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Sexy icons are not just the monopoly of the ladies, even the guys get a chance to be one. What makes a man sexy? There will certainly be more than one answer to that question. What is clear, is that the criteria is not just about physical attributes,or at least this is what the ME Asia 2008 polling results showed.

The search for sexy men in Indonesia is not as popular as searching for sexy women, with their large variety of contests. There have been several teenage magazines that have found their cover boys, and women’s magazines have often had articles featuring their choices of sexy and attractive men. However this still only counts as an addition to the main and more exciting event where the object is women.

It’s a different story in America, for example. People Magazine, to mention an example, has a long standing tradition in selecting the sexiest men, a tradition whose echo has been heard around the world. Who doesn’t know that actor Matt Damon was crowned as the ”Sexiest Man” in 2007? Matt actually rejects being called that, but his down-to-earth nature has made the magazine more determined to keep the actor, born in Massachusetts, on October 8, 1970, in first place.

It is not without reason that People established Damon as the sexiest man in the world. The star of the film ”Bourne Identity” which achieved commercial success and last year starred in two Oscar -winning films, ”The Departed” and ”Syriana”, with his low profile attitude and status as a family-loving man made him a logical winner.

So, it turns out that it is not just a matter of physical attributes, the non-physical characteristics play just as important a role. So, at present, it is not so strange if a man makes himself sexy. Times have changed. It is no longer taboo for men to pay attention to their appearance, make an effort to look neat, and even follow the in fashions.

Photo by Scorpio Creative on Unsplash

They are in the know about all kinds of etiquette, such as how to ask a woman out on a date, having dinner at a restaurant, the right choice of perfume, being conscious about fashion, taste in art, and lots more. This is the new generation of adult men who are mature and care about their appearance, not only to attract the opposite sex, but also to attain perfection. They are called ”metrosexual” men. (Burhan Abe)

ME Asia 2008

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