Friday, February 24, 2017

Celebrity Chef Joins in Relaunch of Aryaduta Hotel Group

One of Indonesia’s most recognized names in homegrown lodging and hospitality, the Aryaduta Hotel Group, is currently undergoing a robust brand transformation that includes aligning with celebrated Indonesian artists and celebrities as its brand consultants.

As part of its new corporate rebranding mission, the group will open smartly designed properties with integrated leisure facilities and breakthrough food concepts, commence extensive renovations amongst its current properties all while adding a second tier hotel brand.

“Back in the early 90s Aryaduta was a name associated with innovative dining concepts and it’s now time to reestablish that recognition and we found an ideal collaborator with local chef, Rinrin Marinka,” said Rob Cunningham, Group Director of Food & Beverage at Aryaduta Hotels Indonesia.

Known amongst Indonesians as “Marinka,” the talented chef, restaurateur, Master Chef judge and host of Asian Food Channel’s Wonderful Indonesia Flavors, will design a signature menu of contemporary Indonesian dishes unveiled quarterly at Aryaduta Hotels throughout Indonesia. Her first menu launch event will be held Feb. 23-24 at Aryaduta Jakarta.

Born in Jakarta, Rinrin got her start in the culinary world at a young age, relocating to Australia to complete a French Cuisine & Patisserie degree from the Sydney campus of Le Cordon Bleu. Once she returned to Indonesia, Rinrin soon realized the Indonesia culinary world was a great story waiting to be told, and presented, to wider audiences.

“I push myself to cook uncompromising and authentic Indonesian dishes yet with a degree of finesse and an artistic French style of plating,” says Marinka. “There can be an engaging masquerade to good cooking and that’s where the fun comes in.”

Rob Cunningham says the tie up with Marinka is one that neatly matches Aryaduta’s vision as a dedicated patron to classic-modern Indonesian cuisine. “We see Indonesian gastronomy protected but also in transition, much like the position Thai food was at a few decades ago and it’s our desire to support the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating great Indonesian food.”

About Aryaduta Hotels
Since 1976, Aryaduta Hotels, the Indonesian-based hospitality arm of Lippo Group, has been a name synonymous with classic Indonesian hospitality, providing authentic experiences and excellent service standards at its nine distinct hotels in eight cities throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

The recognized hotel group is today managed by a global team of hospitality professionals committed to revitalizing the Aryaduta brand and taking its Indonesian blend of hospitality beyond its borders for a planned regional expansion.

In 2017, the group will furthermore launch its second hotel brand, Dali by Aryaduta, as well as contemporary dining concepts with brand traits developed in conjunction with celebrated Indonesian artists and designers.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hujan Locale, The Hippest Restaurant in Ubud, Bali

Hujan Locale is located on Jalan Sri Widari, footsteps from the bustling Ubud Central Market. Since opening in 2014, Hujan Locale has gained a reputation for serving high quality traditional Indonesian food, and this will never change. What has changed is the style of the dining areas, now providing fresh new options for our regular guests, local residents and the increasingly sophisticated visitor drawn to Ubud.  Hujan Locale has transformed into a venue guaranteed to delight those looking for the next level in Modern Indonesian Cuisine and all day dining elegance.

At street level we have been inspired by Old Jakarta and have introduced an elegant yet relaxed all day dining area. Furnishings and decor evocative of the “Exotic East Indies” enhance the ambience while the bar area provides elevated seating and a beautiful long bar of antique polished wood. 

Featuring Hujan Locale’s signature cocktails, twists on the classics and indulgently lavish creations, the Hujan Locale long board gourmet pizzas with locally sourced and unusual ingredients as well as an Indonesian Tapas style menu Hujan’s ground floor area will bring to life a past tradition of Batavian Cafe Culture, a hark back to the elegance of the Java Jazz era where open to the street daytime bars served fashionable cocktails to a sophisticated and fun loving clientele who sipped, snacked and smoked in relaxed fashion at anytime of the day.

During the daylight hours Hujan Locale’s downstairs will exude the atmosphere of the Parisian Cafe Bar with family seating and bar service, then, as the sun sets to the sounds of chilled modern Indonesian jazz fusion, the ambience envelops the adult world of cocktail hour, supper rendezvous and late night bar style dining.

Upstairs Hujan Locale’s dining area has become a 30 seater booking only dinner venue on weekdays open from 6pm to 11pm and on weekends there will be an additional brunch service from 12 noon to 3pm.

The menu will continue to celebrate the cuisine of Indonesia and honour the farm to table practices Hujan Locale is known for: The use of sustainably grown produce, the home smoked and cured meats, the locally sourced organic vegetables and the creation of contemporary twists on traditional Indonesian cuisine that has brought regional foods into the international spotlight. Hujan Locale’s new menu will reflect the elevation of Modern Indonesian Cuisine into a world class dining choice.

The inspiration is as always, Indonesia, this time Indonesia of the 1930’s when the metropolis of Jakarta, known as Batavia, was a multicultural melting pot of cool jazz scenes, beautiful people and elegant entertainments that bonded over the opulent life style of the “Exotic East Indies”.

The Sarong Group brings together the passion and enthusiasm for the cuisine culture of Asia. Each Sarong Group location has a signature design that creates the tone and ambience of exquisite dining interiors that compliments the thematic nuances of the menu. Mamasan echoes the grand dining rooms of a 1930’s Shanghai, while in Ubud Hujan Locale’s long bar and muted tones flavour the interiors with the relaxed confidence of Jazz era Jakarta.

In Sarong the ultimate compliment is paid to the cuisine with luxurious opulence in both furnishings and service and at Tiger Palm, the new baby of the group, a vibrant modern design gives the all day dining concept panache and style. Creative twists on classic Asian cuisines from cultures as diverse as Siam and Batak, inclusive of the colonial influences in Goa and Galle to the indigenous and closely guarded recipes of the Rajasthan and Sasak peoples the Sarong Group continually expand on their showcasing of authentic and often hard to find dishes from the South East Asian region. 

Combined with comprehensive wine lists, fresh juices from Asia’s natural abundance and the renown expertise and imagination of the cocktail mixologists the Sarong Group presents to guests an expertly curated culinary journey that expresses their dedication to sharing their love of Asian cuisine in style.

Puma Swan Pack: Bersama New York Ballet

Koleksi wanita yang mengagungkan kebebasan berekspresi

Merek olahraga global, Puma melanjutkan komitmen dalam menginspirasi para wanita untuk tetap berani menjadi diri mereka sendiri, melanjutkan kampanye ‘DO YOU’ dengan menghadirkan para penari New York City Ballet dalam koleksi terbaru Puma Swan Pack. Kebebasan dalam mengekspresikan diri serta kekuatan dan gemulainya para balerina menjadi inspirasi bagi koleksi Puma Swan Pack. Koleksi ini menghadirkan sisi berani dari Sportstyle dan stylish Training dari Puma di berbagai detail yang terinspirasi dari angsa: palet hitam dan putih, material berwarna-warni, dan print bermotif bulu.

Kampanye ‘DO YOU’ yang Puma luncurkan di Agustus 2016 silam telah membawa sederet nama wanita yang berasal dari berbagai  latar belakang berbeda yang masing-masingnya membawa cerita keberanian dan kepercayaan diri. Melalui ‘DO YOU’, PUMA ingin wanita dimana pun untuk memiliki kepercayaan diri dengan kekuatan dan menentukan jalan mereka sendiri di dunia ini.

Mimi Staker & Olivia Boisson dari New York City Ballet menjadi sosok yang terpilih untuk membawa kisah Swan Pack pada kampanye ini. Hasil jepretan David H.Koch Theater di Lincoln Center, kampanye ini menampilkan para penari, di atas atau pun di luar panggung saat mengenakan koleksi Puma Swan Pack.

“Balet membangun karakter, baik di atas panggung maupun di luar panggung,” menurut Mimi Staker dari New York City Ballet. “Kamu harus mencari inspirasi bagi diri kamu sendiri, selalu berjuang dan mengembangkan diri serta dan tidak mengenal lelah. Tidak ada kata lelah untuk tantangan sebesar apapun.”

Olivia Boisson menambahkan, “Untuk dapat sukses dalam segala yang kamu kerjakan, kamu harus memiliki kenyamanan di dalam diri, yang tidak satu pun orang lain mampu memberikan level kepercayaan diri seperti itu. Kamu akan menjadi yang terbaik apa pun yang kamu lakukan, saat kamu memberikan  terbaik dari diri kamu sendiri.”

Pada musim ini, Puma melengkapi para wanita yang menginspirasi ini dengan produk terkini Performance dan Sportstyle yang terinspirasi dari cerita epik ini:

Di sisi Performance, runway berpadu dengan panggung dalam sebuah fashion dramatis lahir pada Explosive Bodysuit, yang akan menarik perhatian. Koleksi ini memadukan antara performance dan gaya dengan bentuk potong siluet yang pas untuk tampilan sleek. Penggunaan material lembut serta penambahan bra sisipan di bagian dalam dan tali di bagian leher sebagai ventilasi udara, yang menjadikan tubuh tetap dapat bernafas di setiap momen latihan.

Pada koleksi Swan Pack ini, Puma memperkenalkan koleksi Fierce terbaru: Puma Fierce Strap Swan. Koleksi ini tidak hanya menggabungkan teknologi untuk bahan berolahraga dalam tampilan street. Kesan sleek nan modis hadir dalam sepatu ringan tanpa banyak tali, konstruksi bagian depan yang berlapis, sol bagian tengah yang nyaman dan sol sisi luar yang memberikan kesempatan untuk bergerak cepat dan dinamis saat melakukan berbagai gerakan. Tersedia dalam warna hitam dan putih, Fierce Strap Swan menghadirkan permainan warna-warni grafis dan detail reflektif.

Hadir sebagai koleksi sepatu Puma Training yang paling dinamis, Pulse Ignite XT didesain untuk beradaptasi dengan tampilan yang tegas dan fleksibel di jenis latihan apa pun. Sepatu training ringan ini mengombinasikan antara fleksibilitas gerakan dengan energi balik dari Ignite foam di bagian tungkai. Tulang sepatu dan rangka bagian tengah mendukung pita untuk perasaan fit yang ideal. Koleksi Swan Pack terbaru ini menawarkan eksekusi grafis yang elegan dalam warna hitam dan putih.

Beragam kebutuhan gaya hidup hadir dalam pilihan potongan sporty namun tetap stylish seperti Swan Cape adalah cape hitam berbahan lembut dan dramatis yang terinspirasi dari bulu angsa.  Atau koleksi Puma Basket Heart nan chic di mana mampu membawa elegansi dan drama pada tali sepatu yang tebal dan high gloss finish.

Untuk koleksi lainnya, B.O.G Sock Swan, sepatu berbahan suede yang dikombinasikan dengan kulit serta  memiliki lapisan garis neoprene pada kaos kaki yang memberikan kenyamanan hingga ke pergelangan. Sentuhan detail warna-warni dalam grafis bermotif bulu menjadikan koleksi ini layak dipadankan dalam beragam gaya.

Keseluruhan koleksi ini sudah mulai tersedia di Puma Store Centre Point Medan, Puma Store Hartono Mall, Ambarukmo Plaza, Puma Store Summarecon Bekasi, Puma Store Bandung Indah Plaza, Our Daily Dose Senayan City, Neo Soho, Puma Store MOG Malang, Puma Store Manado Town Square 3, Puma Store SKA Pekanbaru, Puma Store Senayan City, Grand Indonesia, PIM 2, Kota Kasablanka, Taman Anggrek, Central Park, Kemang Village, Alam Sutera, PVJ, Trans Studio Mall, Tunjungan Plaza 3, Ciputra World Surabaya, Discovery Mall Bali, Supermal Karawaci dan

Come Smell the Omani Roses - Celebrate the 2017 Rose Harvest @ Alila Jabal Akhdar

This year, guests at Alila Jabal Akhdar, will be able to celebrate the rose harvest in Oman with a rose-inspired experience.

Every year, from the end of March until mid-May, the rugged, rocky mountain landscape of Jabal Akhdar - the Green Mountain in Arabic - is transformed into a spectacular shade of pink. Lying in prize position, overlooking the 7,000 Damask roses covering the mountain range, is Alila Jabal Akhdar, which sits 2,500 meters above sea-level and enjoys stunning views over the Al Hajar mountain range.

Throughout the rose season, guests can book a special two-night Rose Experience. It offers guests the chance to get up close and personal with a guided tour through the Jabal Akhdar rose terraces – a truly spectacular sight – and enjoy a soothing rose petal bath with a glass of chilled sparkling rose wine upon their return to the resort. Finally, indulge in a specially concocted Spa Alila Roses treatment, which benefits from the medicinal properties of a naturally infused rose petal oil.

Alila Jabal Akhdar is a design-forward hotel with 86 beautiful rooms and suites, seamlessly blending an eco-design of local stone with traditional Omani architecture and stunning surroundings. Vintage trunks decorate the rooms and the lobby is filled with abstract patterns of roses in a nod to the local perfume production. Spa Alila is filled with an aroma that is reminiscent of an old Oman, a mist of oils grounded in frankincense and juniper berry. There are seven treatment rooms, a Vichy shower room, Jacuzzis and an array of Asian-inspired treatments and excellent massages. On arrival guests are greeted with a refreshing rosewater & elderflower spritzer. The hotel also offers a wealth of other experiences including the brand new Via Ferrata experiences, a protected climbing route built to international standards. With two different routes at Level 2 and Level 5 and lead by expert Omani guides, it is a perfect adventure for thrill seekers of all levels.

The two-night ROSES Experience starts from USD1,109 per couple based on two sharing with daily dinner, bed and breakfast. It also includes the guided tour of the Rose terraces, rose petal bath and bubbles and a Spa Alila signature Rose treatment per person. It is valid for stays from 15 March – 13 May 2017 (Rose Season).

For further information, visit

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Foodie, Meet Food! Dubai Food Festival is Back

Dubai Food Festival (DFF), Dubai’s annual citywide culinary celebration, will return to the city from 23 February – 11 March 2017 bigger and better than ever, offering the foodie in all of us a 17-day program of events, activities, promotions and appearances by a host of soon-to-be-announced celebrity chefs.

The festival brings together the best of Dubai’s gastronomy offering and shines a spotlight on the range of cuisine available throughout the city, from the most elite dining experiences to hidden eateries off the beaten track. Presenting the latest food trends and concepts, where award winning fine dining can be enjoyed for an exceptional price, Dubai Food Festival offers a feast of food related events and is sure to whet the appetite of foodies across the city.

Issam Kazim, CEO, Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM), said: “We are delighted to bring Dubai Food Festival back this year, uniting people all over the city with a 17-day menu of incredible dining experiences, luxury food concepts and a flavour of local dishes. From desert dining to stunning waterside restaurants, Dubai Food Festival is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Dubai’s rich melting pot of cuisine and put our city firmly on the global gastronomy map for the world to see.”

Among the highlights of DFF 2017 are the Etisalat Beach Canteen, Miele Dubai Restaurant Week, Dubai Hidden Gems, and the Dine & Win promotion.

Etisalat Beach Canteen
Taking up residency at its new location - Sunset Beach, the Etisalat Beach Canteen is the free-to-attend Dubai Food Festival beach club bringing people a fiesta of food, entertainment, sport, fitness and family fun throughout the festival. Four times bigger than last year, Etisalat Beach Canteen will serve as the festival hub offering visitors exciting home-grown restaurant concepts, delicious food truck dishes and unique high-end beach dining experiences. There will also be Al Islami Masterclasses featuring celebrity chefs, beach sports and children's activities.

Foodies will be able to get their taste buds on a variety of dishes, including local Emirati cuisine and an eclectic mix of food truck fare, whilst the health-conscious can take part in beach yoga classes or enjoy a delicious fruit smoothie.

The bustling, vibrant beach location will also act as the ticketing hub for the entire festival selling entrance to all key Dubai Food Festival events plus providing information on the full 17-day programme. Those who are keen to get updates on Etisalat Beach Canteen can stay tuned to Dubai Food Festival social media channels and website for the latest announcements and where to book.

Miele Dubai Restaurant Week
The culinary jewel in the crown of the festival will be the Miele Dubai Restaurant Week (MDRW), wherein 15 of Dubai’s high-end restaurants will offer an exclusive, limited edition three-course set menu from 23 February to 4 March for a tasty price of 199 AED per person, with booking now open through the official booking partner, RoundMenu.

Highlighting the very best in Dubai’s culinary excellence, diners can indulge in unique world- class dining experiences throughout Miele Dubai Restaurant Week at some of the city’s globally-recognised venues, including Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen at Atlantis, The Palm, the stunning Pier Chic, and the vibrant Scape Restaurant & Bar at the Burj Al Arab. From American to Argentinian, seafood to steak, there is a whole host of cuisine from all corners of the globe for foodies to sink their teeth into.

Guests can also savour dishes created by top chefs from around the world including Jason Atherton (Marina Social), Heinz Beck (Social by Heinz Beck) and Gary Rhodes (Rhodes W1).

Those looking to enjoy the exclusive fine dining value menus on offer throughout Miele Dubai Restaurant Week can book through the RoundMenu website and app for either a 7:30pm or a 9:30pm sitting to take advantage of the offer. With restaurants set to sell out quickly, diners are encouraged to book now at here

Dubai Hidden Gems
Take part in Dubai’s annual citywide culinary celebration by casting your votes during the ‘Dubai Hidden Gems’ campaign and unearth some of Dubai’s most popular and undiscovered restaurants.

From Egyptian to Emirati, American to Arabic, there is a veritable feast of culinary delights vying to be crowned one of Dubai’s top 10 Hidden Gems, all selected for holding a special place in the heart of Dubai residents. All of the venues shortlisted and open for public voting are local, independent, boutique eateries that offer warm service and great food.

Once the winners have been crowned, food-lovers across the UAE will be able to book a Hidden Gems tour comprising of a visit to each of the winning restaurants that will take place during the festival. If that wasn’t enough, anyone who casts a vote will be automatically entered in a grand prize draw to win a tantalisingly tasty prize of a three night stay at a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Dubai’s old district, a tour of 2017’s official Hidden Gems restaurants lead by a top foodie influencer plus a luxury dinner experience for two at one of the city’s top fine dining restaurants.

Vote now for your Hidden Gem and support the unsung heroes of culinary in Dubai here.

Dine & Win
Brand new for Dubai Food Festival 2017 is Dine & Win, a city-wide promotion giving people the chance to win amazing instant prizes any time they dine out at over 1,000 restaurants across the city and at Dubai Airport.

Diners who spend a minimum of AED 30 at participating restaurants and outlets all across the city will receive an entry card revealing fabulous on-the-spot prizes, as well as entry into a grand prize draw to win a luxury studio apartment in the city.

In addition, the airport promotion will give people the opportunity to get in on the action and win a fantastic five-star holiday in Dubai for two, as well as instant surprises.

Fire Pot, Keju Meleleh di atas Bara Api

Banyak resto shabu-shabu di Jakarta, tapi yang satu ini patut dicoba, namanya Fire Pot. Kebetulan berlokasi di mal yang paling baru di Jakarta Utara, tepatnya PIK Avenue. Rupanya, restoran ala Jepang (atau bisa juga Korea) ini di bawah manajemen restoran yang sudah terkenal, May Star. Jadi, sudah cukup teruji, baik dari segi kualitas maupun pelayanannya.

Restoran, yang bukanya bersamaan dengan hadirnya mal tersebut bisa menampung banyak pengunjung, hingga ratusan orang. Interiornya sangat cerah, ada mural yang artistik, serta pernik-pernik yang serba modern, dan mengesankan jiwa muda. Di setiap meja disediakan kompor elektronik mini, serta tablet yang bisa digunakan untuk memesan makanan. Kesannya memang kekinian banget.

Makanannya? Shabu-shabu tentu saja. Yang unik adalah kuahnya yang bermacam-macam, tepatnya ada 6 macam, yakni kuah kaldu ayam, tom yam, soto, laksa, kimchi, dan kuah keju. Dagingnya juga sangat bervariasi, mulai dari daging sapi, daging kambing, hinggga seafood, yang semuanya sangat fresh.

Selain shabu-shabu, Fire Pot juga memiliki berbagai menu ala carte menu, salah satunya Baked Baby Lobster with Cheese.  Bayangkan, lobster muda dipanggang dengan keju yang meleleh di atasnya. Hmm…

Kalau suka udang, pilih saus mayones yang kalah enaknya. Ide lain adalah memesan goreng-gorengan, dan yang istimewa adalah tahu lonceng. Semuanya sangat menggugah selera.

Untuk set menu, kebetulan saya memilih seafood, yang selalu menjadi favorit saya. Jika Anda tidak suka makanan laut karena baunya, di sini tidak ada bau tersebut. Semua bahan sangat fresh, tinggal kita mencemplungkan ke kuah di atas pemanas elektronik tersebut dengan kematangan sesuai selera. 

Untuk kuahnya, saya memilih kuah keju, yang belum pernah saya temukan sebelumnya untuk makanan ala shabu-shabu ini. Kejunya sangat creamy, dengan rasa yang pas. Hasilnya? Wow! Perpaduan rasa Timur dan Barat yang sedap.

Untuk hidangan penutup banyak pilihan yang menarik. Coba saja, sebutlah, es krim yoghurt, yang disajikan bersama dengan mochi dan cokelat. Dijamin nagih!

Well, dari petualangan rasa kali ini saya mendapatkan pengalaman yang sangat menyenangkan di Fire Pot. Makanan dengan rasa yang lezat, bahkan unik, terutama untuk kaldu kejunya, ambiance yang nyaman, sangat cocok untuk dinikmati bersama teman atau keluarga.  (Burhan Abe/Foto-foto: Koleksi Fire Pot)

Fire Pot Restaurant
PIK Avenue, 1st Fl
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
Penjaringan, Jakarta 14440