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The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is endowed with great diversity in terms of ethnic groups, languages, culture, tradition and religions. This diversity is also reflected in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta, which is the seat of the Indonesian government with a population of over 11 million people, is a metropolitan city and at the same time a tourist destination city with amazing charm. 

As a metropolitan city, Jakarta has a full- range of facilities and infrastructure, ranging from the most modest to the most modern. Cheap hostels and posh star-rated hotels are available as well as sidewalk shopping centers and imposing and comfortable plazas. Various entertainment sites like discotheques, night clubs, bars, international restaurants as well as food stalls in tents are indeed attractive in their own uniqueness. 

Tourist and recreational objects in Jakarta that are worth visiting include among others Sunda Kelapa Port, museums, the National Monument (Monas), the Ragunan Zoo, the Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park and the Keong Emas Imax Theater, Tamah Ria Senayan, Fantasy World, Jaya Ancol Dream Land with its Sea World and many others.

In adition, the composition of the population, made up of migrants from various regions across the country with their ethnic cultures and traditions, has made Jakarta virtually ”the Cultural Window” of the Indonesian people.


Tourism in Bali is the most advanced and developed sector but there are still chances for this sector to be developed in its modernity. This region is endowed with various tourist objects related to nature, history or culture. Take nature-related tourism, for example. This covers 47 tourist objects such as the panorama in Kintamani, the Kuta Beach, Legian, Sanur, the Land of Lot, Nusa Panida, Nusa Dua, Karangasem, Lake Batur, Lake Bedugul, Sangieh Nature Reserve, West Bali National park and Menjangan Island Sea Garden. 

Photo by JT on Unsplash

Meanwhile, culture-related tourism covers 83 tourist objects for example the art-related tourism in Ubud, the sacred site of the Land of Lot, the Barong rite in Jimbaran and various places of art and galleries, which have sprung up in several locations on Bali Island.

This culture-related tourism has been developing very rapidly, especially because many works of arts have been produced by Balinese artists and sculptors. Some expatriate artists have long stayed in Bali, for example Mario Blanko, Arie Smith, Rudolf Bonner and others. Likewise with history-related tourism. This can be enjoyed through some historical objects like the royal palaces in Karangasem, Klungkung and Buleleng.


In Indonesia’s map of tourism, the potential of Yogyakarta Special Region is ranked second after Bali. DIY is endowed with various objects for tourism, either physically or non-physically, aside from the region’s readiness in providing facilities to support tourism. Dubbed the city of education, Yogyakarta has human resources that are relatively of a good quality. 

In addition, the region is also home to no fewer than 70,000 handicraft undertaking units and it also possesses other facilities that are highly conducive to promote tourism such as diverse accommodation and transportation facilities, various catering services, general travel agencies with the support of adequate tour guides and tourist security teams called ”Bhayangkara Wisata”.

The region’s potential for tourism becomes bigger thanks to its location next to the province of Central Java, so that the variety of tourist objects will increase. DIY is endowed with various specific objects with a strong and unique character such as the royal palace, Prambanan Temple and the silver handicraft in Kotagede. These specific objects enjoys the support given by a harmonious combination of physical and non-physical objects.

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