It’s Not a New Restaurant, It’s a New Cassis

Cassis Kitchen
Formerly known as a fine-dining establishment serving authentic French cuisines, Cassis Kitchen has freed itself from the “for special occasions only” label and reintroduces itself as a modern European restaurant, presenting a new concept designed for the everyday lifestyle experience, geared towards Jakarta’s downtown professionals.
Located in the heart of the city’s busiest district, Cassis Kitchen offers a place to start seizing the day or an escape to end a long day of work by providing comfort and a unique atmosphere. Serving favorite European dishes, made with high quality ingredients yet still offered at accessible price points, to be enjoyed in the new outdoor cocktail lounge, Cassis Kitchen intrigues and mesmerizes foodies, while at the same time, excites the spirited and fun scene makers.
Foie Gras Duo
The transformation of Cassis Kitchen is led by Budi Cahyadi, an experienced F&B professional and the group’s Director of Operations. “Cassis Kitchen today presents a new concept that aims to strike a chord with the lifestyle connoisseurs, offering a unique experience through a medley of menus with a distinctive touch, a cozy atmosphere, and a reliable service with heart.”
Pan Roasted Alaskan Scallops
Caramelized Duck
He adds, “Aside from making a change to the facade of the establishment by replacing design elements to add a more modern feel, Cassis Kitchen also made a vast improvement in the menu to complete the transformation. We are pleased to introduce our new executive chef, Nick Rada, who has earned international respects for his creative work and passion for gourmet. He brings with him a long list of experience in catering to A-listers and celebrity clienteles, and it is an honor for us to have someone who gives constant effort to continuously bring delicious work to the table in our kitchen.”
Executive Chef, Nick Rada, puts meticulous attention in the creation of the new menu at Cassis Kitchen. “Cassis Kitchen serves favorite dishes from Europe to match the local taste and love for flavor. We try our best to expand our creativity, by bringing out the best in local produce and bringing it into the European menus, therefore creating delicious dishes with an exciting twist.”
Veal Tenderloin
Chef Nick Rada’s style is modern European with a touch of New York and he is conscious to sustainable living, fresh cuisine, and innovative indulgence. He has created seven signature dishes that will be the ultimate definition of culinary experience at Cassis Kitchen:
  1. Foie Gras Duo. A succulent French duck liver drizzled with sweet and tangy blackcurrant sauce. Tossed with dazzling caramelized apple and white grape chutney, and served fresh with our warm homemade brioche bun and duck liver mousse, it is a classic appetizer that will stimulate your tastebuds.
  2. Alaskan Pan Roasted Scallops. Alaskan scallops pan roasted with citrus brown butter to perfection, topped with edamame and sautéed beech mushrooms. It is an appetizer that teases your palate with the freshness of the Alaskan sea and a burst of natural flavor.
  3. Caramelized Duck. A dish wonderfully packed with flavors and the perfect harmony of sweet, sour, and salty. Served with sautéed wild mushrooms, gnocchi, asparagus and chimichurri sauce, it is an excellent choice for main course.
  4. Seared Ahi Tuna. A delicate cut of sashimi grade Australian tuna, pan-seared to perfection. Served with homemade potato-puree, a dash of tomato ver jus, and basil pesto, it is both light and fresh, and it is the perfect choice for lunch.
  5. Veal Tenderloin with Parma Ham. A juicy cut of tender veal, pan-seared to perfection and wrapped with Parma ham, accompanied by a creamy potato puree and kale, and garnished with garlic chips, giving the dish a prominent feature in Cassis Kitchen’s main course line-up.
  6. Banana Chocolate Sphere. A spherical chocolate shell filled with caramelized banana and banana ice cream on top of an edible chocolate soil, melted by hot salted caramel sauce. A signature dessert worthy of the experience.
  7. 0° Celcius. Seven types of fresh exotic fruits, tangy lime sorbet and exquisite champagne bubbles inside a frozen water drop ice bowl. A fresh cleanse for the palate and a delicious way to end a meal.
Banana Chocolate Sphere

Cassis Kitchen, located at Pavilion Apartments Retail Arcade on Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav 24, serves lunch, dinner, and Weekend Lunch. Hours of operations are on Monday through Friday, serving lunch from 12.00 to 14.30, and dinner from 18.00 – 23.00; on Saturday and Sunday, serving weekend lunch from 11.00 to 15.00, and dinner from 18.00 – 23.00. The bar is open for late night drinks seven nights a week until 24.00.

Zero Degrees

On Saturdays and Sundays, Cassis Kitchen opens its kitchen for Weekend Lunch, where we will serve a delectable array of a-la-carte menu choices for a hearty breakfast and a satisfying lunch. Guests are invited to take advantage of special promotions given during Happy Hours every Wednesday through Saturday from 18.00 to 21.00, and to enjoy a live acoustic entertainment every Friday night.

Outdoor Lounge

For more info: 021-57941500 or email to [email protected]

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