their desktop PCs or laptops. (Source: CMO Council)
  8. 46 percent of tablet owners spend more than $20 per month on purchases made from their devices, compared to 30 percent for smartphones. (Source: IAB)
  9. 23 percent of smartphone owners prefer to use a website for shopping, compared to 14 percent for apps. (Source: BIA/Kelsey)
  10. 40 percent of male smartphone owners have shared their locations with retailers, versus 25 percent of females. (Source: 
(Jeanniey Mullen  - June 21, 2013)  


Friday, June 21, 2013

Sundara - Tribute to the Glowing Sun

Introducing Sundara, the new beachfront restaurant at Jimbaran Bay. The name is the Sanskrit word for “beautiful” and pays tribute to the glowing sun that warms this Indian Ocean hotspot.

Immediately positioned as one of Bali’s top dining destinations, Sundara, opened February 4, 2013, offers the perfect mix of five-star flair and relaxed beach-club vibe. With its direct beachfront location and panoramic views of Jimbaran Bay, Sundara provides a sexy and sophisticated hideaway – all day from lunch until late night.

Helmed by Executive Chef Greg Bunt and the restaurant’s General Manager Lehfeldt, Sundara is a highly social meeting place, attracting stylish crowd from well beyond Four Seasons. The mood feels modern yet relaxing, cutting edge yet natural. Ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere, there’s a constant emphasis on service, promising a relaxed and friendly attitude with sophisticated polish.

Designed by Koichi Yasuhiro from Tokyo’s renowned Design Studio SPIN, the beachfront Sundara features 29,437 square feet (2,923 square meters) on two levels, including a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Two soaring Balinese-style pavilions create a distinctive roofline, while inside, the décor combines Bali’s unique artistic heritage with an ambience of relaxed luxury. The focus is always on views of the beach and the wide curve of Jimbaran Bay.

The ground level features two main spaces: the big-windowed Sundara Bar and the open-air Sundara Patio, adjoining an open-concept kitchen and featuring a gorgeous al fresco dining area with umbrella-shaded tables. Right in front, on a lower deck, there’s a row of day beds for lounging by the Infinity Edge, just steps above the sand. Next to the day beds lie a row of beach sun lounges for resort guests.

The upper level features the open-air Sundara Mezzanine Bar and the spectacular Sundara Restaurant set beneath a lofty thatched ceiling. This upper floor may also be used as a private function venue for up to 68 guests. The space may be partitioned into three smaller sections – becoming two private dining rooms for up to 14 guests each, and a larger central room for 40.

Executive Chef Greg Bunt’s eclectic international menu at Sundara presents innovative and classic flavours, celebrating seasonal produce from the island. This bold beach restaurant provides a complete experience from lunch until late night, inviting guests to come and graze away the day.

Lunch. The outdoor dining space at Sundara is perfect for a casual lunch. Choices include the wood-fired pizza selection, the signature burger list, sushi or salads, such as the exotic Vietnamese mangosteen salad. A variety of Indonesian specialties and noodle dishes include local favorites, such as satays, bakso and nasi goreng.

Afternoon. Guests may reserve a day bed at the Infinity Edge and bring their swimsuits for cocktails and snacking on casual cuisine that’s designed for sharing. Later, the bar is a lively spot for margaritas and music by the resident DJs. On the mezzanine level, the lounge is a more relaxing venue for pre-dinner drinks, while watching the sun set over beautiful Jimbaran Bay.

Dinner. In the evening, Sundara transforms into one of Bali’s most sophisticated dining experiences, focusing on steak and seafood. Start with selections from the charcuterie kitchen, sampling the Spanish cured ham (Jamón Ibérico), duck, pork and pistachio terrine. For the main course, select from the imported prime cuts of grain-fed or Wagyu beef, or a whole baked snapper, served with spicy local sambals. To finish, there’s a wonderful international cheese selection and decadent beachside desserts.

Late Nite. After dark, the beachside mood at Sundara becomes candlelit and sexy with a variety of cocktail and wine selections.

Cocktails & Wine
Sundara Bar is proud to feature cocktails designed by one of the world’s leading cocktail authorities, mixologist Javier de lasMuelas – owner of Barcelona’s Dry Martini, recognized as one of world’s most influential bars.

Using the freshest ingredients in tune with the latest trends, Javier de lasMuelas has crafted a selection of classic favorites as well as innovative one-of-a-kind creations. The signature cocktails that will feature are Smoked Berries, a fruity and smoky cocktail which bursts with sweet and sour flavours and is perfect for a sunset experience. Another signature cocktail which is an evolution to the gin tonic, is the light and refreshing Jim-Let Fox-Trot.

Giving a unique touch, spirits have appealing ingredients and are interesting in their preparation.

Sundara’s wine list features an exciting and diverse international collection of still and sparkling wines, selected to perfectly match the cuisine served. With a perfect balance of old and new world wines, eleven select wines are available by the glass, while premium wines are conserved in state-of-the-art “Le Verre de Vin”. The wine list is presented on electronic tablets, making it fully interactive and informational.

Private Dining
Two private dining rooms are available for up to 14 guests each. The entire restaurant may be booked for up to 283 guests.

Lunch: 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Dinner: 6:00 – 11:00 p.m.
Cocktails: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.
Swim Time: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran
Kuta Selatan, Bali 80361
Telephone: (62 361) 708333
Facsimile: (62 361) 701022

Dinner under the Stars

For a magical memory of Sayan, experience a spectacular Dinner Under the Stars. The enchanting evening that takes place twice a week begins with cocktails and canapés at Jati Bar while the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular sunset over the Ayung River Valley s given. The sunset drink will be followed by an elegant dinner served in a unique setting leveled with the treetops upon the Lilypond roof terrace.

The magical setting will be softly illuminated by the light of lanterns and dozens of candles, and the ambience enhanced by traditional Balinese music and the soothing sounds of surrounding nature. Our Executive Chef Denny Frederick has created a delectable choice of a four-course Western or Asian gourmet menu.

Dinner is priced at US$ 230 plus 21% tax and service charge per couple, including one bottle of Resort-selected white or red wine. As the space is limited to only five tables, we recommend contacting our Concierge Desk to place your reservation one day in advance.

As the world’s leading operator of luxury hotels, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts currently manages 89 properties in 36 countries. Open since 1998, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan offers a vacation experience of unlimited variety, and the highly personalised, anticipatory service that Four Seasons guests expect and value around the world. Recent awards and honours include Conde Nast Traveler Gold List 2012. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pasar Pria

Majalah MALE sudah menembus 10 juta downloaders, setelah 30-an edisi. Tapi tetap saja ada yang mempertanyakan, masih menarikkah pasar pria?

Memang, pengunjung pusat-pusat perbelanjaan di kota-kota besar masih didominasi wanita, misalnya. Tapi bukan berarti para pria tidak melakukan gaya hidup yang serupa.

Di tengah bertumbuhnya kelas menengah, makin banyak pria yang peduli dengan penampilan – mereka bahkan berani mengeluarkan biaya tinggi demi memenuhi kebutuhan tersebut. Gejala ini secara global sudah teramati sedikitnya sejak dua dekade yang lalu. Tahun 1994, penulis Inggris, Mark Simpson, menyebut mereka sebagai kaum metroseksual.

Kaum metroseksual tumbuh di kota-kota besar. Mereka pada umumnya adalah kalangan pekerja kelas menengah-atas dan termasuk kategori A dalam strata sosial ekonomi. Menurut Hermawan Kartajaya, dalam bukunya Metrosexual in Venus (2004), mereka adalah pasar yang potensial, karena gemar berbelanja dan dapat mempengaruhi ribuan pria lainnya yang ingin tampil menawan namun tidak tahu bagaimana caranya.

Menurut penelitian MarkPlus & Co, pria metroseksual adalah proactive consumers atau prosumer, tertarik kepada hal-hal yang otentik dan cenderung mencoba hal-hal baru. Mereka juga membantu menciptakan word of mouth dan memiliki kemampuan untuk membuat orang lain tertarik mencoba produk yang mereka gunakan.

Analisis yang lebih baru dikemukakan oleh  Maya Carolina Watono, Managing Director Dwi Sapta Group, dalam majalah MIX, awal Mei 2013. Menurut Maya, di tengah bertumbuhnya kelas menengah, ternyata segmen pria terhitung cukup seksi untuk digarap.

Saat ini kelas menengah menjadi pasar yang sangat menggiurkan di Indonesia, karena memang tumbuh secara signifikan. Tahun 2012, GDP Indonesia mencapai 6,5%, sama dengan pertumbuhan ekonomi di Asia Pasifik. Kontribusi tertinggi adalah domestic consumption, sekitar 54,6%. Sisanya, 32% investasi, 9% government expenditure, dan 1,4% net export.

Yang menarik, menurut data Nielsen, fast moving consumer goods menjadi kategori paling seksi – terutama produk-produk toiletris dan kosmetik, food & beverages.

Produsen atau pemasar yang jeli yang hendak menyasar pria adalah yang tahu habit pria.  Menurut Maya, yang juga penulis buku IMC That Sells (2011), pria sudah saat ini sangat peduli dengan penampilan. Tidak mengherankan banyak produk seperti sabun, sampo, hingga pembersih wajah, meluncurkan varian khusus pria. Selain untuk urusan penampilan, mereka pun rela merogoh kocek lebih dalam untuk memenuhi kebutuhan hobi mereka, mulai dari perawatan sepeda hingga modifikasi kendaraan bermotor. Sementara itu, social life mereka pun lebih condong ke teknologi, antara lain lewat laptop, ponsel, smartphone, tablet, dan lain-lain.

Jadi, setelah konsumen (media) ramai-ramai beralih ke platform digital – yang sudah diperkuat dengan data, kini giliran produsen  yang seharusnya menggarap lebih serius pasar pria di platform yang sama pula.

(Sumber: MALE http://male.detik.dom)