Turkuaz – Authentic Turkish Kitchen

Turkish Jewel in The Heart of Jakarta

WITH the rise in popularity of Turkish cuisine, Turkuaz is designed to be one of the leading restaurants in offering of a truly memorable authentic dining experience. Opened in July 2011, the essence of true enjoyment of the dining experience is influenced by the food, service and ambience which are found in this restaurant.  

Turkuaz – Authentic Turkish Kitchen, named after Mediterranean oceanic blue colour, opens for lunch and dinner, offers authentic Turkish cuisine, lead by Proprietor and Head Chef Sezai Zorlu, a visionary and innovative Turkish chef.

Outstanding dedication and an endure love of Ottoman cuisines are the understatement excellence that Chef Sezai Zorlu demonstrated during his 20 years culinary experience. Chef Sezai Zorlu is excited to continue to share his cuisine in his new restaurant, knowledge, skills and undoubted expertise with everyone in Jakarta.  

Situated on Jalan Gunawarman No. 32, Kebayoran Baru, Turkuaz is a restaurant with modern elegant Turkish décor that is suitable for bothformal and casual dining experience. A combination of the colours – blue Turkuaz and grey – along with a colourful and stunning Turkish chandelier give the restaurant being like an art gallery, while watching your bread freshly baked in the wood oven. ”The richness and depth of our culture and customs are reflected in the atmosphere in our restaurants and our aromatic food that is cooked with passion from age-old recipes of Ottoman Empire handed down through generations” explained Chef Sezai Zorlu.  

Menus at Turkuaz include the vast culinary influences of the Ottoman times, prepared with Ingredients are specially imported from Turkey and Middle East and are chosen with the utmost care, to ensure that the healthiest, freshest and finest produce are used in the preparation of enticing cuisine served with a stylish presentation.  

Sezai Zorlu, Turkish cuisine ambassador in Indonesia since 1999 serving the people of Jakarta, will showcase his culinary skills as he transforms fresh ingredients, herbs and spices into tasty, healthy and sumptuous dishes.  

Turkish food lovers will relish on the signature dishes such as Lamb Shank, overnight wood oven baked fork tender shank of lamb, and Adana Kebabs freshly minced beef, lamb or chicken with chili paste spices char grilled on skewers served with icli pilav. Other favorites that will whet the appetite include Yayla Kebab, Kofte’s on sautéed lavas bread, dry chili & homemade yoghurt garlic sauce, and Sis Kebabs, overnight marinated fillets of beef, lamb or chicken cubes char grilled on skewers served with icli pilav.  

Guests may round-off the meal with a selection of sweet Turkish desserts as the must-try is the popular Baklava, baked layers of fillo pastry with butter and pistachio sweetened with original homemade syrup and Rice Pudding, wood oven baked creamy cold rice pudding as well as Turkish tea or coffee to conclude the culinary journey. In addition, a variety of flavored Nargile (Sheesha) is available to enjoy for a complete Turkish experience.  

Tulip Private Room

Tulip Private Room is beautifully designed to complement the restaurant which accommodates up to 8 people comfortably or even a friendly 10, the perfect place for family get-together, business meetings or dinner parties.  

This turquoise color dining room is elegantly decorated with charming blue chandelier that suit perfectly with the dark brown wooden ceiling and tulip ornaments on one wall. The Mediterranean window overlooking the colorful chandelier of the restaurant adds to the whole experience as if you are in a Mediterranean dining room.  

Outside Catering Services

Turkuaz Outside Catering Services offers a truly memorable dining and catering experience with fresh cooking at the convenience of your own venue for special occasions. Ingredients are brought in with utmost care to ensure the healthiest, freshest and finest produce are used and grilled to perfection in front of guests to create delightful dishes. Delectable authentic Turkish kitchen, freshly prepared food, personalized service is Turkuaz all about.  

Opening Hours

Sundays to Thursdays : 11.30am – 10.00pm (last order)

Fridays and Saturdays : 11.30am – 10.30pm (last order)  

Please call 021 7279 5846 or 021 7279 5853 for reservations.

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