A Journey through Nusantara

This year at Raffles Jakarta, get ready to embark on a culinary journey of the archipelago during the month of Ramadan. Each week, Arts Café will bring you the very best flavours from a region of Indonesia. The journey begins with the tropical dishes from Bali and Lombok in the first week of Ramadan, and then moves north to the authentic flavours of Sulawesi and Kalimantan in the second week. After that, get ready to enjoy the tantalizing tastes of Sumatra, before landing in Java for the final chapter of the culinary heritage tour. The journey culminates into the Eid Al Fitri brunch, when all the regions come together one last time, to create an epic feast celebrating the completion of the holy month.  

Throughout this journey, Raffles Jakarta will present a unique collaboration with a select few of Indonesia’s most talented individuals. Chef William Wongso is a culinary expert who is famous for Indonesian cuisine. Together with Chef Daniel Patterson, our executive chef, they will combine their expertise in culinary to recreate the most authentic Indonesian flavours. In addition, Oscar Lawalata will take part with the ornamentals. Oscar Lawalata is a famous Indonesian fashion designer who has received many national and international awards. Oscar will add an elegant national touch in terms of decoration making the journey through Nusantara come to life within the hotel.  


Savour the exquisite tropical dishes from the Island of the Gods starting from the first day of Ramadhan until 12 June 2016. From the delicate texture of Daging Katernak, to the flavourful Bebek Betutu and Udang Panggang Jimbaran, the diversity of authentic Balinese spices will make you feel the true spirit of the island.  


Come and try the very best that Sulawesi and Kalimantan have to offer on the second week of Ramadhan, from 13 June to 19 June 2016. Taste the passion and be thrilled by the central Indonesian cuisine. A rich assortment of traditional dishes such as Konro Daging Sapi, Ayam Rica-Rica, and of course the famous Nasi Manado.  


Now you don’t need to visit Sumatra to get the real taste of Sumatra. In the third week of Ramadhan we offer the captivating and delightful array of spices from the West of Indonesia. Try the Nasi Lemang, Sate Padang, and a special twist of Shawarma with Bumbu Rendang starting from 20 to 26 June, 2016.  


Be enchanted by the rich Javanese cuisine, an experience deeply rooted with history and heritage. Many will be familiar with the typical dishes such as Pecak Ikan Tongkol and Rabeg Kambing Khas Banten. Don’t forget to try the live station with Chef’s version of Chicken Shawarma Maranggi, or the individual portion of Mie Kocok Bandung from the show kitchen. Presented from June 27 until the last day of Ramadhan.  

The buffet price is IDR 398,000++ with the first seating from 5.45 PM to 8.30 PM The buffet price of IDR 298,000++ is available during the second seating from 8.30 PM to 10.30 PM.  

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