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Internet Trends 2020

Stats & Facts in the U.S. and Worldwide

While we’re dedicated to VPNs and online privacy issues, vpnMentor is also your resource for Internet trends and data. As a result, we’ve scoured the most trusted research sites to present you with the following series of charts. Grouped by general topic, the information below represents the most recent data on major internet trends.

Global Internet Trends


Number of Websites in 2019


There are over 1.94 billion websites all over the world.

Web Growth Statistics


The fastest growing segment of the internet is the number of mobile social media users.

Mobile Internet Penetration


South Korea leads with 71.5% of the population who are mobile users.

Internet Traffic Statistics


There are 4,208,571,287 internet users as of January 2019.


Asia accounts for almost half of the world’s internet users.

Smart Device Comparisons


Percentage of Mobile Web Internet Traffic


An astonishing 61.09% of Asia’s total web traffic comes from mobile devices.

Number of Smartphone Users


While several forecasts pegged 2014 as the “year of revolution” when mobile-only users would surpass desktop-only users, it turns out the forecast finally became reality in the U.S. in 2015. Since the start of 2017, mobile has surpassed desktop use and steadily remains so all the way through 2019, leading with 51.6%.

U.S. Platform Trends


As of 2019 there are 3.3 billion active smartphone users globally, with China and Asia Pacific forming more than one quarter of the total amount.

Tablet Internet Use


Tablet penetration has risen slowly over the past couple of years. Desktop accounts for 51.02%, mobile for slightly less, 40.24% and tablet for just 8.42% – an amount bound to soon begin decreasing with time.


Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablets in the U.K.


In the U.K., the number of people who use a desktop decreased from 54% to 51% in nearly a year. 


VPN Use 


Of course, VPN use and data privacy have strong correlations. By accessing a separate server for internet use, VPNs make it much more difficult for hackers and third parties to track online activities. The following charts examine the current state of VPN use around the globe.


Top Markets for VPN Use


Since 2016 the VPN market has been experiencing continuous growth, reaching the sum of 23.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.


Website Performance


How Load Time Affects Web Page Abandonment


While web page features such as plug-ins, pop-ups, and streaming video may help convey your message, they hinder the page load time. As the following charts show, a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load runs a high risk of abandonment.

Global Internet Speed Trend


Good news: internet speeds around the globe are at their highest peak ever with Singapore, Iceland, Hong Kong and Romania occupying top positions.

Search and Social Media


Worldwide Number of Social Media Users


In 2019, the numbers of social media users reached 2.77 billion and is bound to peak to over 3 billion in 2021.

Most Popular US Social Media Platforms


Youtube is the most used social media site on the internet – over 73% of US adults use it.

Content Management System Trends


WordPress continues to win the content management market share with over 59.7%. The No. 2 system, Joomla, has a 6.7% market share.

Percentage of Internet Browser Users


In terms of web browsers used, Google Chrome continues to thrive. According to the latest numbers, it is more than 4 times as popular as its next closest competitor (Safari).


Percentage of Internet Time Spent on Search Engines/Social Media


The top three activities for Mobile device users in 2019: maps, instant messenger, and music.

Percentage of Most Visited Social Media Platforms


Facebook takes the lead as the most visited social media platform with over 2.2 billion active users, followed by Youtube and WhatsApp.

Global and U.S. E-Commerce Trends


Statistics on Internet Research Before a Purchase by Age Group


People between 18-29 are the most likely to purchase a product online, while only a little more than half will research the product beforehand.

Facts and Statistics about Product Reviews


Think reviews are important? You’re right! 53% of shoppers read customer reviews before purchasing a product.


E-commerce Spending Via Mobile


When it comes to online purchasing, people purchase more on mobile in 2019 than they do on tablets or desktops.

World E-commerce Statistics


E-commerce has experienced a steady increase in terms of sales, growing from 2,842 billion $ in 2018 to 3,453 billion $ in 2019.

Digital Worldwide Buyers in 2019


The number of online buyers reached 1.92 billion in 2019 and is forecasted to bypass 2 billion in 2020.


Who Uses the Internet to Shop?


The U.K. takes the lead for E-commerce spending per capita in 2019, followed by the United States and South Korea.

 2019 U.S. and UK Online Shopping


In terms of U.S. and UK E-commerce, Shoppify has a leading market share of 21% in the U.S. and 14% in the UK.


Forecast and Trends for 2019 and Beyond


Currently, mobile users spend double the time in apps as they do on mobile web pages. In future years, this gap is expected to grow even wider.


Mobile App vs Mobile Web


Worldwide E-commerce Forecast


By 2021, global retail E-commerce sales are expected to approach $4.4 trillion.



Internet Trends: Resources Used

























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Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Rangkaian Es Kopi Terbaru dari Nespreso

Nespresso Meluncurkan Varian Kopi Terbaik untuk Es Kopi 

Terinspirasi dari barista terkemuka di seluruh dunia, selama lima tahun ke belakang, Nespresso mencari resep es kopi ikonik dari seluruh dunia dan mempelajari racikan terbaik untuk membuat es kopi. Mulai dari temperatur, hingga jenis coffee blend spesifik, para coffee expert telah membawa ilmu mereka untuk menciptakan racikan es kopi terbaik untuk penikmat kopi Nespresso yang hadir dalam rangkaian Barista Creations for Ice.
Nespresso secara khusus menciptakan rangkaian Barista Creations for Ice untuk memberikan rasa kopi yang sempurna ketika dipadukan dengan es, menciptakan sajian minuman yang cocok disantap di musim panas.

Dengan ini, Anda dapat menyantap sajian es kopi sambil bersantai di kebun, atau sambil bercengkerama dengan teman dan kerabat dari rumah. Barista Creations for Ice akan membawa nikmat sensasi musim panas ke rumah Anda.

Rangkaian Barista Creations for Ice terdiri dari dua pilihan blend, masing-masing dilengkapi dengan 3-steps-recipe, sehingga Anda akan dapat bersantai di rumah sambil menikmati es kopi selama musim panas.

Freddo Delicato 

Rasa kopi yang cocok dinikmati sambil bersantai di pinggir kolam renang – dengan rasa segar dari Freddo Delicato. Notes fruity dari kopi Kenya akan memberikan rasa fresh, bahkan jika dinikmati di bawah sinar matahari terik. Kopi dengan tingkat light roasted ini telah dirancang secara spesifik untuk memberikan rasa yang ringan untuk lidah para penikmat kopi.

Freddo Intenso 

Untuk rasa es kopi yang lebih khas, terdapat pilihan Freddo Intenso – campuran biji kopi Arabica dari Amerika Selatan dan biji Arabica dari Indonesia. Ketika kopi ini dicampur dengan es, akan menghasilkan rasa kopi yang intens, sangat cocok dinikmati di waktu sore hari musim panas.

Rangkaian Barista Creations for Ice telah tersedia secara online dan di butik Nespressoselama September 2020, hingga persediaan masih ada.
Untuk info lebih lanjut mengenai rangkaian es kopi Nespresso, termasuk resep kopi dan aksesoris kopi lainnya, silakan kunjungi www.nespresso.co.id

Friday, August 07, 2020

Revive The Phenomenon of Pizzeria

The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta is ushering in a new normal era with the opening of Pizzeria. Pizzeria has a concept of open space dining venue in the middle of urban jungle in the capital like it used to in 90’s era.

“This August, as we enter this next phase, we want our loyal guests to go out and enjoy our newly open "flash restaurant" named Sultan Pizzeria where they can enjoy fresh air and still can get food they want and socializing. But we want to do it safely and responsibly. We will monitor this outlet closely to make sure we do not see any unintended consequences." said Fintan O'Doherty, General Manager of The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta.

"At first start, we only open Sultan Pizzeria on weekends Friday to Saturday, that's why we call it as "flash restaurant". We also use this place for breakfast or even private function for those who want to have intimate outdoor weddings or gatherings. It also part of our hotel's reopening strategy to bring people back to our property." he continued.

Sultan Pizzeria is located in main tower of the hotel, near to Kudus Hall and infinity swimming pool. Next to it is tennis courts and jogging track. Sultan Pizzeria offering small bites, pizza, pasta as all time Italian’s favorite menu with cocktails and mocktails. Healthy smoothies and healthy juices also available. Sultan Pizzeria has best view with fountain in the middle of lush green open space area that can give guests experience a resort-like vibes.

Sultan Pizzeria is very accessible. Guests can go there walking from hotel lobby or direct to go there from gate in Gatot Subroto. It can accommodate up tp 50 people with physical distancing seating arrangement applied.

"We are lucky as we have 34 acres lush sprawling garden because using public open space to help our struggling business is a huge win. I’m incredibly pleased to see a simple straightforward application for our Sultan Pizzeria to succeed going forward,” said Fintan again.

"We welcome you all to Sultan Pizzeria. However, we also be sure to observe strict social distancing at all times. We all want to enjoy meals but must be vigilant to maintain our health and safety as a top priority; maintain distance, practice good hand hygiene, wear face coverings while not eating or drinking and stay home if sick." he concluded.

To launch this brand new outlet, The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta held media gathering to revive the phenomenon back then. Private function with health protocol applied attended by 30 participants from online, offline media and social media influencers. This event sponsored by Alleira Batik, The After work and MedPro.

About Alleira Batik Protecting Hat
Alleira Batik is one of the leading batik brands in Indonesia, which carries the theme of modern batik with high quality. Their vision of becoming Indonesian batik for world-class demand continues to make Alleira produce increasingly brilliant works. Inspired by Paramedics who use visors and face masks to avoid droplets when talking to others, Alleira makes special masks and caps with plastic protectors that can prevent the Covid-19 / droplet.

This hat is made as a double protection in addition to a mask for the prevention of Covid-19, considering that we still need to go out of the house for urgent matters such as buying groceries, work and so on but still in style by using Face Mask & Special hat With Visor 100% Made in Indonesia from Alleira.

About The Afterwork
The After Work is a ready to wear brand that is inspired by nature, living things and human life. "After Work", the design in the collection is expected to be used in working hours until leisure hours after work. Fashionable urban people and big city citizens with endless activities is their target market. Their collections is inspired by man’s hand-crafted and their main expertise is beads.

About Medpro
Medpro is a brand of hygienic, disinfectant and antiseptic products. Provides benefits for cleanliness and protection of germs. Medpro develops a variety of products that are safe to use on the skin and are also used to kill germs in the environment. The main goals are to protect and giving safety also security for their consumers.

About The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta
Nestled in the strategic hub of Jakarta’s commercial district, the city’s five-star landmark establishment, the Sultan Hotel Jakarta, is connected to the Jakarta Convention Centre and strategically located within walking distance to the offices of multinational corporations, international shopping malls, the entertainment district and sporting venues. Adjacent to the airport expressway, the 700 room hotel is set on 34 acres of lush sprawling gardens and offers a host of food, entertainment and leisure options as well as the most comprehensive range of conference, meeting and banqueting facilities and services.

About Singgasana Hotel & Resorts
Founded in 2002, Singgasana Hotels and Resorts Group is a hospitality management company which manages and/or owns deluxe and first class hotels, residences, a golf course and an international convention center in key destinations in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Makassar and Lombok. With approximately 2,000 hotel rooms under our management over 300 acres of prime land, our properties include the Sultan Hotel Jakarta, the Sultan Residence, the Jakarta Convention Centre, the Singgasana Hotel Makassar and the Singgasana Hotel Surabaya.

For more information, please contact a travel professional or access our website at singgasanahotels.com

Wilson Associates Debuts Canopy by Hilton Charlotte SouthPark

First Canopy Hotel in North Carolina Offers Boutique Southern Charm, Local Touches

Located in the neighborhood of SouthPark—six miles from the core of uptown Charlotte, Canopy by Hilton Charlotte SouthPark opened last month, becoming the first Canopy hotel in North Carolina.

Providing guests with an experience inspired by Southern heritage and local design elements, this 150-room hotel offers an upscale, yet hospitable, environment reflected through its interiors as a natural extension of the community.

Global interior architecture firm Wilson Associates’ New York studio drew design inspiration from a gracious Southern home with English origins that still resonates today in a lifestyle of relaxed formality—where comfort and graciousness are key elements of the South.

Upon entering the foyer in the lobby, guests are greeted by an elegant console and beautiful flower arrangement, which leads to the reception desk. The lobby has been conceived as the grand room of the “home”, which features layered textures and a white-washed color palette for a fresh, clean and casual atmosphere—similar to traditional Southern residences.

The Lobby Retreat offers a comfortable arrangement of modern and traditional furniture set around an open fireplace. Also ideal for social gatherings, Fine & Fettle is the hotel’s official restaurant, serving a modern spin on the Southern experience. Fine & Fettle provides a residential-inspired communal table and furniture adorned with touches of traditional fabrics and pops of color.

This space showcases a marble countertop bar and a faceted mirror wall along with traditional vintage plate-ware art installation. Bridging the gap between the outdoors and indoors, the Canopy Central is connected to the Verandah.

The hotel provides 150 “Just Right” guest rooms, including four suites, that showcase a modern spin on Southern traditional bedrooms.

The design highlight of the accommodations is the Canopy bed, inspired by the traditional half tester bed, which is reinterpreted as a sculptural, wooden modern version of draped fabric canopies.

I keeping with the Southern style theme, the guest rooms provide Canopy’s signature “uncloseted” open wardrobe with Southern louver screens as the main element to define this brand component.

Traditional and contemporary furniture pieces are mixed in the guest rooms to provide a residential feel—all anchored by an area rug with a vibrant pattern and colors, inspired by a commonly used technique of flame-stitch fabrics.

The Southern residential inspired aesthetic continues throughout the extensive meeting and event areas, totaling 9,000 square feet. The design of the grand ballroom and smaller breakout rooms draws inspiration from a home study and library with rich finishes and curated artwork from local artists.

A the carpeting features North Carolina tartan-inspired patterns and colors—tying back to the roots of SouthPark. The layout of the event spaces ensures that the grand ballroom is connected to the terrace while the elegant butler’s pantry supports both the event space and garden terrace.

The fitness center’s design captures the energy of the space by offering a playful use of colorful wallpapers that have “traditional” prints with a twist — unexpected contemporary “objects” not found in its original versions are inserted in the patterns.

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Kemasan Eksklusif Nespresso Sambut HUT Kemerdekaan Indonesia

Menyambut semarak kemerdekaan Indonesia yang ke-75 Agustus ini, Nespresso mengajak para pecinta kopi Indonesia untuk berkreasi dan mengekspresikan diri melalui seni dan sajian kopi.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

Berkolaborasi dengan seniman muda berbakat, Diela Maharanie, Nespresso menghadirkan rangkaian kopi khusus ‘Barista Selections’, mengajak para penikmat kopi untuk bisa menjadi barista dari rumah masing- masing.

Mark Ashlin Senior, Brand Director Nespresso Indonesia mengatakan, “Kami melihat kentalnya budaya minum kopi di Indonesia, terutama bagi kaum muda dengan tren kopi susu yang banyak digandrungi beberapa tahun belakangan ini. Bertepatan dengan HUT Indonesia, kami ingin mengajak generasi muda untuk berkreasi menjadi barista dari rumah untuk membuat sajian kopi favorit mereka dengan mesin kopi Nespresso.”

Rangkaian kopi ‘Barista Selections’ terdiri dari lima varian best seller Nespresso Indonesia yang cocok dihidangkan dalam sajian kopi susu. Terdiri dari: Ispriazione Palermo Kazaar, Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano, Ispirazione Firence Arpeggio, Ispirazione Roma, dan Master Origin Indonesia. Kelima varian ini akan hadir dalam bundle packaging khusus rancangan Diela Maharanie yang mulai tersedia di gerai Nespresso mulai 1 Agustus 2020.

Diela Maharanie, seniman dan ilustrator, mengatakan, “Saya sangat tertarik ketika diberi kesempatan untuk berkolaborasi dengan Nespresso Indonesia. Pada ilustrasi ini, saya mencoba untuk menggambarkan konsep sustainability Nespresso, dimulai dengan pemetikan ceri kopi hingga menjadi kapsul kopi, setiap prosesnya selalu mengutamakan kepedulian terhadap ekosistem, masa depan dan komunitas petani.”

Melalui kampanye ‘Be Your Own Barista’, Nespresso Indonesia mengajak penikmat kopi untuk meracik resep kopi favorit masing-masing dari rumah. Dengan lima varian yang terdapat di dalam koleksi ini, penikmat kopi dapat bereksplorasi mengkreasikan sajian kopi susu favoritnya, cukup dengan menekan tombol di mesin kopi Nespresso.

Selain menciptakan kopi dengan kualitas tinggi, Nespresso juga selalu mengedepankan konsep sustainability. Sesapan terakhir kopi Anda menandakan dimulainya fase lanjut dari kapsul kopi yang sudah dipakai. Aluminium dari setiap kapsul Nespresso sudah pasti dapat didaur ulang. Di Indonesia, ampas kopi dari tiap kapsul yang sudah dipakai dikirim ke pertanian di Jawa Barat, untuk diolah sebagai kompos. Setiap upaya dalam mendaur ulang yang kita lakukan akan menghasilkan dampak positif terhadap lingkungan hidup.

Koleksi ‘Barista Selections sudah tersedia di seluruh gerai Nespresso Indonesia dan di NESPRESSO

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Beberapa Tips Liburan Anti Gagal Dengan Perencanaan Keuangan yang Matang

Banyak kegiatan di dalam rumah selama pandemi Covid-19 memaksa seseorang untuk menahan rasa bosan dan jenuh selama 4 bulan terakhir. Tak jarang orang tua yang biasanya fokus dengan pekerjaannya, kini harus membagi waktu untuk juga mengawasi buah hati selama proses pembelajaran sekolah secara daring.

Meski segala kegiatan bisa dilakukan di rumah saja, nyatanya manusia tetap perlu untuk melakukan kegiatan di luar rumah sebagai salah satu cara mengganti suasana dan mood. Walaupun pandemi ini belum sepenuhnya berakhir, tak ada salahnya untuk merencanakan liburan bersama keluarga untuk memperbaiki kondisi jiwa yang sudah dipenuhi kejenuhan kan?

Tapi tunggu dulu, liburan bersama yang seru harus dirancanakan secara matang agar biaya yang dikeluarkan bisa seefisien mungkin. Yuk, simak beberapa tips liburan anti gagal dengan perencanaan keuangan di era new normal Covid-19!

1. Pisahkan pos-pos pengeluaran dan tabungan

Hal wajib yang perlu kalian lakukan adalah memisahkan pos pengeluaran-pengeluaran tertentu dan juga memisahkan tabungan kalian. Kalau pos pengeluaran, kalian bisa memakai bekas toples makanan yang tidak terpakai dan ditulis sesuai dengan pos pengeluarannya. Jangan lupa untuk tabungan pun perlu dipisahkan ya. Jangan menabung liburan di rekening yang sama untuk menerima gaji. Bisa-bisa kamu nggak sadar, kalau tabungan liburanmu terpakai.

2. Bujet uang jajan anak dilokasikan untuk biaya sewa penginapan

Karena pandemi ini kita dianjurkan untuk tetap di rumah saja, secara otomatis pula pemerintah memberlakukan sistem pembelajaran daring untuk siswa-siswa di Indonesia. Tak terkecuali untuk anak-anak kita.

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Sistem pembelajaran daring atau pembelajaran jarak jauh memang tidak mudah, tetapi setidaknya bisa melindung anak-anak kita dari serangan virus Covid-19. Di satu sisi, pembelajaran jarak jauh ini dapat menghemat pengeluaran kita sebab pos biaya uang jajan anak tidak terpakai selama kurang lebih 4 bulan. Ini merupakan celah yang baik untuk dialokasikan menjadi biaya sewa penginapan untuk rencana liburan mendatang lho.

3. Bujet uang transportasi selama WFH dialokasikan untuk biaya transportasi liburan

Karena segala pekerjaan harus dikerjakan dari rumah, mau tidak mau pos uang transportasi kerja juga utuh selama masa pandemi ini. Kalau kamu benar-benar ingin mencicil tabungan liburan, boleh dicoba mengalokasikannya ke biaya transportasi liburan seperti ongkos pesawat dan kereta. Jadi pengeluaran dan pemasukan tetap aman seperti layaknya kondisi normal meskipun haru disisihkan untuk menabung, kan?

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

4. Bujet makan di luar dialokasikan untuk biaya makan selama liburan

Ini adalah bagian terpenting dari proses menabung, yakni menahan hawa nafsu untuk jajan makan di luar diganti menjadi makan makanan sehat bergizi yang dibuat di rumah. Selain menghemat keuangan, makan makanan hasil olahan sendiri jauh lebih sehat dan terjamin kebersihannya.

Jadi untuk beberapa waktu ke depan, mohon ditahan dulu segala hasrat untuk mencicipi makanan di luar. Karena percaya deh, pengeluaran makan di luarmu bisa kamu tabung untuk biaya makan selama liburan. Loh, tadi katanya mau berlibur? Harus konsisten menabung ya sobat.

Itulah tadi beberapa cara untuk berlibur dengan merencanaan keuangan secara optimal. Pastikan juga untuk melakukan perencanaan liburan secara efisien dengan survei tempat wisata dan akomodasi di Traveloka ya. Tak hanya itu, kalian juga bisa mendapatkan flash sale Traveloka yang diadakan setiap Jumat pukul 7 malam.

Caranya cukup mudah yakni dengan menonton live streaming Traveloka di link berikut ini https://www.traveloka.com/id-id/promotion/flash-sale.

Yuk, pantengin live streaming Traveloka dan dapatkan flash sale Traveloka sebanyak-banyaknya!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

7 Family Meals You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Wondering what to have for dinner tonight? You can go out to your favorite restaurant, order a delicious Yumble meal delivery for families, or whip something up in your kitchen... the choice is yours! Of course, if you stay home, you don’t have to spend hours cooking over a hot stove to create something your family will love. Don’t waste time -- try these easy and tasty meals you can throw together in 30 minutes or less.

Pizza Pasta Bake

Instead of ordering pizza delivery, try a homemade twist with a pizza pasta bake. In a large oven-proof skillet, you can make this simple and fun dish your kids will adore using mini pepperonis, red sauce, mozzarella, and your favorite pasta noodles. The best part? As it’s one-pot, it’s a super easy clean up as well.

Taco Sweet Potato Skillet

Healthy, filling vegetarian dishes like this sweet potato skillet will be a hit with everyone. Throw together all the fresh Mexican ingredients from black beans to corn and avocado along with sweet potatoes for a truly tasty casserole. Serve over nachos to delight your kids!

BBQ Chicken Burgers

Is there anything that tastes more like summer than BBQ sauce? We love this take on a chicken burger that combines a ground chicken patty with a creamy coleslaw. The BBQ sauce adds zest and a fluffy sesame seed bun holds it all together. 

Sweet and Sour Glazed Shrimp

Mmm, sweet and sour shrimp! It’s a favorite with kids and parents and so quick to make. The secret to this recipe lies in the sauce, which is a mixture of plum sauce, ketchup, soy sauce, and pepper flakes. Slather on the sauteed shrimp and serve over a bowl of white rice.

Easy Chicken Ramen

Another Asian inspired dish that’s perfect for dinner when you don’t feel like putting in a lot of effort is comforting chicken ramen. A favorite among kids, this recipe only takes 10 minutes to make and yet, it’s a major upgrade from the Cup Noodles you buy at the grocery store.

Skillet Lasagna

For lasagna lovers, this easy recipe using no-cook noodles is a must! With creamy ricotta cheese and saucy marinara, it’s just the ticket for a family night in. 

Gourmet Sausage Hot Dogs

Planning a picnic in the backyard? Nothing’s easier or more fun than grilling out. Instead of regular hot dogs, up your game with some Italian sausages and gourmet toppings like marinated peppers and grilled slaw. Serve in soft split rolls and watch as smiles abound.