Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Beautiful and healthy ala spa

FEELING drained due to hard work that saps your mind and energy? Perhaps it's time to pamper yourself with a spa treatment.

Spa is an abbreviation of solus per aqua, which means health by or through water. However, it has developed to include massage and other salon and body care treatments.

While in 15th century Egypt the spa was part of the world of doctors and medicine, the modern spa is synonymous with the beauty parlor and provides body and health care in great comfort. Spas offer holistic treatments that cover body massages, body scrubs, whitening masks, aroma therapy, milk baths and music.

Spa treatments usually take between one and a half and two hours for massage, body scrub, bathing and soaking in refreshing spices. Spa treatments have a lot of benefi ts as they smoothen, tighten, whiten and nourish the skin, relax the muscles and detoxify the body.

The spa in modern times is an oasis for women and men who crave beauty and health. Spa treatments are not exclusively for high-income earners but are also coveted by many middle income earners, although most may fi nd them beyond their budget. Spa treatments have indeed become a new lifestyle.

Many spas have mushroomed in the country's major cities, including one established by the Martha Tilaar Group, which operate many branches through a subsidiary, PT Cantika Puspa Pesona (CPP). The company now owns 68 spa centers both in Indonesia and abroad, such as in Greece, Japan and Ukraine, franchised or owned by the company under the name Salon & Day Spa.

To appear beautiful, attractive and fresh is the dream of every woman and this is the platform on which Martha Tilaar's business is based. It is able to harmoniously unite physical and inner beauty using the ancient Javanese practice of combining physical treatment with meditation and bio energy, which encompasses aroma and other therapies.

The Martha Tilaar Group offers various spa treatments, such as body scrub malih warni (change of skin color), Dewi Sri Spa, Sekar Sari Spa and Dara Putih aromatic milk spa. "Apart from offering physical beauty, our spas also make the body fresh and more relaxed with aroma therapy," said one of the therapists.

Personalized service and a comfortable atmosphere are also offered by Reggia Spa Sanctuary, which is located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. It understands the unique and different needs of every individual and strives to meet their demands.

It specializes in the medical spa. It is very similar to most spas except that the therapists have basic medical knowledge. It is a solution for physical care using a non-surgical method and the world's premium brands, sophisticated technology and fi ve-star service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Unlike in the US and Europe, the medical spa concept is not very common in Indonesia. "Supervision by professional doctors is required to monitor a customer's condition during and after treatment to see the progress of the treatment and to provide solutions should there be problems," said one of the doctors at such a medical spa.

Beauty treatment ala salon and a la hospital is nowadays inseparable in some spas. It is part of today's lifestyle. This is also provided by Susan Waine, which specializes in obesity, which all women in the world fear.

Susan Waine provides the most effective service and solution for obesity. If you want to slim down in areas around the stomach, thighs and arms, Susan Waine has the solution. It has a sophisticated analyzing machine made in Italy that can precisely analyze the physical care required by a customer.

Supported by a computerized system and renowned French and Italian products, Susan Waine provides slimming solutions without pain, or drastic loss of excessive fat or fl uid. Clients do not have to live on excessive or rigid diets that can have a negative effect on their health.

A professional trainer will personally guide you during your fi tness hours using the latest equipment so that there is no risk of pain or sprain. Susan Waine also has various classes, such as aerobics, yoga, tai chi, Pilates, hip hop, salsa and gymnastics for pregnant women. After a class, a customer is pampered with sauna and steam facilities.

As a one-stop treatment center, Susan Waine provides the most complete services for customers in Jakarta. After a workout, clients do not have to go home with wet hair because Susan Waine has a beauty and hair salon as well. Through the hands of a professional therapist using renowned French brands, the customer is once again fresh and in high spirits. (Burhanuddin Abe)

The Jakarta Post , November 05, 2009

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