Club Med Bali Resort: The Ultimate Destination

Fun for kids, relaxing for mum and dad: renovated Club Med Bali Resort, a ‘Heaven on Earth’ for families.

Club Med is delighted to unveil its renovated resort in Bali, with the new dedicated Children’s Clubs for kids of all ages and upgraded deluxe rooms, following the successful launch of a new Zen Pool and gourmet lounge restaurant in 2014. “For anyone looking for the ultimate destination to spend a family holiday on one of the world’s most truly magical islands, then the Club Med Bali Resort really has it all,” says Bruno Courbet, Country Director, Club Med Indonesia.

The new family space gives kids of all ages the opportunity to enjoy activities with other children under the careful supervision of Club Med’s famously friendly staff – known as G.Os from the French term Gentils Organisateurs.  

The facilities cater for children of all ages from four months to 17 years and give kids the opportunity to discover Bali’s enchanting culture – as well as a sense of freedom – while having fun with other youngsters from around the world. Designed by renowned French architect Marc Hertrich, who has designed high-end boutiques, restaurants and resorts around the world as well as Club Med Bali, the family space is spread over two levels and features wooden structures adorned with traditional Balinese carpentry.  

The Baby Club Med, on the ground floor, offers facilities for little ones aged between four months and 23 months. Decorated in such a way as to whisk babies into a magical world, way up in the sky surrounded by clouds and kites, Baby Club Med is run by specially trained G.Os. They pay close attention to the tots’ biological rhythms, adapting their nutritional, sleep and play schedules and balancing their activities to ensure the kids always leave in good spirits.  

The Petit and Mini Club Med, between them offering educational and entertaining activities for kids aged two to 10, are brightly and freshly decorated with graphics and drawings depicting Bali’s rich wildlife and its traditional puppets, creating an energizing and vibrant space for fun and learning.  

The wide range of activities on offer includes flying trapeze, bungee bouncing, arts & crafts, dance lessons and much more. The Children’s Clubs allows kids to discover new things about themselves, other people and the world. It is a stimulating and natural environment that provides them with a window onto the rest of the world. While mixing with other nationalities and forming new friendships, they also get to discover the natural diversity and local culture of Bali. The family space also includes a Splash Park area where parents and children can have fun in a water play area together.  

“We put a lot of thought into creating a family-friendly environment to ensure that everyone has the dream holiday. Mum and dad can enjoy peace and quiet by the Zen Pool while the kids are having the time of their lives in our new dedicated family space,” added Courbet.  

The breathtaking design of the adults-only Zen space is based around a grand staircase entrance that gives way to the pool area featuring loungers on the water, four-poster beds on the lawn and the welcome shade of overhead canopies suspended from imposing stone columns; all in a perfectly landscaped setting with spectacular views over the ocean. It provides the quintessential atmosphere to soak up the ambience and enjoy a truly zen experience in absolute harmony with the surroundings.  

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