Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Kopdar ala MALE Indonesia: Workshop and Party

Glamour Photography

Clubbing bukan lagi menjadi agenda utama kaum millennial. Menurut statistik dari Association of Licensed Multiple Retailer, Inggris, banyak club besar yang dulu hip pengunjungnya kini turun drastis selama 10 tahun terakhir. Tidak berbeda jauh dengan yang terjadi di Jakarta.

Itu sebabnya MALE Indonesia ( mendirikan MALE Spirit Club, komunitas yang tidak tergantung venue, tapi lebih ke aktivitas.

Bersama Mercure Jakarta Cikini, MALE kembali menyelenggarakan workshop and party event, yang dikemas dalam satu paket acara yang menarik, Jumat, 23 Februari 2018.

Bayu Adhitya

Ini adalah program offline MALE, sebagian orang menyebut “kopdar” (kopi darat), yang bertujuan mendekatkan diri dengan para pembaca serta komunitas yang ada di Indonesia agar keterikatan emosional yang sudah terjalin secara online dapat lebih erat lagi.

Untuk workshop-nya, tepatnya "Glamour Photography Workshop", berlokasi di DeLangit Rooftop Bar, Mercure Jakarta Cikini, pukul 15.00 hingga 20.00 WIB.

Event ini terbagi dua sesi, sesi awal adalah pemotretan di poolside bersama tiga model yang merupakan "Girls of MALE Indonesia" yaitu Septi Cahya, Siska Rerica, dan Innesh Melan.


Setelah itu, dilanjutkan dengan digital photography workshop oleh Bayu Adhitya, salah satu fotografer kawakan yang sudah malang melintang di dunia fotografi, khususnya media. Tercatat Playboy Indonesia, Rolling Stone Indonesia, ME Magazine, dan MTV Trax Magazine pernah digawanginya.

Community Gathering

Selesai sesi fotografi dan workshop, acara dilanjutkan dengan Society Evening Party, yang berlangsung dari pukul 20.00 hingga 23.00 WIB.

Sesuai temanya, gathering party ini memang dirancang khusus untuk Male Spirit Club, yaitu pembaca MALE Indonesia, serta komunitas yang mempunyai passion sama, baik dalam hobi maupun personal interest.


Memanfaatkan  poolside dan bar Mercure Jakarta Cikini yang cozy, berlokasi di tengah kota Jakarta, sebuah kombinasi event antara photography dengan pool party. “Sebagai ajang bertemunya para penghobi foto dan partygoers. Dengan kata lain, ini adalah party with content,” kata Burhan Abe selaku Pemimpin Redaksi MALE Indonesia.

Sambil menikmati hidangan yang disajikan Mercure Jakarta Cikini, para undangan dapat menikmati performance dari FDJ Vhey pada Society Evening Party yang juga melanjutkan acara workshop pada sore hari.

Dan kenikmatan acara ini semakin terasa berkat berkat kerjasama antara MALE Indonesia dan Mercure Jakarta Cikini, serta sponsor dari Hatten Wines dan Diageo.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Belmond Launches Art & Fashion in Motion 2018

Eastern & Oriental Express, Bangkok

Belmond launches Art & Fashion in Motion 2018 – a collaboration with local artists to bring guests closer to contemporary Asian culture. Art and Fashion meet travel as one of the nostalgic carriages received an artist’s makeover by Thai artist, Somnuek (Parn) Klangnok; with whimsical drawings evoking a sense of fantasy; and celebrating the glamour of travel, Thai fashion houseVvon Sugunnasil introduces stylish new uniforms.

Celebrating 25 years of iconic rail journeys this year, Eastern & Oriental Express embodies the golden age of romantic rail travel mixing old world glamour with new cutting-edge designs and modern artwork – contemporary nostalgia.

Rolling throughout Southeast Asia; Parn’s creations are inspired by the magical sensation of travelling in a fantasy world; inspired by Parn’s personal experience of travelling aboard Eastern & Oriental Express.

Cabin Stewart

Commenting on his work: “Travelling on the Eastern & Oriental Express was a magical experience. From beginning to end, I was pampered by gracious service and amazing food & drink. As dramatic landscapes and intriguing cultures lined the way, everything appeared in a different light of enchantment.”

Bar Team

Spa Therapist 

The artwork depicts an ethereal world of Princes & Princesses, adorned with beautiful flowers, travelling in their joyful fantasy world for eternity – celebrating the Art of Living Well.

Drawing inspiration from the Golden Age of Fashion, emerging talent, Thattaworn Sugunnasil has created a new collection of uniforms featuring French tailoring, an art developed during his time in Paris.

Founder and Creative Director of Vvon Sugunnasil, Thattaworn is the designer of choice for high fashionistas in Thailand with his designs featuring regularly in the pages of the top glossy magazines.

Commenting on his work: “My ideas for the Eastern & Oriental Express uniforms are inspired by the actual travel experience which is of a level beyond luxury; sensual onboard refinement and inspiring views along the way.”

The silhouettes frame a minimalist interpretation of classic Oriental style with sabai draping necklines, prominent buttons, and subtle adornments.

Individual uniforms are specifically designed for each area of the train; the Bar Manager is attired in elegant emerald silk whilst the Train Manager will wear a bespoke single-breasted charcoal suit. In the dining cars, waiters wear classic white shirts and black trouser ensembles with sharp lines for a contemporary twist. The train’s pianist, who is a legend aboard the rails, will wear striking red velvet – all featuring classic tailoring that reflects the timeless luxury of rail travel.

Eastern & Oriental Express travels on one of the most magical and memorable routes in the world. Travelling through stunning scenery from Singapore through Malaysia and across central and southern Thailand, to and from Bangkok.

With its iconic green and gold carriages and elegant interiors evoking the nostalgia and glamour of a bygone era, the train carries just 82 guests in ensuite air-conditioned cabins with two dining cars, a bar car and outdoor observation car from which to enjoy the scenic landscapes of Southeast Asia.

Khun Parn

The Chef draws inspiration from the route of the travels, for fine dining with contemporary twists. Dedicated 24-hour steward service ensures guests’ every comfort is attended to and off-board excursions add extra dimensions to the experience.

The ultimate in slow travel, Eastern & Oriental Express whisks guests away from the fast pace of everyday life for a peerless adventure on the rails.

For full details and bookings visit HERE or call reservations via number 001 800 8392 3500.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Wilson Associates Brings Revolutionary Design to Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka

Wilson Associates unveils their revolutionary design in three leading hotels in Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka, to further underscore their position as the leaders in high- end hospitality design in Asia.

Redefining luxury hospitality, the three projects undertaken for Swissôtel, Sofitel and Marriott hotel groups were spearheaded by Wilson Associates’ Singapore office’s design duo: Aldwin Ong, Principal, and Leonard Lee, Asia Pacific Regional Managing Director and Regional Creative Officer.

Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore
Phase one completed October 2017

One of Southeast Asia's tallest hotels, Swissôtel The Stamford in Singapore completed the first phase of guestroom renovations in October 2017. The 73-story, 1,261-room Swissôtel draws its design influences from both Singapore and Switzerland. The Swiss attention to detailing was integral to the design of the guest rooms and the interior elements fit together like the mechanics of a Swiss timepiece. The hotel channels the effortless innovation and precision of the Swiss to effect simplicity in an urban setting. Everything in the room has a place and function, allowing guests to unwind in a contemporary, comfortable space.

Local flavour is accentuated through artworks which subtly weave Singaporean and Swiss themes into a continuous narrative. The design incorporates the Swiss Cross, re-invented as orange or red stitching on furniture, as well as in the artworks, the door pulls, the fabric patterns and the bed linens. Timber flooring features solid wood inserts reminiscent of a Swiss lodge and the rug designs are inspired by the timber flooring and veneer wooden wall slats.

A valet stand at the room entrance, with its many components and functions, is an analogy of the Swiss Watch box where everything has its place; added to the valet stand, an umbrella stand and a shoe platform further strengthen the local connection. The Swiss way of life is further reflected in the room snack basket designed with a picnic basket in mind, an accent chair that is a modern interpretation of the rocking chair, and a bedside table that is a new take on the Swiss life-saving brandy barrel.

In the bathrooms, each vanity counter features a “Vanity Box” packed full of toiletries with space for the guest to arrange their own items neatly – redolent of the Swiss watch boxes where everything has its place. Similarly, the minibar pays special attention to the placement of the condiments, cutlery, glasses and stemware.

Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opened September 2017

Located in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur and the first Sofitel to open in Malaysia, this 17- story, 312-room hotel is situated in Damansara Heights. Wilson Associates was awarded the full scope for the 312-room Sofitel Hotel; from the guest rooms to the lobby, all day dining, restaurant, health club, ballroom, meeting rooms and executive lounge.

An existing 2,100 mm elevated platform posed both a challenge and the inspiration behind recreating the urban maze synonymous with Kuala Lumpur, a city whose different cultural enclaves meld together; where a fusion of cultural influences is reflected in the design and curated art pieces. By carving a series of raised platforms that gradually merge into different social zones, the elevated platform was made into an architectural feature to build a sense of anticipation in guests traversing from one space to another. It also subtly delineates the various social zones, creating pockets of space where guests can relax and unwind.

The entire lobby was re-oriented in a diagonal format to create a more dynamic social flow. A 10 meter suspended art installation at the entrance of the lobby is an abstract expression of the constant rain in Kuala Lumpur with the legends of local folklore inscribed into the transparent pieces.

All the artwork is bespoke and sourced locally, as is most of the furniture. The feature art “graffiti” wall facing the lobby features children’s fingerprints from across Damansara, a tribute to the children of Malaysia and showcasing the flora and fauna of the country.

The guestrooms include a walk-in closet and are contemporary in design with French influences evident in the burgundy accents, velvet and bespoke details. The rooms play on the definition of being “French” or how the French value personal appearances: a feature wall consists of a series of carved French vanity mirrors and whimsy is added with bespoke throw pillows in the bedrooms, with sunglasses and eyelashes representing men and women, respectively. Art pieces are integrated into the wall panels with a morphed Malaysian and French context displaying Malaysian flora and fauna with French prose.

The design of Le Bar centers on the 360-degree artisan coffee and pastry bar which links to the lobby and the all-day dining outlet. Towering metal screens inspired by the Wau Bulan Malaysian kites and evoking the architectural language of the Eiffel Tower create a visual framework to delineate this space with Sofi’s Deli, the hotel’s deli with its towering retail shelving and alfresco seating.

The circular Chinese restaurant, Wan Chun Ting, mimics the Tulou architectural form, creating a focal communal dining theatre, with private dining rooms and other function spaces radiating from the center. The dining theatre creates a central arena for the à-la-carte dining guests, flanked by towering Chinese timber pivot screens, with axial views toward the open duck kitchen, the tea display, and the Chinese accent metal sculptures that adorn the space.

In the private dining room, traditional Chinese screens provide a visual balance of “East meets West.” Modern furniture pieces with oriental touches are wrapped with fabrics synonymous with Chinese emperors, from silk with intricate embroideries to gold damask velvets that fully embody modern “chinoiserie.” Some French touches to the artwork create a western vibe.

The design of the ballroom is highly distinctive for its fan-shaped architectural volume inspired by the Malaysian Wau Bulan traditional fan; here the carpet and the ceiling seemingly merge with the Ppe-function area creating a visual and architectural connection between the two spaces.

Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa, Sri Lanka
Opened July 2017

The first luxury hotel in the area and the only building in Weligama Bay, the Marriott Resort & Spa commissioned Wilson Associates to transform it into a contemporary urban resort that will attract both independent international travellers and families. The property breaks away from the rustic and more Mediterranean style typical of most hotels in the area and has a bold, contemporary design in keeping with its imposing edifice. Wilson Associates was responsible for renovating the lobby areas, guestrooms, food and beverage spaces, health club, ballroom and spa.

The overall design inspiration is based on Beeralu Lace, a lace type that is famous in Sri Lanka and used in all kinds of fabric applications. The patterns of the lace are prevalent as a motif throughout the hotel, in the guestrooms and the walls, both to provide a touch of Sri Lanka and to create a warm atmosphere contrasting with the edifice of the hotel.

Standout design features include the lobby and reflective pool. The lobby has the best view of the sunset and the space is designed to enhance the panoramic view of the ocean. The reflective pool mirrors the motion of the sunset. Wilson Associates also created an elongated fireplace in the middle of the reflective pool to turn on once the sun has set to provide a point of visual interest for diners. At the seafood bar, Wilson Associates created stilts to mirror fishermen fishing in the sea.

Most of the materials were sourced in Sri Lanka or India. Lace, rattan, timbre and stones were all sourced locally, making up about 80 percent of the materials. The artwork was created by local artists to ensure a Sri Lankan feel and to champion local talent.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Rosso Sets Out to Bring New Flavours to Savour

Tris de Paste

Led by Italian Chef Gianfranco Pirrone, Rosso, the Italian restaurant and lounge at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, presents new menu, in addition to the list of Rosso’s Italian classic dishes.

Spuma di Cioccolato Albicocche e Menta

Italian Chef Franco presents the new creations with his own twist for this season. He is known as Rosso’s favourite guest homemade pasta and pizza maker. The new dishes will be available on the a la carte menu during lunch and dinner.

Spuma di Cioccolato Albicocche e Menta

Franco’s Signature Pasta
Among the many varieties of fresh pasta available at Rosso, Chef Franco highlights his childhood favourite – Cappelletti di Agnello con Crema di Parmigiano e Tartufo (Homemade Lamb Cappeletti with Parmesan Cream and Truffle Butter). Shaped like small hats, the menu represents his family’s Sunday brunch routine back in Italy, where it was usually cooked by his mother or grandmother. Additionally, Chef Franco will serve risotto and pasta cooked in a parmesan wheel, presented personally in the trolley. Other new pasta menu for this season are: Tris di Paste (Homemade trio of pasta: Ravioli Seafood with Basil Pesto Sauce, Spinach and Pumpkin Gnocchi with Parmesan Cream, and Beetroot Spaghetti with Gorgonzola Cheese), Risotto Zucca e Gamberi (Pumpkin Risotto with Shrimp), Tagliolini al Ragout di Funghi Porcini (Homemade Tagliolini with Porcini Mushroom Ragout and Parma Ham) served in a Parmesan wheel and Risotto allo Zafferano e Foie Gras (Saffron Risotto with Foie Gras).

Spuma di Cioccolato Albicocche e Menta

Gourmet Pizza
Chef Franco’s gourmet pizza is expected to elevate pizza to a new level. It is presented in smaller portion, thicker dough and made with premium ingredients, such as porcini foie gras can be tried in menu Pizza Porcini e Foie Gras (Pizza with Porcini Mushroom and Foie Gras).

Chef Franco also presents his Sicilian twist by applying scallop and lobster on a blackened pizza with Pizza Nera Aragosta e Capesante (Black Pizza with Lombok Lobster and Scallops). Meat lover is recommended to try Pizza Tartare di Manzo (Pizza with Classic Beef Tartare).

Spuma di Cioccolato Albicocche e Menta

For the desserts, the seemingly simple Chef Franco’s Spuma di Cioccolato Albicocche e Menta (Chocolate Foam with Apricot and Mint Sauce) is the highlight of the season. Other new desserts that available to choose are the creamy Panna Cotta Alla Vaniglia (Vanilla Panna Cotta) and Cremoso al Cocco E Fruito Della Passione e Frutti Rossi (Creamy Coconut with Passion Fruit).

Spuma di Cioccolato Albicocche e Menta

About Chef Gianfranco Pirrone
Chef Franco was born and raised in Sicily, Italy, where the beautiful landscape and natural beauty inspire the flavours and richness of all his culinary works. Inspired by the region’s cultural and natural resources, this personable gentleman appreciates cooking creations using fresh, healthy ingredients. He spent his childhood cooking with his parents and sibling, mastering the subtle art of seasoning and heritage recipes, which are now exquisitely presented in his signature dishes.

Aside from his traditional Sicilian influence, Chef Franco draws inspiration from the fresh taste and perfect balance of Italian flavours from other regions where he implemented each of his dishes. The chef takes delight in tailoring dishes to guest preferences and considers himself a “creative perfectionist”.

About Rosso
Rosso is located on the hotel’s lobby level, clad in red. Rosso, which means “red” in Italian, is a colour associated with passion and represents warmth and elegance.

Rosso is committed to serving authentic Italian dishes created using only the finest selection of fresh products. This combination is designed to stimulate the well-known Italian passion for vibrant food and lifestyle.

Rosso restaurant and lounge is open for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and for dinner from 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. For information, call (62 21) 2922 9999 or access the website at HERE.