For Mobile Workers, Office Location not Important

2) Mobile phone. Although this is a common piece of equipment these days, a mobile worker should have a mobile phone that can be used as a GPRS/CDMA modern for times when there is no cable LAN network or Wi-Fi in a particular area. If you just want to browse a simple website, you can do so via your SmartPhone but when you must send data, which is more complex in nature and of a large size, through an e-mail, a laptop is still the first choice.

3) PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), which is small, light and always on, so that professionals can work to the optimum with this device. The main function of a PDA is to manage tasks and schedule, but you can also use it to look for information on the Internet.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

To have a complete range of equipment is the dream of every mobile worker. However, there is more fun in it when the functions of all these devices have been converged in just one device alone. Carrying a device that has various functions is very practical, especially because technology-wise this trend continues to strengthen. (Eddy P. Kasdiono)

The Jakarta Post, January 22, 2008

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