Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Preferred Wine Bars in Jakarta

Wine can be described in thousand words...

Wine bars are the popular place for people to meet business acquaintance or someone special. An oasis where people can indulge themselves with the best beverages in the world.

Five years ago, wine’s biggest drinkers in Indonesia were 35-to-45-year olds. It was hip because of the health craze. Nowadays, young people aged between 30-35 years old make wine drinking become even more popular. They think not only wine has snob appeal, but also health tied together with self-image would make them a trend.

New wine bars are available in Jakarta. They are here to accommodate the trend and the life style, wrapped up in various looks so people can enjoy themselves in a music lounge with DJs, sit somewhere quiet in modern comfy sofas and share bottles with friends or just take them home. The following are the ones described above (Burhanuddin Abe).

The Peak, November 2007

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