Return Ticket to Flavour and Back: A Tasteful Education

Seniman Coffee Studio is at the forefront of transforming the perception of coffee shop culture within Indonesia. Building from the conversation and buzz found at their Coffee Studio in Bali, the team have designed a unique opportunity for residents and tourists to further their interest in coffee.   Always innovating and trialing new creative ideas, Seniman Coffee Studio are unveiling their keenly anticipated ‘Workshop’.  

More in common with a cultural cooking class or an evening fine wine tasting, Seniman’s ‘Coffee Journey’ Workshop sets out the argument for a new appreciation in coffee. Demonstrating years of knowledge and global experience, the team has constructed an accessible yet comprehensive journey through the incredible breadth and potential of coffee.  

Hosted at Seniman Coffee Studio’s Ubud location, these 2-hour workshops begin with an introduction of coffee through the ages up to the present ‘Third Wave’ specialist coffee shop trend. The Master Roaster, Rodney Glick, will demonstrate his creative vision for roasting to optimize the beans for different styles of brews. Throughout the workshop the teams head Baristas will skillfully craft a range of coffees made on multiple different apparatus including the much coveted yet hard to master Syphon. The workshop is fully interactive with numerous tastings, practical hands-on and opportunity for discussions.  

Professionals from within the coffee industry from across Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, UK and Australia were invited to participate in developing the content led by the Seniman team.   Class sizes are restricted to a maximum of 10 people for high level of engagement with everyone. Bookings are available for individuals or groups.  

Seniman offer complimentary events and training that can be built around the core ‘Coffee Journey’ Workshop with the specific aim to develop knowledge and train practical skills.  

  • Coffee Journey: Coffee Tasting, Home Barista, Cupping
  • Roasting Experience
  • Pour-over Barista
  • Aeropress Barista
  • Training Courses; Espresso Barista, Manual Barista, Latte Art, Roaster
  • Plantation visits; Harvest season only August/September

Being a barista in Australia’s burgeoning coffee industry, I love overseas travel and new cultural experiences. The combination of coffee and a workshop format for visitors is a great idea. The Seniman crews are incredibly knowledgeable but unpretentious which makes for a great combination of education and fun. I’m sure Seniman will have a great success with this initiative. –  Mike, Professional Barista, Australia.    

Seniman are at the forefront of inventive coffee roasting. There are pushing the boundaries of roasting and initiating new conversations around coffee in all its forms. Indonesia needs Seniman.–  Robert, Coffee Roaster, Jakarta  

Visitors to Bali always love to see where coffee is grown! Many people have never seen a coffee tree and really enjoy meeting the local farmers. When they see the process of growing and harvesting coffee their appreciation of drinking coffee expands. I love seeing the smile on peoples’ faces when they see the ripe coffee fruit and connect this to the drink they have in the café. My job is very rewarding. –  Kadek, coffee farmers co-op representative from Kintamani, Bali.  

Seniman Coffee Studio

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