Doheny Brings California Ambiance to the Northern Coast of Bali

The Latest Neighborhood Brunch and Dinner Spot in Canggu

Located on Canggu and close to the famous Echo Beach at Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan, an ideal setting for a Californian-inspired eatery with 150 square meters of indoor and outdoor seats overlooking the lush paddy fields. Doheny’s arrival in September brings in a chic neighborhood eatery serving western all-day brunch and dinner, perfect for sharing good times with good friends.

Doheny’s name comes from a street name in Los Angeles, at this chic venue guests can feel the distinct LA vibe with a combination of Balinese touches, the tropical design and the green wall set the mood for your food escapade. Pick to sit indoors with the homey décor and comfortable cushions, or simply be mesmerized by the greeneries at the outdoor seating area.

Offering locally hand picked coffee beans and a range of classic, signature iced coffee like their Iced Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso, and ice-blended coffee, Doheny can be your next go-to place when you’re looking to grab a cuppa on your way to work or home.

From 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, Doheny offers various all-day brunch selections. From salads, the classic big breakfast, light rice bowls, sandwiches, sweets, and a variety of pastries to choose from. For health-conscious eaters, plant-based and vegan options are also available.

Grab a nibble of Korean Chicken Sando; made of Country bread, spicy chicken tender, and gochujang sauce, have a heavier menu of Pasta Royale; fragrant pasta with prawn, tomato, and coriander or enjoy the vegan-friendly colourful Tropical Acai Bowl. All time American favorites with a twist. 

The dinner menu, available starting at 5 p.m., features a large selection of entrees, main dishes made up of a wide variety of proteins, and desserts. Guests can choose from the Chinese Chicken Salad with Ohyong fried chicken, cabbage, mandarin, and Chinese dressing, or the Crispy Free-range Pork Chops, a crumbed pork chop, raspberry red wine jus, rocket & radish salad. For Serious Conversation over dinner, try Prawn Dog, a brioche hot dog bun with tiger prawn and homemade mayo.

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