BART, Bar @ The Rooftop, Artotel Jakarta – Thamrin

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

Indonesia’s lauded new hotel group, Artotel Indonesia, will open a rooftop bar at its Thamrin property Oct. 17. In the jammed crazed capital with its high-rises and notorious traffic, Bart offers an air of luxury, a seventh floor rooftop sanctuary mixing lively atmosphere, hospitality and panoramic views of the leafy residential district of Menteng and the glass and marble corridor of Jalan Thamrin and beyond.  

“Seven floors above street level is distance enough to forget about the snarl of traffic below,” said hotel general manager, Daniel Sunu Prasetyo. “The clubby and industrial fashioned interior is a refuge for the weary office manager, a casual perch to enjoy a sip and a bite with friends and coworkers and appreciate the stillness that elevation provides.”  

The owners had BART in the planning since the hotel opened in October, 2013, a concept that mixes modern art and accommodation positioned as stylish boutique, a property that is considered mid-range affordable boutique with a central location that attracts a balance of international tourists and local business people.  

“We planned to open the hotel first and focus on the essentials of comfortable accommodation, hospitality and art events while running almost a consistent 90% occupancy since opening,” said Artotel Indonesia CEO, Erastus Radjimin. “’Bar at the rooftop or, BART, was a project we put on hold until our first year anniversary was behind us and that time is now.”

As part of its anniversary celebration on Oct. 17, BART will be the press venue for seven Indonesian artists and their “Art for Everyone” exhibition held at the hotel’s Mezzanine gallery through to Dec. 1 2014.    

BART features an eight-person VIP room with AC although general manager Daniel Sunu Prasetyo says the overhead fans and rooftop breeze make for a comfortable setting and with plenty of cover for up to 100 people in the event of rain.  

Editor in chief of Jakarta-based Destinasian magazine, Chris Hill says: “Rooftop bars are increasing in popularity as people come to appreciate the vertical respite they offer from life at ground level, not to mention views that are intoxicating in their own right. From Singapore’s Sands Skypark to New York City’s Ink48 and Aer at the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, having a drink high in the sky is just more fun.”  

About Artotel Jakarta – Thamrin

Artotel is a play on the words “art” and “hotel”. Art refers to the contemporary art-influenced design of the lobby, public areas and hotel rooms. These designs are created by local artists as part of Artotel’s efforts to directly support and promote Indonesian contemporary art.  

“Art isn’t just a decorative accent here, but is rather part of a totality that delivers a distinctive experience for guests. Along with its artistic emphasis, Artotel is committed to providing quality accommodation in terms of service as well as product, such as the ”Art Bedding Collection” which is designed to pamper guests, and the exclusive Artotel Amenities in each studio room. This Art concept has inspired Artotel’s preparations for the design concept, character, and all applications and functionality, down to preparing our business activities as a whole,” said Christine Radjimin – Chairman Artotel Indonesia.

“The lobby of Artotel Jakarta-Thamrin isn’t just a lobby as it is in a typical hotel, but also functions as a Rotation Gallery, creating an atmosphere and experiences that change monthly for guests.”

Just as art pieces are never exactly alike, each Artotel Indonesia property exhibits different designs and signature colors, such as purple for Artotel Jakarta-Thamrin and orange for Artotel Surabaya. Apart from colors, every Artotel property is also assigned a distinctive ART quotation which reflects the unique characteristics, personality and concept of that Artotel. Going forward, Artotel Indonesia will expand to other properties in Indonesia such as Artotel Bandung (2015) and Artotel Bali-Sanur (2015), each with different hotel concepts of course.  

As an art inspired design hotel, Artotel targets smart travellers looking for strategically located accommodations with quality facilities in which they can experience the unique “ARTmosphere” at an affordable price.  

”…..usually art hotels in this world just have a vacant room hung with many paintings (or artwork) and call themselves art hotel. At Artotel, we don’t just hang up paintings (or any artwork), rather we integrate the art itself as part of the overall hotel concept and design. We hope that our hotel guests will have a lasting experience and impressions while staying at Artotel, from the check-in to the check out process. At Artotel, we believe and are committed to our core values namely Creativity, Artistic, Simple and Efficient,” said Erastus Radjimin – CEO Artotel Indonesia.  

Artotel Thamrin has 107 Studios (rooms), 1 Restaurant & Bar under the brand RoCA (Restaurant of Contemporary ART), 2 meeting rooms with capacity for 10 – 200 pax, an Art Gallery, Business Center and a Roof Top Bar.

About Artotel Indonesia

Artotel Indonesia is a Hotel Management company that focuses on hotels with art inspired design, led by young business professionals with experience in property, the hotel industry, design & branding, sales and marketing.

Artotel Indonesia has two properties in operation in 2013, namely Artotel Surabaya  opened on July 7, 2012 and Artotel Jakarta-Thamrin which launched on 17 October 2013. Going forward, Artotel Indonesia will expand to other cities such as Artotel Bandung (2015) and Artotel Bali-Sanur (2015), each showcasing a unique hotel concept.  

Making money is art, and working is art, and good business is the best art.

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