Diageo Presents Whisky Experience by Singleton and Johnnie Walker®

Diageo Global Brand Ambassadors Ewan Gunn and Donald Colville lead the whisky tasting sessions and shares scotch whiskies’ ultimate experience

Diageo presents ‘Whisky Experience’ at Red & Co Plaza Indonesia on the evenings of July 13th and 14th, and invites whisky lovers to experience the best ways to enjoy scotch whiskies. The Whisky Experience is presented by The Singleton of Glen Ord™ and world’s best selling scotch whisky Johnnie Walker™ from Diageo Reserve’s multi-award winning portfolio of fine spirits, rich in heritage, craftsmanship and innovation.

“Enjoying whisky is a unique experience combining aroma, flavour and sensation. Finding the right whisky is not a test as there are no rules and no wrong answers,” said Commercial Head of Reserve Diageo NAVA+ Kabir Suharan about enjoying whisky.

“We will take you through whisky tastings to find what Johnnie Walker® blend suits you the best based on your aroma, flavour and sensation preferences. We also will take you on a journey to experience one of life’s simple pleasures, the smoothest and most well-balanced single malt whisky, the Singleton of Glen Ord™ whisky range. With the very first sip of Singleton you will experience immediate pleasure from the sensation and smoothness that it emanates. These two-day tasting sessions are even more special as they are lead by Diageo Global Brand Ambassadors Ewan Gunn and Donald Colville.”

The Whisky Experience by Singleton® and Johnnie Walker® will be presented by Diageo’s Global Brand Ambassadors, Donald Colville and Ewan Gunn, who will lead the whisky tasting sessions.

The two sessions will be conducted back to back, presenting the single malt whisky experience with The Singleton of Glen Ord™ whisky range and the blended scotch whisky with Johnnie Walker® Gold Label, Platinum Label, and Blue Label. Together, Donald and Ewan share extensive knowledge about single malt whisky and blended scotch whisky differences and best ways to enjoy both.

The misconception of single-malt scotch as not a blended whisky has been growing amongst consumers and even some bartenders. Single-malt scotch is a blend, but it has a very specific type of blend. In fact, nearly all whiskies on the market today are blends – bourbons, ryes, Tennessees, scotches, and more.

What is blend whisky? A blend is a mixture of two or more whiskies that are bottled and sold as one whisky. Formally, a blended whisky is a product that contains a mix of barrel-aged malt and grain whiskies from different distilleries.

What is single malt whisky? A single-malt whisky is the product of a single distillery. A single-malt Singleton may contain whiskies from many barrels produced at the singleton distillery, but it contains only whiskies produced at Singleton.

‘Single’ refers to a product made at a single distillery, not from a single grain. The difference in taste depends on few factor:

  • Location or region: different locations in the same region tend to produce a different flavour profile
  • How it has aged: the type of barel (used barel, usually has been used for aging other spirits) and how long it has been aged in the barrel
A Master blender will blend the barrel, making him responsible for the taste of the whisky

Tonight Whisky Experience by Singleton was further enhanced by the journey embarked upon with the virtual reality tasting immersion for the Singleton of Glen Ord™ whisky range. The sensory journey with Singleton of Glen Ord™ started with an immersion into a two and a half-minute Virtual Reality experience with the aid of a Virtual reality headset and ear phones. 

The Virtual reality video transports one to Scotland, into the Glen Ord distillery and right into the cask to experience the flavors of the Glen Ord 12 YO. This journey came together through the vision of being able to savour the award winning single malt while experiencing a tasting immersion like no other.

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