Sunglasses: A Fad as Popular as Fashion

What is something that you must have when you plan to do activities outdoors? Aside from sun block, sunglasses must be worn when you are out of your house.

Today sunglasses serve not only to give you proper shade against sunshine but they are also one item fashion as trendy as the dress. Do you wish to look as stylish as Paris Hilton or Victoria Beckham, both of whom appear stunning while walking along the red carpet? Or, if you are a gentleman, do you wish to look like the cool George Clooney or the dashing Tom Cruise in Top Gun, or like Dennis Rodman, the eccentric Black American athlete? You can be like any of them because various types of sunglasses are available in the market now.

Various types of models and frame variations as well as colors pamper fashionistas to look more stylish. There are a great variety of frames: wide frames, small frames that fit the eyes or even squared and oval ones. The colors are also varied: Neutral colors like black, brown and blue or bright colors like green or red. You only have to adjust the frames and their colors with your own personality, and most importantly, with your pocket.

Pocket? Certainly, as the prices are also varied, ranging from the cheap non-branded sunglasses, commonly called cengdem (an Indonesian acronym meaning that spending just Rp 1000 you can have your sunglasses) to sunglasses that are sold at millions of rupiah as they are branded or made by top fashion designers, such as Burberry D & G, Gucci, Chanel, Alain Mikli, Louis Vuitton, Furla, Zegna, Celine, Givenchy, Loewe, Chopard, Escada, Etro or Oakley.

Fashion changes and sunglasses are also like the changing fashion. Take, for example, sunglasses with broad frames that used to be very popular. Today these sunglasses are trendy again. Their oversize feature gives an impression of glamor. Meanwhile, if you wish to look classic and sophisticated, sunglasses in the style of Jackie O’s may be the best choice.

Sunglasses that look like “cat’s eyes” are also in great demand today, especially because this model can match nearly all shapes of faces. The retro impression of the shape of these sunglasses matches with a stylish impression, especially with the addition of trendy color play.

In the case of color choice, the dominant colors remain black and brown as these are the most neutral colors. As for colorful colors now trendy, they are pink, green, white and red. “It is wrong to say that it is the color of the skin that determines the color of your sunglasses. It is common practice today to choose the color of your dress for the color of your sunglasses,” he said.

One thing to remember, however, is that when you choose your sunglasses, don’t pay attention to the fashion factor only as you also take into account the scope of protection against light reflection, the color of lenses and the frames of the sunglasses. Your sunglasses must be functional and give you the greatest benefit.

It is also this commitment that Oakley wishes to demonstrate. “It’s a half science, a half art,” said Paul Hutson, Technical Advisor of Oakley Indonesia.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

The philosophy of Oakley, which is based in California, in the design of sunglasses is to find a solution through science and package it with art. The consequence is that every product they turn out comes from the best materials. The glass material that Oakley uses is made of plutonite, which is polycarbonate generally used for glasses products. In the case of Oakley, however, they use only the purest plutonite so that your glasses will be shock-resistant, lightweight and also resistant against all kinds of ultraviolet and blue light.

The color of Oakley lenses is very strong and permanent so that it does easily fade. The coloring of the lenses is conducted when the plutonite is still in its liquid form. “Oakley lenses with their high-definition optics feature provides pristine sight,” Paul said.

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