The Wine Centre

Though a little bit concealed, the wine center located behind Park Royale Apartment, across the MPR/DPR RI building, is truly a paradise for wine lovers.

The place offers you more than 200 wine selections from various countries including Gancia, Di Lucco Domenico (Italy). Canata (Chile), Juve Y Camps, Bodegas Garvey (Spain), Forest Estate (New Zealand), Strewn, Inniskillin (Canada), Castel, Dourthe (French), Robert Estate, Goundrey, Mount Langi Ghiran (Australia), and Medrano Estate (Argentina).

The comfy atmosphere lets you enjoy the wine cellar and air-conditioned chateau like the ones we typically find in the wine producer countries.

This is the first wine centre in the heart of Jakarta, facilitated with a wine showroom for receiving guests in daily basis, a wine tasting room, a class room where the professionals can share their knowledge of wine with their customers in every month, a magnificent wine cellar where all the grand cru wines are stored and a 24 hour air conditioned warehouse.

Unfortunately, Danisa Textindo doesn’t sell retail for it holds rights as wine importer and distributor in the country. To enjoy its collections, you can find them at wine bars such as at the Four Seasons Hotel, Gran Melia Jakarta, Mandarin Hotel, Nikko Hotel, and almost every wine retail stores in Indonesia.

Danisa Textindo was established since 1977 and started as a wine shop and retail stores which opened its outlets in some hotels and apartments in Jakarta. At the booming era of wine consumption in the country, the company became one of the leading wine retailers including opening the first wine boutique in Indonesia. The principal wine stores were located at Kempinski Hotel, Four Seasons Apartment, Grand Hyatt, Jakarta and Radin in Bali.

In 2004, the company was granted a government license and became one of the eight official importers and distributors of alcohol beverages in Indonesia. With the new status, Danisa Textindo had to close all its retail stores, and could only operate a wine centre.

Hot Items
Juve & Camps (2003), Cava (Spanish sparkling wine), Reserva, Espana.
Juv’e y Camps (2002), Brut Nature, Reserva, Espana.
Juv’e y Camps (2005), Blanctor, Ermita, Espana.
Juv’e y Camps (1999), Casa Vella, Cabernet Sauvignon, Espana.
The price is between Rp 750,000 to Rp 1 million.
Camino del Sur (2003), Chardonnay, Chile.
Kinel (2003), Sauvignon Blanc, Chile.
Abor Mist, exotic fruits, white zinfandel, US fancy sparkling wine.
Price Rp 200-250 thousand.

Danisa Textindo, The Wine Centre
Jalan Taman Bendungan Asahan II/8
Jakarta Pusat
021-570 1909
021-573 2384 (fax)
Email: [email protected]

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