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SINGAPORE has always been and continues to be a shopper’s paradise. Although other major cities in the world have also built shopping malls the city-state remains an attractive choice for branded goods. The following are the experiences of people who frequent Singapore for shopping. (Burhan Abe, The Jakarta Post, September 30, 2011)

Farah Quinn, Celebrity Chef

While I seldom go to Singapore for shopping alone, during my frequent visits I am always tempted to do some shopping, because the moment I step out of my hotel there are lines of malls and shops. So the vibe is instantly shopping and nothing else.

Although shopping is not always on the top of my to-do list, when I return to Indonesia I find that I am carrying lots of things, including fashion items, apparel as well as the cooking utensils that I need for my profession.

I also often purchase food items, because although Singapore is lacking in natural resources and most of its food items are imported, shopping for such things in Singapore is enjoyable due to the available variety – more complete than here in Indonesia – and the guaranteed quality.

Payment is quite convenient with cash or credit card. What is unique is that we can get a refund for sales tax at the airport.

Photo by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash

Anastasia F. Sadikun, Businesswoman/Socialite

Why Singapore? Because of its proximity to Indonesia. While shopping in Jakarta is equally attractive nowadays, going to Singapore for shopping has an element of travelling abroad as well. I used to fly to Singapore four to five times a month, but now being tied up at the office I rarely visit the city-state.

I love to shop for fashion items, especially handbags, and also wine, which is cheaper in Singapore than in Indonesia, because here there is luxury goods tax levied on wine.

Apart from being close geographically Singapore guarantees the products sold there including the service. Once I bought a branded handbag costing Rp 40 million and when it was damaged, just a little, mind you, they repaired it for free! This kind of service brings me back to Singapore again and again. My shopping destination is usually Orchard Road and I also like to go to Marina Bay Sands for shopping because it is new, huge and very complete. For payment I can use a number of credit cards, such as Master card, Visa or even Amex which has a more flexible limit.

I go to Singapore not only for shopping, for also for spa treatments and eating out, and for all this Singapore is still heaven!

Ayi Tjakrawadena, Businesswoman

Singapore is a shopper’s heaven. I can’t remember exactly how many times I have been there, but every time I want a branded item Singapore is the right place. I think the main reason is that it is simply so practical. I often I don’t have enough time to stay overnight so I go in the morning and fly back at night. That way it is just like going to a mall in Jakarta, but with a different ambience. In Singapore the goods are up to date and during the sale season it is a perfect for women to shop there.

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