Thursday, October 02, 2014

Pretty boys? I'll pass

You know a local actress has made it when she appears on the cover of an overseas magazine. Singaporean Pamelyn Chee drew eyeballs this week with a sexy cover photo shoot in Indonesian lifestyle magazine MALE. In an eight-page spread in the weekly, the 31-year-old poses in revealing outfits that show off her curves.

The cover shoot is part of recent promotional activities for Chee's HBO Asia mini-series Grace, which will premiere on HBO (StarHub TV Channel 601) on Oct 17 at 10pm. In the four-part horror series, she plays a man's (Russell Wong) mistress.

Although Chee had to pose in lingerie for the five-hour photo shoot at Conrad Centennial Hotel in Singapore, she did not feel body-conscious. The candid actress told The New Paper over the phone: "It is whatever it is. If the photos turn out bad, there is always Photoshop. It's part and parcel of my job of being an actress, I cannot shy away from my body."

Chee recalls happy moments from the photo shoot, saying: "The Indonesians love techno, so they played loud techno music during the photo shoot and that made everyone more relaxed. The whole place felt like a disco."

This is the first time MALE has put a Singaporean on its cover. In October last year, DJ Tenashar became the first Singaporean to be featured on the cover of Playboy Thailand.

MALE's editor-in-chief Burhan Abe said: "Pamelyn is like a new magnet in the entertainment industry in Asia and Male had the privilege to feature her - with her sexy body and cool story."

In the magazine, Chee talked about living her dream of being an actress and wanting to act in productions in Indonesia. She also said: "I always like men who are not good-looking and who don't talk too much."

Citing actor Benicio Del Toro as her idea of an attractive man, she added: "Good-looking men are nice to look at but there's not enough dimension. After a while, it gets boring."

Mr Burhan added: "Indonesians know Singapore well. I think they want to know more about the entertainment industry in Singapore, so as a Singaporean actress, Pamelyn has a market in Indonesia."

And it seems like Chee is set on drawing more attention in the region soon with new projects on hand. The busy actress is wrapping up filming for local director Kelvin Tong's new English-language horror movie The Faith Of Anna Waters.

When not filming in Asia, Chee spends her time in the US, shuttling between New York City and Los Angeles and exploring work opportunities in Hollywood. She has been flying solo in the past year after she did not renew her contract with her former agency FLY Entertainment, choosing to take on projects as and when they come.

She said: "I want to expand my work in the region - China, Indonesia and Malaysia. "Work is everywhere. It is good to explore because with each project, I become a better actor and I gain more experience." (


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