The Story Behind Codegrafiti Menu

Experience the fresh local ingredients in a high artistic level degustation menu. The exotic story begins…


Kaffir lime leaf chilli paste  

15 years ago we found that most restaurants in Bali burned mosquito coil – a mosquito repelling incense, usually spiral-shaped – and put it under the table. Now, we serve the coil on the table – an edible version of it, of course. A blend of Indonesia’s native ingredients – black rice, red chilli, and squid ink for the coil; red chilli, lime leaf, onion, and cumin for the red dots resembling fire, this unique dish will certainly give you a buzz.


With apple, radish, and hibiscus salt  

Being surrounded by the Java Sea on the north, the Indian Ocean on the South, and the Strait of Lombok on the East, makes Bali’s sea the rich food source that it is. The combinations of fresh seafood and Balinese herbs result in intriguing, exotic-tasting dishes, such as this fresh scallop complemented with the earthy elegance of turmeric and the fresh, tart inspiration of Yuzu orange from Japan. We evoke this mellow taste of with from our own mixture of lemongrass, lemon juice, lime juice and Kintamani orange.  


Stewed baby carrot, pickled red radish, red cabbage pickled purée, pickled grain mustard and belimbing wuluh  

Inspired by a Nordic dish with a twist of a popular fruit ingredient in Indonesian cuisine, belimbing wuluh (bilimbi), this fresh tuna is cured in lemon zest, extra virgin olive oil and red rosemary, and it is served with marinated baby carrot and red cabbage purée. To enhance the freshness, we put the sour taste from belimbing wuluh in the pickles.  


Tangerine glister, mesclun lettuce and basil drops  

The experiment starts here. Fresh crab meat and soursop has the same texture yet the tastes are vastly different. How can we mix the ‘chicken of the sea’ and fruit? Ginger juice, local spices, lime leaf and Kintamani orange glister is a great mix that not only balances the taste, but also tickles your taste buds.  


Compressed squid with sea salt, chives, tamarind puree, chilli oil and squid juice  

Rujak kuah pindang (Balinese fruit salad in diluted pindang (fish paste) broth and palm sugar sauce) – a Balinese traditional food – is the inspiration for this menu. Squid pressure-cooked three minutes long with sea salt, tamarind puree, chilli oil and squid juice – fresh and chewy!  


Red cabbage puree, mangosteen-sage leaf, mesclun lettuce and red ginger red wine vinegar  

Ceremonial dishes are part of the richness of Bali’s culture. Betutu chicken/duck is a classic ceremonial and richly spiced dish. Based on that heritage, we create this high artistic menu that brings the distinctive flavour of betutu to your table. Our 58° C hot water bath cooking technique gives the duck tenderness and preserves the richness of betutu spices. To balance this high protein duck meat, we put red cabbage purée, buni purée and mangosteen-sage leaf. An elegant and exotic taste.      


Mint paste, juniper berry  

Cleanse your palate with our version of sashimi. Compressed watermelon injected with juniper berry and vodka to make it more fruity and sweet, and the freshness of wasabi-look-like mint paste will neutralize your taste buds before continuing your adventure with other set menu.  


Beetroot juice, seared asparagus, yellow zucchini purée, mussel mousseline (cod fish confit with jangu brunoise olive oil, steamed with beet root juice)  

Let us introduce jangu (acorus calamus), a Balinese traditional spice usually used to remove the “fishy flavour” in dishes. The very soft texture of cod fish is infused with jangu and extra virgin olive oil and steamed. For the side dish, we have beetroot juice, asparagus, and yellow zucchini purée to balance the deep blue sea taste and earth perfume. To enrich the flavour, we add our mussel mousseline made from green mussel, Sauvignon Blanc, and tarragon.  



Cube roll, tamarind purée, okra, and pickled vegetables  

Boneless rib-eye meat served with tamarind purée, pickled vegetables and okra – a tropical vegetable popular in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. This dish has a beef demi-glace sauce simmered for 8 hours – an elegant touch to this dish, with deep and rich flavour.  


Havana sauce, chocolate sauce, and grain mustard  

Have you imagined the exotic taste of Havana cigar on your plate? Rosemary, thyme, shallot, chives, beetroot and local spices are the ingredients for our Havana sauce, balanced with Shiraz. The chocolate sauce made with real chocolate – an additional luxury to this high-quality lamb chop.    


Cassia, red rice, Jack Daniel’s  

The strong and unique flavour and aroma from this whiskey blends perfectly with the red rice from Tabanan, Central Bali. It has the same strong characteristic with Jack Daniel’s, a woody and earthy flavour. To add to the sweetness and richness of the drink, we add cassia, an aromatic bark, similar to cinnamon but stronger. Best served cold or at room temperature.  


Kintamani orange, lemongrass  

Besides the coffee, the highlands of Kintamani – the North-eastern part of Bali at Mount Batur caldera – is famous for its oranges. Kintamani orange is highly productive – its rind is yellow to golden yellow and easy to peel, it has high water, vitamin C, and calcium content. This sweet and fresh-tasting citrus has a long shelf life and adapts well to the highlands. We bring this unique characteristic along with lemongrass to freshen up your day.  


Marlboro cloves, milk, cream, and egg  

Sorry, this is non-smoking area. But you can still have the sensation of smoking by enjoying our Marlboro emulsions along with hot coffee. The taste of cloves – the most powerful flavour of all the world’s spices – will definitely answer your desire to smoke a cigarette. No lighter, please!


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