Seeking the Perfect Gift in Dubai’s Souks

Don’t be afraid to pop some crunchy herbs in your mouth or give a dried fruit a sniff, you’ll never know until you try. While you’re at it, bag a bunch of saffron, this spice is usually extremely expensive in other countries and would make as a lovely gift. The Spice Souk also offers all kinds of dried fruit, including dates, another exquisite gift you can bring home as a souvenir. Why not let your loved ones have a taste of your trip!  

Spice Souk: Located in Deira, next to the Gold Souk. Opening hours: Saturday – Thursday 10AM-10PM, Friday 4PM-10PM.  

Textile Souk

Whether you’re or not you’re a fashionista the Dubai Textile Souk is a place you must visit. The vivacious vibrant colors you’ll see here compete with the multi-colored spices at the Spice Souk. Offering an array of fabrics and colors, feel the touch of a variety of materials collected from all over the world and gathered at this very souk. Glide your hand against velvets, suede, silk, pure cotton, and choose your favorite texture.

This Textile Souk is especially popular for its bright pashmina-shawls and traditional Arabian shoes that would be so appreciated by your girlfriends. For the men, this large souk has leather wallets and belts in all sorts and colors. When purchasing at the Textile Souk, always barter for a lower price and try to purchase from one store as the store owner will be more likely to give you a better discount.  

Textile Souk: Located in Bur Dubai, near Bur Dubai Abra Station. Opening hours: Saturday – Thursday 8AM-1.30PM and 4PM-9PM, closed on Fridays.  

Souk Al Bahar

If you’re less into exploring, and more into sitting by a creek sipping a cup of coffee, Souk Al Bahar is the souk for you. You can even buy your own traditional Arabian coffee pot to bring home and relive your Dubai experience in the confines of your own living room. This classic coffee pot would also be a perfect souvenir for your coffee loving friends and family.

As a more modern souk, Souk Al Bahar mirrors a shopping mall where you can find almost anything, including traditional Arabic lamps you can purchase to take home — be careful though, this particular souvenir, whether for a gift or for yourself to enjoy is rather fragile and may be difficult to take home. A much easier option also available at Souk Al Bahar are the adorable camel shaped chocolates. Authentically Dubai, these are a delightful and humorous souvenir for loved ones, how worth it would it be to see the smile on their faces?  

Souk Al Bahar: Downtown Dubai at 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard Opening hours: Saturday – Thursday 10AM-10PM, Friday 2PM-10PM   So put your bargaining skills to good use — or better yet, begin practicing them, and land yourself a souvenir that will genuinely show your family and friends that they’re really always in your thoughts. Hunt and explore for your souvenir at one, if not all of Dubai’s amazing and exotic souks. These truly one of a kind souks are waiting for your appearance.    

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