Anti-aging Treatments in Jakarta

Anti-aging medicine is based on the latest medical technology for early detection, prevention and cure and the restoration of various malfunctions, handicaps and diseases related to aging for a long healthy life. Although the terminology anti-aging is controversial, scientific data indicates that the aging process can be slowed down, postponed or even reversed so that one can have a longer and healthier life.

While aging cannot really be stopped, the right anti-aging therapy can slow down the visible results of aging so that you can still appear beautiful at any age. “Not only that as we can also help you with decreased vitality and spirit for life which normally accompany aging,” promises Dr. Deby Vinsky on her beauty and anti-aging clinic website.

As a doctor specializing in beauty care Dr. Deby has handled hundreds of such cases. Her clinic offers an anti-aging program using the latest technology and techniques while at the same time minimizing surgical procedures using the following: Infuse Anti-Aging therapy, HRT therapy such as Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Stem Cell all of which have benefited her numerous patients.

What is obvious today is that the consumer demand for anti-aging treatment keeps increasing. One beauty clinic owner who has five branches in Jakarta said the major demand is for skin treatment, such as rejuvenating using chemical peeling, botox injections as well as plastic surgery.

When talking about skin care clinics, Erha Clinic comes to mind as probably the most aggressive.  Initially a small clinic in Kemanggisan area in West Jakarta when it first opened on Sept. 28, 1999, Erha provides professional dermatology services while its products are formulated by its team of dermatologists.

Currently Erha Clinic is available in major cities in Indonesia while the two Central National Erha Clinics are reference clinics for the other branches, namely Erha Clinic Kelapa Gading, the largest skin care clinic in Asia and Erha Clinic Kemanggisan. Not only does it enjoy an excellent reputation in its home country, Erha Clinic is the largest and most complete dermatology clinic in Asia that provides world class service.

With the middle to upper segment as its target the clinic is fully equipped with cable TV, free Internet access, food corner, children’s area and priority service for those that require faster service and privacy.  (Burhan Abe)

The Jakarta Post, February 28, 2011

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