The Combination of Hot and Cool

If the Nusa Dua area is classified as a setlled and private area, Kuta, on the other hand, offers crammed full atmosphere. Hard Rock Hotel is one of the most well-known icon here, presenting entertainment concept strongly appears on the architectural and interior designs as well as other supporting functions – from the restaurant to the music stage.
Althouugh entertainment is undeniably the game in this place, food seems to find its position. The hotel highly appreciate the satisfaction of all guests, including the food. It is representated by the establishment of two restaurants, Splash Bistro and Starz Dinner. Splash Bistro, as we can easily predict from the name, is located on the pool side of the hotel, creating comfortable atmosphere for guests to eat while swimming.
Splash Bistro offers many favourite menus, including Seafood Pizza with topping consisting of prawns, squids and fish. Just imagining how the food looks like has made us starving. The reality is far from dissapointing. The soft dough of the pizza combined with the tasty seafood topping and the melting cheese create a unique and succulent flavor. Of course, there are others menu to enjoy, such as Fisherman Basket or a unique salad combining hot and cool flavor.
Splash Bistro
Hard Rock Hotel
Pantai Street, Banjar, Pande Mas,
Kuta, Bali
Phone: 62 361 761 869
Fax: 62 361 762 114

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