The Unique Blending of Notebook and Mobile Phone

The notebook has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years, and early this year its worldwide sales exceeded that of PCs. Previously, notebooks were predominantly used in business circles as they were unaffordable for the middle income segment. However, along with its technological development, and as numerous manufacturers started producing notebooks, it has gradually become more affordable. Currently, some notebooks carry a price tag of only Rp 4 million.

Today it is not easy to choose a notebook as a wide range of brands and series are available on the market. However, lower-end notebooks also incorporate various useful features. What is certain is that notebooks have become an essential gadget for quite a number of people. Most interesting is the fact that wireless and 3G technology is also available for connection to the Internet.

In a report by the Gartner Group, analysts stated that in the near future content will be accessible anywhere, anytime and with almost any gadget, including PC and mobile phone. While some years back a mobile phone was unsightly and bulky, today it is small and sleek. Its technology has also developed rapidly. So, be prepared for the arrival of the smartbook after the notebook and netbook.

Perhaps in the not too distant future it will be hard to distinguish between a notebook and a mobile phone. Mobile phone manufacturers are enhancing their products to become mini computers, while computer-makers have entered mobile phone territory.

Apple, for example, did not stop its efforts after launching MacBook, but came up with the phenomenal iPhone. Acer, which used to produce only computers, has revolutionized the market with its Android system mobile phone. This smart mobile phone from Acer is called Liquid. At Acer’s annual conference in London recently Liquid was mentioned as the first Android 1.6 mobile phone on the market.

Meanwhile, German CPU mobile phone specialist Qualcomm SnapDragon claims on its website that it will manufacture a smartbook with the fastest processor like Google Android or Acer Base Liquid Android F1 Smartphone 765 Mhz.

It adds that the smartbook will operate efficiently at a faster speed than PCs. Nor will the smartbook depend on Windows OS as its operation system, but Qualcomm has not clearly specify the operation system to be used, whether an open source like Linux or another special operation system. The smartbook will have a slim, light and fashionable appearance.

According to Qualcomm, the smartbook will be no thicker than 2 centimeters and weigh less than 1 kilogram. It will have a long lasting battery and can be operated for between eight and 10 hours, and one week in standby mode.

For connectivity, Qualcomm’s smartbook will use 4G technology, while a number of cell phone brands are already available in 3.5 G. The smartbook will also have a GPS feature, which has already become a trend for smart phones. It seems Qualcomm’s smartbook will be a perfect blend of smartphone and notebook.

Sony Ericsson is also coming up with its own version of the smartbook, called Sony Vaio P or Xperia.

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