Sophisticated Technology is Not Always Costly

At the Vein Clinic, micro-sclerotherapy with vein-lite is available, which is a sophisticated trans-illumination technology to visualize veins. The Vein Clinic uses vein-lite to locate spider veins in order to remove them accurately.

Next to micro-sclerotherapy, the clinic also has duplex ultrasound scanning to accurately detect leg valve disorders; phebectomy mini-ambulatori, which is a method to remove varicose veins in the legs and to remove varicose veins without stitches but using intense pulsed light for safer surgery in the removal of spider veins; vein wave, which is an exclusive method to remove a vein effectively with needles and relatively without pain.

Another medical center in Singapore that attracts international patients is the Singapore Medical Specialists Centre (SMSC). The SMSC provides medical care to busy individuals, in which full health screening with results and diagnostic reports can all be done at the center and completed in a few hours.

In short, hospitals in Singapore are competing with each other to enhance their medical technology and their services. The reason is the 581.5-square-kilometer city-state with its population of less than 4.5 million is doing its very best to attract patients from all over the world, especially Asia.

Malaysia is doing very much the same thing as many of its hospitals are equipped with various sophisticated technology. Some areas like Malacca and Penang are offering medical tours to attract foreign tourists. It is not surprising, therefore, that today Malaysia is considered one of the most attractive destinations for medical tours along with several other Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, India and China.

Indeed, these countries are attractive destinations for medical tours because for patients from Europe, the United States and the Middle East the cost is relatively low and there is easy and convenient access to medical services. The low cost does not mean that the aforementioned countries do not have the latest medical technology. Thailand, for example, is well known for its capability in various complicated surgeries, beauty care as well as alternative medical programs like spas and Eastern traditional medication.

According to Kenneth Mays, marketing director of Bumrungrad International Hospital, the high standard of Thailand’s medical care and service has drawn the attention of numerous foreign tourists. “We offer an ideal combination of medical care and service both at government as well as private hospitals. In view of the cost, Americans certainly prefer to come here because the cost is 60 to 80 percent lower than in the United States.” (Burhan Abe)

The Jakarta Post, October 14, 201

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